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No boil it oven ready is what that are called.    https://www.amazon.com/Ronzoni-No-Boil-Lasagna-Pasta/dp/B000R4LP1C/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1482503085&sr=8-1   Yes, they were cooked at the factory then specially dried. But for the consumer, you just assemble and cook. Doing that with a regular lasagna noodle turns out poorly in comparison.
Normally, the noodles are pre cooked fully before assembling the lasagna unless you're using the no-boil noodles. Those you just add extra liquid to the recipe for baking which the no boil noodles will absorb.    From what you've described, I'd cook regular noodles, assemble it, and freeze it for baking on the night of use. No reason to pre-bake it unless you're trying to save some extra time. But I think you'd get better texture if it's not pre-baked. 
Reputation is a reflection of how others value your contributions. To some extent there is a bias towards longer term members who have had more opportunity to contribute.
Your picture works now.   I didn't think drag and drop was really supported enough to include as an image at all. My guess is that there is some needed supporting code that drag and drop alone doesn't include.    I saved the copy and pasted image to my computer. Then I used the image feature in the toolbar. Used the upload button. browsed to your picture on computer, selected it. Choose a display size while it uploads.  And there it is.    Phil
Your picture is there, sort of. I can see it if I go in to edit it for example. But what I thought was the problem didn't fix it to show up.    When you post, there's a tool bar. There's one section that has something that looks like a postcard wtih a picture, then a movie film strip, then emojis... The postcard is the interface for loading pictures normally.    I'll fuss around with your post a bit more and see if I can get it to show up.
It's a good time to be buying Fish Sauce in Salt Lake City. Found the 9999 brand today, and with other bottles of fresh fish sauce on hand, it was time to do some more side by side tasting.    9999 is very balanced tasted straight. Usually fish sauce tilts fishy, or savory punchy or salty or something, except for Megachef. Surprisingly so since it has higher sodium count,  1679 mg/tablespoon. It doesn't taste as salty as Red Boat which is lower sodium nor as salty as the...
I can change your user name for you. Just tell me what you want it to be.
Induction heldps hit target temps and has excellent recovery.
Warning, deep nerdistry follows.   If you cook, you likely have books. You likely have other books. And music, and movies.    For a few years now, i've been using Book Catalogue, an Android App for managing what physical books I own and where they are. It's a good app, but I've wanted something to handle other libraryish items. And I've wanted at least a web interface if not a dedicated software tool on my computer as well for additional management.   This implies...
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