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You might be a good candidate for Soylent. This is not a joke. 
I don't know what you expect. Food takes a certain amount of time. Either you put the time in or you pay for someone else to do it at a restaurant or prefab food or similar. Apparently for you the trade offs aren't sufficient. That's a decision only you can make. But you seem to have already decided that before you got here.
As Koukouvagia and others have and will mention, there are numerous books on cooking this way. I'm highlighting those of Jacques Pepin for a few reasons. I watched them as they were broadcast and was really impressed, I own the books and they can be purchased inexpensively, especially in the used market.    The books: Fast Food My Way More Fast Food My Way   The Videos: Season 1 Season 2 ( I don't think this is the complete season as it's only 1 DVD)   The...
It can be done. I'm on my phone so I'll explain more later. But Pepin's Fast Food My Way and its videos are a great start.
I've blended short and long grain rice without problems.yes, I did adjust water volumes, but left the rice to do it's own thing during the cooking. Worked fine. The result is not as visually pleasing with disparate visible lengths, but this is minor. Ming Tsai uses a white and brown rice blend at  his restaurants.  https://www.ming.com/food-and-wine/recipes/simply-ming-season-9/house-steamed-rice.htm though I don't know if it's rice of different length types. 
The restaurant rice is sticky because it's sat in the rice cooker for quite a while. And it probably hasn't been fluffed when it was done.Essentially it's a bit over-cooked.    You can do this at home with some extra water and a little longer cooking time. Or a soak will often make long grain rice stickier too. Measure out your rice and water, let them soak 30 minutes up to 4 hours. Then cook.    Or you could mix in maybe 25% short grain rice with the long grain to...
It's not worth the risk. It can be dangerous even if it smells, looks and tastes fine. It's not just about which bacteria may be growing in it, but their by products which are often dangerous in their own right.    Toss it. 
A shorter grain rice will have the starchiness to.give you the stickiness. Sushi rice is probably more expensive than you want for such a purpose but it would work. Stickier rice is useful for eating with chopsticks, but Asian manners with rice are different and reflect the realities of eating rice with chopsticks. . Each person has a small bowl for rice. The bowl is held up near or at the mouth and the chopsticks scoop/shove rice into the mouth. So the issue of long grain...
Finally got around to looking at the Challenge this month. Well done. Lots of great entries. 
A lot of my Bittman bias comes from a book about 20 years ago. It was yellow and had Minimalist in big letters. This doesn't match anything I can find on Amazon right now. This was supposed to be simple, fast great dishes, usually with a minimum of ingredients (5 seems to ring a bell in my memory, though water, oil, salt and pepper didn't count). It was fairly early in my cooking and I had seen how simplicity treated right could be great. But this wasn't it. Then he made...
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