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 Yes. It's simpler to auger a round shape and then have that rotary sliced into patties. You can do this in a continuous feed. You can make it square, but that requires a little more feed hassle and back pressure through a plate. And it tends to deform in the cut becoming a bit more romboid. It is also a little more hassle to bag. 
Artichokes are well known for not matching up with wine. I usually microwave them in a glass loaf pan. 1/2 an inch of chicken stock, cover with plastic wrap and nuke 10 minutes. It's from the Joy of Cooking as i recall. Browned butter with some garlic and lemon is my preferred dip.
The tomatoes are your source of acidity. This far out of season they'll have little other flavor.
That's not your photo. Did you  even make it this month? Pay attention to the challenge rules please
Can't say I do. I've heard good things about rattlesnake chili.
Unless the Honey is a major volume ingredient, I would think type is unimportant.    Molasses, yes, it can be offputting straight from the jar. Do try unsulfured, which I think Grandma's brand already is, but I mention it just in case.   Both of these will provide some thickness and mouthfeel to the sauce.     http://www.amazon.com/Paul-Kirks-Championship-Barbecue-Sauces/dp/155832125X/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1461353163&sr=8-2&keywords=paul+kirk   is a good book for...
Depending on the size of the cheesecake, it will probably just need more time. If you're making a particularly small cheesecake, it might not set up well even then. 
I'm sure you could get python. Florida would reward you for any further reason to diminish their now wild and invasive python population. Just as rattlesnake can be had for cooking. 
Your primary problem is "beating until fluffy". You're incorporating air into the batter which makes it rise too much and crack apart during cooling.    Cheesecake is a form of custard. Meaning it is mesh of cooked denatured egg protein holding it together. With all that air expanding and lifting the batter, then cooling, it's too much movement for the egg protein to hold together.    Mixing cheesecake is about getting an even mixture with the least air in it. These...
http://web.archive.org/web/20150221020200/http://frombellytobacon.com/2011/11/28/lonza-or-if-you-prefer-lomo   The Wayback has that page still. It's a thicker cut. He hung it 40 days until 70% weight loss. 
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