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Off the top of my head, something like this.   Food safety should guide what you do but isn't really cooking .    Knife skills is the basis of it all imho. Including sharpening. Mirepoix    Stocks    Play with some simple sauces   Pasta and soup is a good place to start combining these ideas.   Salad and vinaigrette   egg practice and practice pan tossing with dry beans    Simple vegetable sides   Simple sautés of cutlets/steaks with a pan...
It looks bad in a lot of ways. Terrible grind first off. It will wedge like mad.
He's alleged to be active in a coffee forum
I also question seeking a fatty sauce for a fatty cut. 
Your statement is unfounded and from my research, a baseless claim.
I think Dagger watches a whole lot more TV than I do.
I can't complain about any of my bamboo utensils. Thickest dough I've used them in has been for biscuits
I need to give mine a test. They'll be quite hard. Pictures to follow.
I've taken to baking meatloaf free form on a rimmed baking sheet on release foil or parchment paper, not in a loaf pan. Excess grease drains away, more bark creation, Easier to get at for carving and service. I do get some fracture sometimes on some slices at service. I don't consider it a problem particularly. 
Welcome.    James Peterson says "... good cooking is based on doing lots of little things correctly without taking shortcuts. And by a profound reverence for ingredients--letting them express their own character. "   It's not a description that will mean much until you get down and do it. But once you do it, you see what Peterson is talking about. 
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