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Cut planks, eat as Pete described. You can get a powder version, Tajin that is quite good, also on mango, apple, melon...
In sous vide it should hold well enough with the butter to help transmit flavors and color I think.
I'm not a pro. I'd just give it a BBQt rub, cook it with butter in the pouch. No marinade. I use a powdered smoke product from for the smoke flavor.
Part of a savory pie or empanada filling. Add to a soup. Dress with some balsamic vinegar and maybe some more oil and herbs as a potato salad. Mash together coarsely, maybe with a little flour and egg. Form into paitties and pan fry. If they're not too oily, a base for gnocchi or kartoffel kloesse
My only caveat is that garlic and cinnamon tend to shift flavors in the freezer, more so when uncooked.
Sounds like a twist on salchipapas, a peruvian dish of hotdogs and potatoes?
You know this thread is nine years old?
Pho is usually the whole meal itself. You have the bean sprouts, chiles, scallion, herbs and such to add in to the pho at the table. It's complete in itself.    If you want to break with its normal serving method then I'm a fan of sliced cucumbers in nuac cham. Don't make this ahead as the cucumbers will leak too much liquid into the dressing.    Or maybe just some sliced fruit. Star fruit, mango, maybe dragon fruit if you can get it in season. 
If it doesn't go into the dish itself, I'll often put it in the soup stock for the soup in an Asian dinner.   Yesterday though, I discarded it as it didn't fit in the meal anywhere. 
You'll have fun
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