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These books will have some recipes that have more exotic ingredients but most of the recipes are common and straight forward content. The joy of cooking The best recipe
Well if have an outdoor grill or fire, build a hot one. cook off the gunk for about an hour.
Run it through a self cleaning cycle of your oven. Scrub of any residue and rust. Reseason.
The knife course on Craftsy is decent and free.  http://www.cheftalk.com/t/81779/free-online-knife-skills-class-on-craftsy
That explains so much about you.
Its mostly oil, very little egg. I'd expect very little binding in a longer cooking application.
Bacon has the added issue of sugar and less supporting structure. It sticks to carbon and cast iron too. Bacon will mostly release if allowed to, but it might be more done than you'd like it to be depending on your taste.    I've taken to baking bacon en masse on a rimmed baking sheet. There's enough grease and the heat gentle enough that sticking isn't much of a problem even if not cooked to a crisp stage. It also curls a lot less. You can then refrigerate or freeze the...
Just to keep it looking like dairy. Sort of in the manner of white chili.
 This is actually how it's supposed to be and I think your comment is indicative of some weak cooking technique.  The meat will stick, AND BROWN, then let go (mostly) when it's done. If you want to fuss with it early, it's going to stick and tear and be a poor experience. Once the food touches the metal, leave it alone.  This is what you should be doing: Heat the pan Add the oil--there's an adage, Hot pan, Cold oil, Food won't stick. It's not absolutely true, but its more...
most any of the italian minestra soups can be based in bacon and beans. Usually with some stock and tomato. No reason you couldn't take a minestra in a sort of bolognese direction with dairy.     If you use a white bean for the base and are careful with the seasoning, skip tomatoes, puree some of the bean, you'll have a thick comforting soup with the appearance and  thickness of dairy all without dairy. 
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