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Chile relleno. Do some cheese, some shrimp, some picadillo (I think that's the word)
At those prices, I'd guess they're using sirloin
I wouldn't trust them to be food safe
There was Oaxacan cheese in my taco last night but I didn't take a picture. 
It's about sight lines. If you mostly see the left of the blade, then what you're cutting is obscured by your fingers in the claw grip and your blade itself. you have to raise your knife higher than your knuckles to see the size of what you're cutting which is dangerous to your claw hand. Think about it with a brunoise for example. However, I think experienced knife users do end up looking at the left side more. They've learned a knife braille of sorts and know the size...
No, I mean the right.
I've not used a convection oven and my current oven is from the early 80s. It came with my house when I bought it. I've not had a reason to replace it to find out if I'm right about convection oven and pizza.    The big hassle in cooking high quality pizza for a family of 5 is moving pizza through the single oven to the table fast enough that it works for a meal.   The issues:   A single baking  stone doesn't make a very big pizza. Lining the whole rack with tiles...
Yes and no. I can make it thin crisp crust one pizza at a time with a reheat break in between each pizza. But that takes a long time to make enough pizzas for a family meal. I think I could do it more consistently and quickly with a convection oven and multiple cast iron "stones".
It's what it is. You have a smooth polish surface with wet stuff. It's going to stick. You need to introduce air under it to help it slide off. This is theory behind Kullenschiffen or Granton hollows. You'll find those who think they help and those who think they don't. i'm in the don't help camp.    The clinging is useful though.    In proper knife technique, a right hander should be looking mostly at the right side of the knife as it cuts off the food. Reverse for a...
Some Pizza Margherita with fresh garden tomatoes and basil.     A Roma tomato pizza cooking       And a Tie Dye tomato pizza. These are yellow, orange and red.
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