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Max Burton has the better reviews. I have the NSF rated Max Burton. It doesn't perform any better than their home models but is beefier construction.
Rosle looks pretty good, but its quite pricey. I have a Martha Stewart branded one. It was 20ish at the time I bought it. It strikes me as average, but i have little to compare it against. I use it a few times a year.
I've never seen 9999 brand either. I'll keep an eye out for it.
Read up on the Juicy Lucy. It's not to my taste, but it's probably the best known stuffed burger. 
Give us an indication where you're from. Shipping/customs and such can impact which vendors and knives work for your budget.
No experience with the brand, but good luck. 
Disk bottomed pans are more prone to noise in my induction experience when compared to clad pans.    Also if you've used the pans a lot for years, some slight warping can develop. This can make your pan rock against the cooktop, even very slightly. With the cycling of the magnetic field, it can make the pan vibrate against the cooktop.   It's possible its the cooktop, but it's most likely disk bottom pans/slight warps.  
Can you give us a brand and hopefully a model number? It doesn't sound like it's working correctly. 
I have no experience with the concept or equipment but here's a bump hoping some others may have.
Nuoc Cham is a glorious thing. Glad you liked it.
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