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Cacique differentiates them somewhat. Seems the Ranchero is milkier in flavor than than the regular queso fresco.   http://www.caciqueinc.com/products/
Very good.
Clad stainless steel is the most versatile of pan materials. It rewards good technique and will punish cooks without patience  or those who want to fiddle with the food too much.     The Cuisinart pan you link to is not clad, but a disk bottom. I can't recommend that. Beyond the disk, there's a lot of pan flare of thin  stainless steel where things will scorch and burn.  You won't be happy with this. Clad costs more but the performance is worth the extra cost in a pan....
Thanks, @panini just something I was wondering.
I did the Craftsy class this week. I learned some new tricks and refinements to my skills. It was worth the time. I didn't agree with everything taught but it wasn't unreasonable by any stretch. I just think there are some better ways to do some things. 
Yes, it's Ikea. A diamond stone is something every one should have for basic clean up and reprofiling purposes. Makes such things pretty uneventful. 
Does alcohol mess with the setting power of the eggs?    And be sure to post the pie as an entry in the eggs challenge!
I've got one I use. I've given a few as gifts to friends who have only junk knives. It's a great blade, though shorter than I like. Fit and Finish is not as good as Henkels, Wusthof or most J-knives. But very high value for cost. I do have to sharpen them for my friends of course. And I think some Idahones are going to show up in my holiday gift giving this year to help keep these in better shape between my personal attention sessions.
As far as victorinox goes, true. But a bolster is often a scale addition, often of nickel silver in higher end  knives and not part of the blade/tang construction. Or a Weld on after the fact. I can show you many stamped knives with a bolster.  You're thinking of stamped knives as stamped and edge ground and done. Higher grade knives are often stamped to exterior profile only, then shaped in stock removal processes.   Stamped, VG10 San Mai, Bolster  $50 US. 
In my custard experiences, the biggest problem is weeping watery liquid. With the topping at service, I think you'll be OK a day ahead. There will probably be some crust degradation but not significant at that point. Day 2, the crust will likely be suffering some sogginess.
New Posts  All Forums: