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Small dishes of cider vinegar with a drop of dish detergent liquid. They're attracted to the scent of the cider vinegar, the dish soap breaks up the surface tension of the liquid so the bug sinks instead of landing on the meniscus. 
 I don't know, pears in red wine might qualify for example. Have to run it past this month's host.
I like powdered smoke. Bit more versatile. It's still made from liquid smoke,   https://www.spicesetc.com/category/s?keyword=smoke+powder   clumps up pretty hard overtime, but can be broken up and use easily enough. 
 No reason you can't still make a post about it on the site somewhere. I'm sure it will spark discussion. 
It's burnt oil. It will scrub off with some barkeepers friend or similar. It's part of why a saute pan is not ideal for stirfrying. 
Jarmo is the winner and will host our October Challenge.   Congratulations!
 According to Harold McGee, it doesn't work at all. The butter solids still burn at the same temp they always do. 
Lots of great entries.  I've been reviewing the posts and pictures. As always, the stalwart participants like Gene Machine, Chris Belgium, Butzy, Ordo, French Fries and Teamfat have provided plenty of great dishes. Jarmo, Hayden, MaryB, chefbuba, ChefTorres, FlavrioMoriera, Koukouvagia, AzFoodie, aplomb, eastshores, helloitslucas, MillionsKnives, petalsandcoco, and Pitufina, it was great to see your contributions as well.  I have my short list and hope to spread the...
The most common time I blend oils is in a vinaigrette. I'll blend a flavorful olive oil with a neutral oil like grapeseed so that the oil flavor is in balance with the rest of the vinaigrette.  As different vinegars and acids have different strengths, the amount of oil and/or combination ratio of oil will change to match.    And each harvest of oil is different so some years take more or less oil to balance in flavor.
What do you want to do with them that a standard tortilla won't do? The wide availability of quality tortillas just seems to me you're trying to solve a problem that you shouldn't even be having.    Tortilla presses are also easily available so you could make them as fresh as you want with great pliability.    Alternatively, you already mentioned this would essentially be a crepe. How does a crepe not serve the purpose then? 
New Posts  All Forums: