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My wife requires that I stay pretty close to tradition on Thanksgiving. So I experiment with Turkey and the related dishes at other times in the year. Occasionally, those experiments are deemed worthy and brought to the Holiday meal. That's how Sweet Potato Rolls became part of the "tradition"   I like my sweet potatoes themselves more savory than sweet. No added sweetener, no marshmallows.... I've been playing with a schmaltz/stock high heat braise/roasted technique...
Yes, I've used it before.
No, I mean where you live and cook, how high are you above sea level. Higher elevation baking is a tricky thing. i live about 5000 feet above sea level and there are things the elevation effects. 
What's your elevation?
What do you hope to achieve by scoring? I don't think you'll render appreciably more fat in that technique, but you'd let more smoke in.    I'd score or not score by how you're going to serve it. If you're doing the skin and shreds in Peking Pancakes, I'd leave it intact without scoring, but prodably prick the skin with a fork or skewer holes. 
This article first came up in a post from 2008 here in Cheftalk. It changed how I personally view duck as a cook, but I tend to cook it only once every 5 years or so. What clicked with me in this article is how the Asian chef tradition of good duck differs from what European is in good duck. So selecting a duck is important to how you want to cook that duck. And that wasn't really the point of the article. But it explained a lot of my personal experience with...
My wife is the connoisseur of duck. My taste in duck runs more Asian which is a very different kind of thing. Both in selecting a duck and cooking it. 
Seems low for poultry. The texture seems off to me at that temp. 
What is medium rare in dark meat? It's still pink at 160.
Tonight, this Phil had left over roast chicken
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