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Good to see you around.
The amount of fat in these recipes would also trigger some digestive distress in me. That's why I trimmed down the fat content.  No doubt delicious with the seafood though.
Id never made it before. Certainly now I would skip the sweetener.
 That's a reasonable view, but he mentions it in the instructions as well. Might just be the writer being thorough with the ingredients list though and not Emeril's intent. 
Some of the recipes that came up in my searches last night.   This one I skipped because of no roux and that corn syrup.   Even more sugar, but otherwise pretty mainstream   There were pulled pork etoufee out there too. That would have some sugar from the rub, mop or sauce. Maybe that's what's driving this sugar use. 
You were MIA. You made it just in time to help us move. We'll save the sleeper couch for you.
There were versions with honey, karo syrup and more. It was kinda scary to look at. 
I made Emeril's Chicken etoufee tonight. I picked it after looking at others because Emeril used a lot less sweetener than some of the others.    I didn't follow it precisely. I used less fat, only about 3 tablespoons as opposed to 10 and I used far less hot sauce. And still no one added extra at the table. I added some cider vinegar to restore some of the acidity my reduction of hot sauce reduction. Still, it was surprisingly sweet to my taste. Is that something that...
No, Steve, that's not velvet in Chinese cooking. Velveting is a process of runny/thin coating the meat in egg whites and cornstarch, then passing through oil--a deep fry of only 250-275 degrees. With pork and chicken, you can also water blanch after coating instead of frying But with beef, it's always with oil. 
You have to adapt recipes to the pressure cooker unless they were written for the pressure cooker. The liquid problem is because pressure cookers don't evaporate much during their cooking compared to the comparable method outside of a pressure cooker.    As to the fat, a whole chicken and a liter of cream is plenty of fat to start with.  You can spoon off the fat, or pour the liquid into a fat separator and remove it that way.    How much liquid to add varies with how...
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