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This is a specific pizza recreation. And from the thread it should be clear that general pizza practice does not apply so much. So what is your point on the specific topic of this thread?
The crackled surface ones command a premium price, mostly on cultural values, not absolute taste. If looks and shape are paramount for your use, then they may be worthwhile. Otherwise it doesn't matter and the cheaper ones are equally as good.
The French name is fondue chinoise. Though a Chinese hotpot is usually boiling stock.
Sriracha mayo Salt sichuan pepper dip Gremolata, better as a sprinkle, but I'd enjoy it.
Welcome to chef talk
We've had abuses in the past. So the settings will remain as they are. Send me a PM if there's a specific need and reason.
Send me a PM with explanation for consideration
Go induction.
Now cook it, take a picture to share for the challenge.
The proteins continue to constrict forcing out more liquid and the muscle fibers become more pronounced, forming the "strings". It's not fast and it's not like they'll be bad or unpleasantly dry, but they could be better. Where steak is so tender anyway, it doesn't need a long cook to have a good texture.
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