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An expensive knife might not give you anything a cheap one won't. But there are some that can give you more, and also require more from you in sharpening and proper usage. Lots of variables, the user being the biggest. 
Ok, I can outlegal you. DOC doesn't apply in the US, the population and location of most of this board. If it's labeled Parmesan in the US, it may or may not contain calf rennet. If it's labeled Parmigianno Reggianno with the nice rind work and generally better flavor, it will have rennet. There are also synthetic and vegetarian rennets. US labelling laws do not require specification about the details of rennet. So even if the label says rennet, you don't know for sure...
The better metal ones are very gently textured for that fine grip control.
Depends on the dumpling. I use commercial skins if they're available. Or tofu skin if it's that kind of thing. I've made some wheat starch and dual skins as for crystal dumplings. Just depends.   It's a 13 inch steel steamer.  My bamboo  was 10 inches and 3 layers. On a 14 inch wok,10 inch is as big as the steamer should be.   Tortilla presses don't press thin enough. And not all doughs press well. Dumpling presses only make one shape and size.   I have no special...
I went with stainless steel so they go in the dishwasher, no worries.    Nice usually means polished wood/ laquered set. More hassle to care for than I wanted.
I ended up going stainless. It was more like $35 for cheap stamped steel. It was more about steamer capacity than durability. It was tough to make enough dumplings for the family or guests in the bamboo. Has been nice for whole fish, steamed rice and dim sum.
You can cross wooden chopsticks in a tic tic tic toe pattern and then place a heatproof plate on top of the chopsticks. Essentially free. But yeah, boiling water in the wok is not good for the seasoning.   If you're sources a are worrying about flavor transfer, get some better sources. The wrapper d isn't leak flavor to speak of.   Water breaks down the patina. You'll seea line in your patina that matches the water line. Darker above paler below.
Not so much about flavor transfer but that the dumpling wrappers will stick to the bamboo.   Parchment, leaves are all fine.
Do you use an oven thermometer? You might have oven that is underheating with age so the dough over-rises with the oven spring before setting.  Just a wild guess.
Wedgng isn't about total thickness so much as it is about how fast the knife moves to that total thickness. So I don't need a coil shot to be able to tell how it's going to wedge.   Any hard vegetable is going to wedge with this knife. carrots will fracture and shed little broken bits as you cut, potatoes will wedge, particularly sweet potatoes, or onions. Sure it will get through them but not as well as a properly designed blade. On the hard veggies, is more about...
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