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Lots of ways to take this.    What have you liked best in the past?    Are you willing to make your own stock? Can you debone a chicken? If not are you willing to learn? 
The boiling point change is insignificant in the amount of salt used.    The boiling point is raised by 0.5 degrees Celsius for water with 29.2 grams of salt dissolved in each kg of water. That's over an ounce of salt in a liter of water for about 1 degree fahrenheit.  About 2 Tablespoons of Kosher Salt into a liter of water.    Considering I'm boiling water at 200 degrees at my elevation, then I'd say we need to worry about elevation a lot more than salt in the water...
As said, a simple cheap toaster will serve you just fine for that use.
Cnet has bought a house and has been making it "smart" with various appliances and gadgets. Overall it's been an interesting project. I think it shows up the weakness of the tech currently. Today, they had an article on the kitchen.    http://www.cnet.com/news/making-the-cnet-smart-home-kitchen-smarter/
Well, for most people, they use an enameled cast iron Dutch Oven such as Le Crueset is well known for. You can get much less expensive versions from Tramontina and Lodge that perform as well. There's some claim to the Le Crueset enamel being tougher.    I have a Tramontina enameled one. many plain cast iron ones I use camping and occasionally at home. I'd look long and hard at some simple quality stainless pots in that 6-8 quart range. There are alos some of these SS...
Depends. Generally a toaster does a more even job on bread. A toaster oven is more versatile and handles things like bagels better in many cases. But is usually less even on bread and a little more energy use. How often do you toast? How much space are you willing to commit? What's your budget.
 Costco hasn't had theirs in yet which is surprising. Kroger stores said they've got their supply locked in at good prices. Norbest has turkey farms here in state and the local production shouldn't have been impacted from what I've read. Which doesn't guarantee that any of those turkeys actually show up in my grocers. 
My wife requires that I stay pretty close to tradition on Thanksgiving. So I experiment with Turkey and the related dishes at other times in the year. Occasionally, those experiments are deemed worthy and brought to the Holiday meal. That's how Sweet Potato Rolls became part of the "tradition"   I like my sweet potatoes themselves more savory than sweet. No added sweetener, no marshmallows.... I've been playing with a schmaltz/stock high heat braise/roasted technique...
Yes, I've used it before.
No, I mean where you live and cook, how high are you above sea level. Higher elevation baking is a tricky thing. i live about 5000 feet above sea level and there are things the elevation effects. 
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