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http://www.cheftalk.com/a/going-electronic-in-the-kitchen   I think a dedicated app is of little value. I know others disagree with me. 
" is a symbol for inch, US measurment. 
Pan might be too hot is the first thing that comes to mind. But you might also not be pressing on the bottom of the pan hard enough early enough to keep the film from forming. More vigorous stirring with more pressure to the bottom of the pan. 
He could be meaning different things than you think. Profit  and Profit Margin aren't the same thing for example. Profit margin is just net sales divided by costs. Profit might be consumed in various methods to lower taxable income, plowed back into the business in the manner of amazon.com that shows little to no Profit to shareholders on its income statements, but certainly turns a profit on its sales.    I don't personally respect what I've seen of Joe Bastianich and...
It would be difficult to discern the difference imho as you drain so much whey off the product. The vinegar and liquid of the buttermilk will drain off. The primary action of the buttermilk or vinegar is to coagulate the milk protein (and buttermilk proteins) in conjunction with the heat. 
I don't think you emphasized POWERFUL enough.
Stuffing manicotti tubes is a major hassle imho if you're not using a piping bag. For a home cook it's easier to buy a box of no-boil lasagna noodles. These are flat pasta rectangles that have been cooked and dried so they basically just need heat and hydration. Boil them for five minutes until they're quite flexible. Lay the filling on one end and roll them up. You'll have to play with filling amounts a little to get the ratio of filling to pasta that you want.    I've...
Barbecue Nachos and Burritos work pretty well too. Peace Love and Barbecue by Mike Mills has some other similar ideas. 
Probably how you're stretching it. Most people stretch it most in in the middle leaving the ends a little thicker. 
You probably need to identify your food sensitivities much more thoroughly then. Whether it includes soy, wheat and so on. Seems there's more than just dairy and cheese. 
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