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the very whole top of a whole loin of prime rib...called the "lip" have you ever grilled this cut and marinade, if any...should be very tender...i was just given this cut from a chef..thx larry dayton ohio
hello everyone! does anyone know of any top-shelf wine dinners being held in new york during the months of april-may and june...names of restaurants and #'s are well as info on wines....i live in ohio but love to head to "the city " when possible. thanks.........qbncgrz!
dunk!! i almost forgot!! bistro db moderne is open on sat for lunch!!!
since your in mid-town and want something new and fun....daniel boulad's new bistro on 44th betw 5thand 6th .....has the most outrageous "burger" youve ever tried,,,,3in thk with a center of brased short-ribs , fois gras and truffle!!! parmasean crusted bun and "real" french fries!!!! just do it!!!! ..worth @ penny ot 27 bucks!!
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