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sounds like a great risotto.
Your stainless cup is probably non-magnetic 300 series stainless of some sort. I bet a magnet doesn't stick to it either. 
They can be seasoned, but will not patinate like cast iron or carbon steel. If you will be washing with hot water and soap, seasoning isn't worth it. Seasoning on these pans was mostly done before the rise of non-stick surfaces  and these pans would be dedicated to only cooking eggs or that sort of thing.
Don't own one. Never saw the point of it. Added hassle, storage, cords. A sharp knife has been more than sufficient. 
A dumpling in the Spaetzle style?  At least if that pot is a boil, not a fry. 
They're not in a design or style that is of interest to me personally.  Too much curvature in the handle, too much gap between the handle and the blade so a pinch grip gets weird. Shallow hollow grinds, which are poorly suited to kitchen work.  Blades are on the short side.   I find it interesting the choice of name. Nessmuk was the chosen name of George Sears, a well known outdoorsman. His cutting tools were a folding pocket knife, a hump backed drop point sort of...
You did pretty well. 
Epazote is a mexican herb. I've not personally found it beneficial digestively speaking and find it's flavor offputting. 
How old were your beans?  Age of the beans is usually what makes them difficult to fully cook.  Altitude can do it too. A pressure cooker is a handy way of cooking beans for such conditions of old beans or high altitude.    When you add the salt doesn't affect "digestive" issues. It's more about keeping the beans intact but having a blander center for the late addition of salt. Early salting tends to cause some bean breakage.    The digestive issue is about...
A rice salad. Lemon rice pilaf, grilled zucchini, eggplant, onion, artichoke, grape tomatoes and so on. Vinaigrette,  fresh basil, sumac  
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