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Deglaze between batches as necessary. It's really that simple.
I generally use corn tortilla for everything except for burritos. Corn does taste better.
Green Chile Stew that rebelled and went Colorado on me.     It was still good. Served it as a smothered bean burrito with Spanish rice. Of course, the sour cream melted and ran off the burrito too.   
Thank MaryB. I learned it from her.
Yes, it needs the fruit odor that cider vinegar still has.  White vinegar hasn't worked for me. Haven't tried wine vinegar. 
We happen to be in posting in a knife sub forum if you hadn't noticed.
 I guess I'm really silly, but I strongly disagree with your conclusion. Aus 8 has a fine grain structure and can take a pretty good refined edge. But it can't hold that edge very well. I consider edge holding ability a significant factor in the ascertaining the quality of the final product. 
Thanks for sharing what worked for you. 
They should be embarassed to call AUS8 pro.  I like VG10, but many don't. 
Probably the majority of dishes are descriptions, but not really recipes. 
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