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I can see them with various forcemeats as well. 
I've noticed over the last few years that the converted rice box dishes in the grocers aisle have transitioned to fully prepared rice in steri pouches. The market is moving towards increased convenience IMHO. Check some other grocers. It may be that your grocers wholesaler had stopped carrying it. And not that uncle Bens discontinued it
Do want flexible or stiff? There have been a few threads on them here in the past, but the boning knife is not one that gets a lot of attention as you can see.    As a home cook, I don't find a dedicated boning knife all that useful. I have one, but it's a cheap junky one from early in my knife experience.  I usually use a petty myself on ribs. Strangely, my wife prefers that boning knife to all my other ones. Not sure why exactly. Probably it matches up to something...
Buying knives for a pro can be tricky. They likely have distinct preferences. They likely have a lot of what they want. They likely mix and match and aren't looking for all the knives to look and feel the same as from a set. Also, a pro environment is theft prone for high end knives. So he might not want to use them at work.    In the past, the recommendation has been more to take them shopping and let them get what they want rather than present them with what you've...
I've never had that grade of cream to work with.
My Note 3 came with Samsungs Pedometer software (S Health) to monitor the motion sensitive chip in my phone. It's OK. I do enjoy the feedback I get from it and find it useful. The caveat is that it's sensitive to motion beyond walking such as driving or mass transit. On the daily graph, it's easy to pickout those points and mentally subtract them from the total.  I suspect the fitbit is just as overly sensitive.   There is pedometer software in itunes/Play store that you...
To be totally purist, yes. Matching the finish and texture on the spine is another reason to avoid that in general. In my opinion of course. it's often pretty close to just evenly take the whole edge up. I've seen many just rework the edge at the tip alone for such things, ignoring the overall profile. I am not a fan of that approach.
Yes.   People have different tolerances for flaws on the edge of their blade. I've got a chip in the middle of my blade still. It will likely survive a few more sharpenings before being totally gone. In use with food, I don't notice it. I can tell it's there when I draw cut free hanging newsprint because it catches there every time. Some would sharpen until it was gone, but it doesn't impact my actual use of the blade for cooking. If I needed a very cleanly cut edge on...
Give Pepin's Fast Food My Way books s look. Lots of full flavor simple food in there.
That tends to start adding belly at the tip which I don't like personally. It looks better to many. I prefer to let the profile just wear into that point naturally and maintain the original profile. If I worked in public or otherwise professionally with the blade, I might feel differently.
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