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eating leftover fried rice on a boat in Sydney harbor staring at the Opera House. I guess it had nothing to do with the food but it did taste good!
That is a great idea about freezing the wine in ice cube trays for later use. Thanks!
If you wouldn't drink it then I wouldn't cook with it. I usually don't have the problem with wine going bad but that in itself may be a problem. Huh...
I have always wondered how to make this.. Thanks for sharing!
I totally forgot about the lemon addition. Thank you for such an awesome reply!
Breakfast ciabatta roll with ham, pepper jack and egg overhard lunch shrimp pasta pomodora left over from the night before dinner creamy spicy sausage soup. Then I take a nap and workout for a week straight. :D
Hey everyone! I am smelling challenge due to an injury... ( I am sure there is a better way to say that but I can't remember the proper term) anyhoo... I am always looking for some good spices or healthy alternatives to give my food better taste without the salt that I love so much! Thanks for you input.
I have always had the hardest time making meatballs in my stainless. Thanks for sharing!
I got this recipe out of my P90X workout book and it actually taste good! And it is light! Basics: olive oil in pan with garlic till browned add chicken broth and tomatoes simmer etc... cook pasta of choice add shrimp to sauce for another 5-10 minutes serve over pasta. It is very simple and another 1 pan recipe that I like.. well 2 pan I guess. lol.
I agree, the dominating server really irritates me when I went to spend time with someone else. Very frustrating. I have actually just said, "I don't want to be rude but I haven't seen so and so for a long time and I am looking forward to a nice conversation with them" thanks.
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