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Complete with jail bars.
A lot of my most motivating cooking scenes are from 1980s PBS cooking shows of the Frugal Gourmet, Martin Yan. There's a few Frugal Gourmet bits on Youtube but not a lot.   PBS has a lot of potential for me this month now that I think about it. And I dibs the hamburger from Better Off Dead:  
I kinda figured, but thought I'd err on the side of serious. 
I think deep fry connotes using a lot of oil compared to what you're frying in the oil. So if clarity is your goal, this is not your best possible description. 
The efficiency I'm talking about is how much heat from the heating unit goes into the pot, not energy production at the source.
He's probably used to "poultry seasoning" flavor in his pot pie. This is mostly a combination of sage and thyme and as I recall, you're not a fan of sage. You might look at a few poultry seasoning recipes and see if you want to tweak your seasoning of your pot pie a bit and see if you can make him happy.    A few I think are worth looking...
No, i thought i closed this. My mistake.
I don't usually make mine with bottom crusts, just a lip of crust at the upper edge for the top to bond to. I don't want that much pastry, it's just too much to my taste, besides being healthier to omit.    Make them in individual ramekins. You can make his with a full top and bottom crust and yours without. Blind bake his with an egg wash to help it resist the moist filling. 
For the tuscan steak, the lemon is added at the end as a finishing touch. For a marinade, I'd use mostly zest and not so much juice if any. If I had any, I'd use lemon olive oil too. And this is a time I'd consider lemon pepper as well. Different ways to provide the lemon flavor.  I've not made lemon olive oil in a while and I really should.    I do make a LGR salt too. That's quite good just used to season a whole chicken and roasting it. 
Max Burton has been good for me.
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