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Water and air pressure. Suction effectively.   The cut zuke weeps liquid, mostly water into the space between the slice. This forces the air in there out. When you go to separate it, the air pressure (14 pounds/square inch) pushes them together and the water between them keeps air from slipping in and helping you free them up.    But the slices will slide sideways freely. 
Hope you enjoy it and that it works well for you.
SLC is surprisingly diverse for its size and location. 
Southern Boiled Dressing.    The name is a misnomer as it shouldn't boil. Probably refers to the double boiler method of making it but I tend to do it directly in a pan on low heat.    Here are a couple of variations to give you a feel for what's out there:  http://www.deepsouthdish.com/2011/08/old-fashioned-southern-boiled-dressing.html#axzz2yafWIloZ  http://www.examiner.com/article/a-southern-classic-chicken-salad-with-boiled-dressing-recipe   And mine:   1/2  ...
In a modern kitchen, bleu cheese shouldn't impact your other cheeses in general.  Modern storage methods will keep things pretty well separated. If you store your cheeses together unseparated, then you could get some transfer.   The original bleu cheese was a cave storage accident. Modern bleu cheese is inoculated with the bacteria on a needle. You can see the lines in the cheese from the needle and the veins stretch out into the cheese from there.  And generally they're...
I don't have an answer, but am posting to encourage patience with the answer.    People tend to buy cooktops, ranges, stoves pretty rarely. They'll last decades.  Therefore specific opinions on current models can be pretty slow to show up and sometimes, no member has experience with that unit yet. I hope you keep researching and let the rest of us know what you find out.    Phil
I've not looked into the exact definition. My understanding of Unique Reputation is just the number of individuals you've received reputation from. You might receive reputation from the same person multiple times in different threads, but Unique Reputation only counts them once. It sort of shows the diversity of people you've helped or impacted positively.     Your total reputation score has more variation than that. For one, everyone starts with 10 reputation points for...
If you're eating Brazilian, you have to try Guarana soda at least once.   
It shouldn't curdle. I've had cucumber salads based in sour cream and vinegar before.  The texture will be different between thinned with vinegar and thinned with mayo as will the taste and mouthfeel. You might try some plain yogurt to replace the mayo instead of vinegar or even some of the sour cream. Quark could be fun as well, but it's hard to find and expensive when you find it. 
I find Oaxaca and Mozarella very similar. I can see the thinking behind the substitution. 
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