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I'm always a fan of yuca frita too.
What's your knife?  It could be thick for the task taking you off course.
They're chilean sandwiches:    Lomito Palta, a thin cutlet of pork, mashed avocado, tomato, maybe mayo, onion on a roll that's a cross between a bun and ciabatta. Images all lifted from google search.      Barros luco is the same concept but with steak and green beans and cheese.     There's a ham variation that's popular too, barros jarpa   If you can find a chilean restaurant, they'll usually have these on the lunch menu and a few others too. Usually very...
I can sense barros luco, and lomito palta in my future!
It's just as horrifying as you expect it to be, but there are still surprises. Comparing tastes to cardboard. Mouth blisters from the salt in fried foods. I found it informative and only re-assured me as to my cooking from scratch.    http://thebillfold.com/2014/03/what-its-like-to-work-as-a-professional-frozen-food-taster/
Are you using naranja agria and achiote in your marinade?  They're important imho.   If you're using  a slow cooker, you should use a little liquid both to protect the container and to conduct the heat. That said, I can't recommend the slow cooker really. This should be a roast, not a braise. Even with no initial liquid, a slow cooker will retain and build liquid during the cooking process so it will still end up braising.   A low oven would be better, or even indirect...
Dillbert, check your PMs.
Femur is upper leg from hip to knee. Tibia and the fibula is lower leg from knee to ankle including the shin. The tibia is the larger of these bones and more in the "meat" of the leg.   Interestingly, pork has the fibula, beef and sheep do not.    This is a handy guide. http://www.aps.uoguelph.ca/~swatland/ch2_1.htm   If your ossobucco was cut from the front legs, you could still have two bones, depending where in the foreleg it was cut. 
Now this is what you need to resolve the measurement disputes in this thread.   http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B001G5ZBIY/wilyea-20
You know, this just isn't a productive path. So I'm locking this thread.
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