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I'm not well enough acquainted with the details to say for sure. What I have always seen recommended is to make small batches you'll use quickly, within two weeks and that it is stored under refrigeration.    Reading between those lines, it's probably not best practice to make it and freeze it longer than two weeks.
I consider pranking a form of bullying. It's a type of workplace hostility. I would not choose to work for nor patronize a business that tolerated such behavior.   And I'm embarrassed to be a moderator of a group of people that condones the behavior. 
Those Germans like ginger. It's a key ingredient in many varieties of bratwurst.
I have a few different kinds rice on hand. They all serve different purposes, different dishes. Basmati Jasmine Arborio Glutinous a short grain Chinese rice Sweet another short grain chinese rice Sushi Red rice A short grain brown rice
There is no one perfect rice to me. Different types of rice cook differently and with different results. Basmati doesn't clump as much as other long grain rice, though all long grains are less sticky than medium or short grain types. What do you want out of your rice? Pick the right type for that result. I like Basmati as my basic long grain rice. In my climate (arid, low humidity) and elevation (lower boiling point) i Ike the results of 1::1.5 rice to water. Bring rice...
 Maybe. Depends on the source of your rice. Most rice sold in the US is pretty clean and doesn't really benefit from rinsing. If you source your rice from an ethnic vendor, you're more likely to need to rinse your rice as they are more prone to carry rice handled in the more traditional methods. This is more of a carry-over technique from our immigrants who have not had as high quality of rice handling as is common in the US. There are some heavy rinse/short soak...
My rice cooker has the teflon coating. No sticking. Otherwise, you're talking about cooking high starch content on plain metal. And that will stick. Cheflayne has it right. Let it stand for a few minutes at the end of cooking. The rice will steam itself loose in most cases just from the residual heat and steam.   If nothing else, after you've removed your cooked  rice, a short soak will loosen any remaining clinging rice. Just don't let it dry on to the surface. That...
I've only ever eaten sauerbraten and rouladen in home preparations.
It's usually rump or bottom round in my experience. I don't know that I've ever had it from the eye. Maybe Savuer picked the eye because it's easier to find?
This was the first year i tried the corned eye of round. I was disappointed. It was dry, crumbly and inadequate. Cheaper than brisket, and for a reason. I'll be passing on that in the future for corned beef. Beyond that the closest I come to braising eye of round is in thin raw slices in my pho. They can be a bit dry and over cooked there too, but the pho broth rescues it.
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