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I use an old metal frig but the Bradley Smoker is good.
We have the same problem where I live in wine country. I don't recommend males because the meat can be very musky. After letting it rest in the frig a couple of days I use the meat in salumi and usually marinate the cuts such as loins that I may be roasting. Because it may carry tricinae it is best to freeze the meat for salami and other raw cured products.
Thanks for mentioning the Iberico hams which are 2 years old and taste fantastic. As far as I know there are only 2 brands coming into the states right now and both are really fantastic. They are very expensive in Spain as well selling for as much as 150 Euro per kilo sliced.
Lean hams dry out too much and produce hard dry meat. I have not come across rancidity problems unless the ham is froze a long time.
It is possible to make bacon using celery juice as a source of nitrites and this bacon is labeled "uncured" a term I consider very misleading since nitrites are supplied by organic means instead of in-organic and I'm not sure it makes a difference in our bodies. This type of curing involves water and is called wet curing. To make dry-cured bacon without nitrites can be done and is practiced in Italy and by at least one excellent smokehouse called Benton. To do this...
By pink salt I assume you are referring to a nitrite or nitrate cure and yes I do always use it when using the dry cure method you describe. I would not leave it out. As far as a recipe goes 1 part sugar to 2 parts salt is good and the amount of pink salt that you already use.
Use the best quality smoked sausage you can find. Good quality kielbasa will work or a smoked German style sausage.
I keep hog casing in my frig for up to 2 years. Each time I use them I throw a handful of salt over them in the storage tub. I have never frozen them and really see no need to but maybe someone else in this forum has some experience.
I am no longer in the sausage business so I can't speak for the company the bares my name. My guess it would be very expensive. If however you wish to make your own I have good recipes for pheasant and chicken apple in my Complete Sausage Book.
I think it will most helpful for you and continue to answer any questions you have in the future. B
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