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As no one has answered, I'll give you some non-pro comments and links.   Start with a thawed room temperature brisket. Steve Raichlen has documented the basic process a number of times with different flavoring tweaks. Here are a few that have the technique info you need.   http://www.primalgrill.org/recipe_details.asp?RecipeID=74&EpisodeID=14 http://www.bbqu.net/season3/305_4.html http://www.bbqu.net/season4/409_4.html  (down the page a ways, Millionaire's...
Cool technique, slimy omelet
Never seen that one before.
2010 Tacoma TRD Off Road. Here it is out doing its job as shot through La Boca Arch
Empanadas/mini calzones in a Jaffle iron. have to watch the heat to cook it a little slower as comparred to the toasted sandwich technique.    Many filling options singly and in combinations: beans, cheese, greens  (more ideas http://laylita.com/recipes/all-about-empanadas/)
Cheesecake. Hey, it's a custard. Lighting is a bit odd.  
What's the target oil temp for this?
Cacique differentiates them somewhat. Seems the Ranchero is milkier in flavor than than the regular queso fresco.   http://www.caciqueinc.com/products/
Very good.
Clad stainless steel is the most versatile of pan materials. It rewards good technique and will punish cooks without patience  or those who want to fiddle with the food too much.     The Cuisinart pan you link to is not clad, but a disk bottom. I can't recommend that. Beyond the disk, there's a lot of pan flare of thin  stainless steel where things will scorch and burn.  You won't be happy with this. Clad costs more but the performance is worth the extra cost in a pan....
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