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Suffice to say that my mother was a lousy cook but fortunately my grandmother was not. I lover her piroshkis with cabbage borscht and her chopped liver and she made the best scrambled eggs I ever had maybe because she used real sweet butter and not margarine. B
Thanks for the plug for my book. I too watched the Alton Brown show you mentioned. Because he speaks in a precise and authoritative manner doesn't mean he actually knows what he is talking about. I have made a few million pounds of sausage with natural casings and have never had any cleanliness issues. It is very hard for a small time used to buy synthetic casing in small quantities and they don't deliver the mouth feel and texture that natural casings do. b B
While there may be mistakes both agencies do an adequate job protecting our food supply. The truth is I have fortunately had very little contact with the USDA who inspect the plants where my sausage was made. That job was left for the owners of the plants who I contracted with since I did not own my own plants. With no direct experience it would not be fair for me to make a comment. b
Actually I did come up with it 25 years ago but I did not make it with chicken at first. I made it with pheasant because a friend who was a commercial pheasant farmer was sitting on too many thighs and had not where to sell them. He made a price that I could not refuse and decided to make a sausage inspired by a favorite Normandy dish of pheasant with apples and cream. Needless to say by the time the sausage was ready for sale the farmer was out of business so I...
I like 20% fat. I never use lamb fat which is not good for sausage. I prefer pork fat but if you must then beef fat is ok. Why use Harissa is you can make your own mixture and save the money. I like merquez with bulgur or in a couscous or my favorite way is with sauteed eggplant. B 5
I hope you are enjoying the book
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