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The pan of water moderates the temperature of the cheesecake. Without it, the outer edge tends to over cook and become crumbly. Also by moderating the temperature of the cheesecake, it limits oven spring to a degree. Not as much lift so not as much fall.    But really, a cheese cake should fall some. Cheesecake should have a density to it. While something lighter and airy and taller has  some appeal of it's own, it's something different from cheesecake. imho.
There are pros and cons to using pre-mixed spices in rubs.    Pro, it's easy, you often find functional combinations. One of the early barbecue rubs I liked used things like cajun seasoning, italian seasoning, Mrs Dash and so on. IMHO this method is at it's best when you are using your own premixed seasonings because you're using things already tuned to your taste and you're in control of the ingredients, though somewhat indirectly.   So your current pickling spice...
Yes, you can over cook meat in a pressure cooker.    Are you leaving the thighs intact? If yes, use skinless thighs, but bone in will offer a flavor bump over boneless. As to the timing, if they're palm sized (think playing cards, a deck  to a deck and half in size), then 20 minutes will be about right. If they're larger, (2 decks or more) you'll probably need a few more minutes. 
Be still my inner nerd.     I wonder if the gold one gets you into fights and then gets all ripped up during the fight. 
They are good noodles. The skill is difficult to develop as you've discovered. I've never attempted them so I don't have any advice to offer.   If you do figure it out, please return and give the tips that will help us out too.
You should add the extra ingredients for the extra water. While the stock will take somewhat longer, your cooking time at pressure remains the same. The extra time comes from bringing the extra volume of ingredients and water up to temperature.    You'll also want to verify that this all doesn't go over the maximum fill line in your pressure cooker. 
No, not that fat is inherently unhealthy. Just that Asia has more ideas about stock than just western or emulsified, but includes both.
That's Google, not so much Cheftalk. Google is an ad provider here at Cheftalk.   You can clean out your google history.   support.google.com/websearch/answer/465   This works best if you have a Google account. If you're just tracked by cookies, you can clear your cookies.    I think you can also choose to use untargeted ads by google as well.   Or there are some browser tweaks and plug ins you might pursue. I have my browser set to not load flash unless I click on...
You never know what will appeal and what will induce nausea. So very hit and miss and without rhyme or reason. Sometimes they want strong flavors, other times mild mild mild.    My wife became very averse to mushrooms and mustard and jokes about it to this day.    Fruit was usually a winner. Keep it plain and simple.    Try some congee. I'm lazy and make it in my slow cooker.  1 cup rice, 8 cups water is the basic recipe. Let it go over night on low. Incredibly bland...
If you're just cooking for one, skip the wok and special burner for now. A 10" or 12" non-stick pan will do as well at that level. If you get into it more, there are reasons to invest in the specialized equipment. But for starting for just one eater, it's not as important.   Do you have an Asian grocer reasonably close by? You'll have a much broader selection of ingredients and quality and lower prices.    7-8 condiments will cover most of your needs, watch the...
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