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 It won't boil quicker. It raises the boiling point fractionally, but so little it doesn't matter. You have to add a large quantity of salt to appreciably raise the boiling point. Chefeds claim of 2 degrees is interesting, but I suspect an error of some sort to see that large of a jump in temp as that would take a fair amount of salt.  The reaction you see when you add salt  to nearly boiling water is about nucleation sites. You'll see the same thing happen along a scratch...
Depends how much I need.  For larger amounts, I put the tip of the plane against my board and rub the cheese on the plane. For smaller amounts I hold the plane against the cheese and move the plane.  Usually do this with my plane on top so the cheese buillds up in the plane between its support rails.  Less mess and waste this way. Also my preferred method for zest. 
Where did you get a wild turkey?  Whenever I see one, I'm on National Park Service land. 
Just FYI, rosewood dust is one to avoid. Hope you wore a mask.    http://www.wood-database.com/wood-articles/wood-allergies-and-toxicity/
The Professional Chef, 7th Edition by Culinary Institute of America $20.00   The Bread Bible  by Rose BeranBaum $10.00   Every Grain of Rice by Fuchsia Dunlop  $15.00   The Complete Meat Cookbook by Bruce Aidells $7.00   The Great Ribs Book  by Hugh Carpenter $5.00   Italian So Fat, Low Fat, No Fat    $ Free--you pay shipping, it's yours or combine free with any of the other books. 
The run is missing three issues. If they turn up, I'll send them on to the buyer.    Missing issues are 45 from 2000, 56 from 2002, and 87 from 2007.    Condition is dusty but quite good
Makes a fine hash.  
Multiple sushi entries of GLORY!  Hayden, allow me to quote Darth Vader, "Most impressive."   GM, what color is the final rice in your risotto? I'm not exactly sure from the lighting. Looks like a pleasing combination. 
Knife skills are the basis of the kitchen.  Pinch and Claw is the key.      This free class was worthwhile as well.    http://www.cheftalk.com/t/81779/free-online-knife-skills-class-on-craftsy
Paprika is popular for a recipe centric app.    My prefernces are for less format specific things. I've enjoyed Evernote for it's plain text simple portability and how it syncs to the cloud, my compouter and my phone/tablet automatically. Supports pictures, Word documents, searchable pdf and more depending on if you use the free or the paid versions. Free does an awful lot. There are other similar apps as well. Google Keep, Microsoft One Note and so on.    Dropbox can...
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