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I'm sure you could get python. Florida would reward you for any further reason to diminish their now wild and invasive python population. Just as rattlesnake can be had for cooking. 
Your primary problem is "beating until fluffy". You're incorporating air into the batter which makes it rise too much and crack apart during cooling.    Cheesecake is a form of custard. Meaning it is mesh of cooked denatured egg protein holding it together. With all that air expanding and lifting the batter, then cooling, it's too much movement for the egg protein to hold together.    Mixing cheesecake is about getting an even mixture with the least air in it. These...
http://web.archive.org/web/20150221020200/http://frombellytobacon.com/2011/11/28/lonza-or-if-you-prefer-lomo   The Wayback has that page still. It's a thicker cut. He hung it 40 days until 70% weight loss. 
It will vary by your local conditions I would suspect and what you're looking for in results. The first one I did was pretty solid at 4 weeks. Prosciutto is moister(?) than hard salamis and such, which is what I interpret this to be more like. One thing I'd read was about a 66% weight reduction being a target of such drying which is about what mine was a year ago. I couldn't quote that source again though. I think it was Teamfat's Lomo link up there, but that's a dead link...
I've had very good success with orange oil based cleaners for such residue.
Got the urge to try this again. Made 4 of them this time. Trussed them and into the cure this AM.   I'm getting tempted by the ideas of a person who did a Tasso twist on this technique.  http://cookeatdie.blogspot.com/2010/08/pork-tenderloin-saucisson.html   Might try a few different flavor profiles this time. 
Probably low demand in the market place. If it doesn't move, they won't stock it.  Ask vendors who carry other products in the brand you like to order some in for you.  They probably still won't stock it all the time, but many stores will help you out with special orders.    In the mean time, Look for More than Gourmet  veal base at Amazon. It's not cheap but the quality is quite...
I posted a link once about cheese, mold and safety. Can't pull that thread up in a search.  But here's a google search to the same external link.    http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/expert-answers/food-and-nutrition/faq-20058492   Soft cheeses when they mold, they mold all the way through.    Semi soft such as cheddar (why this is semi soft eludes me still because Gruyere/Emmental are classified as hard and seem softer to me in...
In this lo res video of the stuffed peppers, Daisy makes Achiote Oil and Sofrito. Then she cooks some of that, adds the Alcaparrado at about 6:40, then the ground pork. A good lesson for Puerto Rico or aspects of Latin cooking in the Americas. The PBS series Daisy Cooks was quite good in my opinion and if you have it on your local Create! channel, you should give it a try. The accompanying cookbook is likewise her best work, again imho.  
Isnt' that usually pickled pork?
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