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An Avgolemono with orzo, a little thigh meat, carrots and green onion to make a more substantial version. 
But what's the question?
Two thoughts.    You either burned off what seasoning you had established or   You only seasoned to the brown plasticky stage. 
I salted the zukes for an hour to drain. Then gave them a fast high heat sear to evaporate some more but not soften them. I drained the spaghetti squash too, but it didnt seem tolose much moisture after microwaving. Also sauteed the spaghetti squash to drive out more moisture. I deseeded and de jellied the tomatoes then cooked them slowly to dry out some more.
A cheese souffle, the shot at my plate was fuzzy, so this in the oven will have to do.   The eggs must have been a little cool still instead of room temp. I had to cook them a little longer than I thought so there's some deflation from the first peek. 
A frittata of garden harvest: Spaghetti Squash, Zucchini, Tomatoes, Basil and bacon and cheese.      I was surprised how light the cooking surface side was but it was done.      I tried a microwave method for cooking the spaghetti squash from the Joy of Cooking. It probably overcooked it but it was easy. I'll shorten the cooking time next time I try it. I sauced the spaghetti squash with a gentle saute of chopped fresh tomatoes, sliced garlic and fresh basil....
I'd like an explanation of how to get a soft cooked egg in the gelatin that way. It's probably simpler than I'm thinking, but I'm coming up blank.
It's the same concept as taking a drop cookie recipe and trying to make bars with it, they're just not compatible for that purpose.    In your case, your cookie normally melts and spreads and solidifies within the parameters of the recipe and baking instructions. Doubling the size means the cookie tries to spread, but sets at the edges before the full spread has happened. This keeps the center thicker and it bakes up cakier.   You can help things out a bit by mashing...
Is not getting hot enough. This is a very common problem for Western type stoves. The solution is to cook in smaller batches and combine them at the end.
I've seen it done with boiled eggs, but not in the shell.
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