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I think so. It probably is calibrated for a particular accuracy you won't get with other pans, but it will be close enough for deep frying and such things. Where it would be more interesting would be to see how it holds a simmer or with some sugaring type projects.
if I were in that market, I'd go induction. BUt it would cost more than you're budgeting.
Most 14" round carbon steel woks should fit. 
I've used solids at times too on older systems
The most commonly consumed HFCS is HFCS 55 which has the same break down as honey as far as sugars go. It's not the sugar ratio (solely), it's the quantity and that fructose is metabolized in the liver leading to fatty liver deposits which cause other problems.  The brain is fat, but it runs on sugar. And fat is not carbs. When metabolized from body stores it is turned to sugar. But when fat is consumed, that's not what feeds the brain. Fat gets stored.  That chocolate...
I'm currently using this shot of a Lake Powell side canyon.     I used this one for a long time before changing to the one above.  
It was fresh, not dried or cured. Probbly 20 cm length and pinkie finger around.
I had a sausage in Ludwigsburg, I've never figured out what it was exactly. Long and skinny with a sharpness but not hot. Fairly fine grind, but not emulsified. It was really good but not like anything else I've had before or since. 
We're agreeing on that. Just not on "a cow cannot digest corn" because they do. 
 Umm, corn is grass. All our grains are grasses. And yes, cattle can digest corn. That's why they have 4 stomachs and chew cud. It's not necessarily ideal for them, but they can digest it.  While Michael Pollan says "cows did not evolve to digest corn", he goes on to explain that it's more the wrong ratios of nutrients. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/meat/interviews/pollan.html
New Posts  All Forums: