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There are browner chiles too. I'm a fan of guajillo which is a dark chile but not too hot.
I don't know that it can be fixed. You'd probably have better luck with answers on a protein oriented body building site as your ingredient choices are well outside of traditional cooking.The better question is why wouldn't it stick? Waffle irons are notorious for sticking, thus your purchase of a non-stick waffle iron. First use of a product tends to be stickier. First waffle of a batch tends to stick more--the iron isn't usually as evenly hot as it will be for later...
Seems really short on solids. It seems more like a nutrition shake poured in a waffle iron. Where did you get this recipe? Do you have any reference that this should work? I'm skeptical of it in just about any form.
What age is your son? What are you making for him now? What does your son see you eat?
Do you really like the rests? I find they get in the way in jars and bowls and pots when scraping down the sides. And they hang up on other tools in the crock or drawer.   Maybe it's just my technique
Sort of depends how much of either you're using. What ratios are you thinking about?   how are you thinking of mixing them? What temperatures? The colder, the harder it will be except perhaps as a compound butter.  How long do want it to be emulsified? Are you holding it hot?   These all affect the question.
For this situation, I would say the thinner the better, which is not my normal approach to steak. But with  a thin steak sous vide to rare and a raging hot sear/grill,  you could color the exterior and warm the center of a thin piece.    You'll overcook a thick steak and/or have a cold center with what you're proposing.    If you can, set them up for the bath so they are finishing just before you leave. Keep them warm on the way over and sear immediately. 
You're likely OK.
You can't ensure 100%. The Red Cross already rejects my blood donations because I lived too long in Europe in the 80s. I might have Mad Cow. And the only known test is to dissect the subject's brain. Some risks are bigger than others, even when you don't know about them.
Steak tartare carries increased risk. Do you trust your preparer and the quality and handling of the beef?
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