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To me your recipe looks heavy on the garlic, a little light on the cheese and it would have benefited from some stronger cheese in addition. Cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano, or Romano.   Ricotta is usually spiked up for use in such dishes. Seasoned wtih garlic, salt, black pepper, maybe some egg to help it hold together   Seasoning is mixed up, and quite a bit for a single serving. Against turkey and mushrooms, you've got a lot going on. Any one of those singly and in...
Alcaparrado is what I was thinkng of Daisy Martinez using. It's olives, capers, vinegar and such. She often referred to it as olive salad and used a commercially prepared blend, as linked below. http://m.goya.com/product/Product.aspx?id=170 Usually used in dishes along with Recaito.
It seems I might have seen Daisy Martinez do this a time or two?
Za'atar is an herb blend. Thyme, marjoram sesame, often some Sumac and other things. It varies some from region to region. i like mine with extra sumac. Tonight I grilled some Pita with olive oil and Za'atar. Ate it with some hummus. I like a little on my own serving of hummus sometimes. Not everyone likes that. Or sometimes I mix it with olive oil for dipping bread.    I've rubbed it on chickens and roasted them. Same for root vegetables. It's pretty versatile and good...
No, it makes it weigh less. When you smell things, you're binding with chemicals the product gave off. So stinky cheese weighs less as you smell it. 
Most comedians i find unfunny, yes.
I've seen pranks in many places I've worked. I chose not to stay at those places long. There is no way to justify your humor at someone else's expense. Think about it. You're inflicting harassment shame and embarassment for your entertainment. Just saying.
It's all about power. I can think of no context where it rises to professional behavior. If your culture uses it for acceptance, change your culture to a more mature one
A lot of the trends seem to be rediscovering the economies of past practices.    I suspect the local focus will die off again in favor of getting the best. The local focus is in direct competition with the protected origin laws of some foods. Buying real Parmigiano or Balsamic for example. Or the name restrictions of wine with Burgundy and Champagne as examples.    There are times local means you're getting something at it's peak. And there are times local means a sad...
The glass is more fragile. I suspect that some of the Gorilla Glass and related advances will come to these surfaces to improve their durability. 
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