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Kind of available online for Utahns. You can't ship alcohol to Utah to your home address. You have to ship it to one of the State Liquor stores to pick it up and the vendor has to be registered with the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control. And the customer pays extra fees for the privilege of picking it up at the Liquor Store.   And as noted in the earlier posts, it can be bought in Asian grocers much more easily and cheaply. 
Oooh, and Nachos, pulled pork from the smoker...
Lee Kum Kee brand is pretty good. But it's mostly hoisin and various sugars. Buy some hoisin and tweak from there. Smoke or grill some onion, garlic, chiles for smoky  flavor. Puree and begin to tweak the hoisin. Maybe some rice vinegar, some rock sugar, five spice....
I suggest hitting more technique focused books.    Pepin's New Complete Tehcniques Peterson's Essentials of Cooking This is more simplistic than the others, but gives good simple basic techniques.  Gisslen's The Chef's Art   These books have some recipes, but it is much more about understanding how to do something. You sound like you're at a point where you can step free of recipes by improving your understanding of not just how, but why.    Deeper understanding of...
I'll have to do some red cooked wings and some smoked hot wings. 
Passing through oil is a low temp deep fry for protein. Important part of velveting, but not only for velveting.. For chicken and pork you can water blanch for a similar effect.
Let's clarify what Grace Young recommends. She recommends a flat bottom wok for the weak stoves in homes in the West. The units discussed here above have higher heat output than common Western stoves
I've only had it in dried form where it was much like a dried apple. In fresh form, I'd probably eat it out of hand. In Mexico, they use a salt, lime and chile dip on fruit. I think it would work well with jack fruit. 
Just ground up crackers. I tend to use Matzoh for it's lower fat and and salt compared to most crackers. Use what you like and adjust seasoning accordingly to what you use. 
Sweet setup.
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