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Beans are more a foil for flavors around them than in them. Your great bean dishes aren't really about the bean but what's happening around the bean. Hummus and Refried beans are probably the most bean dense dishes and are strongly seasoned because of the bland bean puree. Moving to intact bean dishes like chili, red beans and rice, these are still strongly flavored with onions, garlic and intense spices.    Salt helps. Yes it toughens the skins somewhat. But it does...
I do it occasionally, most often lean pork like a loin roast or sometimes whole chicken.  There's a level of gimmickry to it. The needles tends to clog  and are very difficult to clean unless you filter your injection liquid carefully. So to get the most flavor in a solids free liquid I usually saute/boil things then strain twice in verr fine mesh, then chill on ice.    Steve Raichlen has a number of good injection recipes in his various barbecue cookbooks. And that sort...
I'd suspect tarragon over fennel
I think it has more room, but in your ratios, it might be too sour for what you want I don't know.
Acid will slow down the oxidation reaction. Lime juice is commonly used for this as it shows up in many of the cuisines that use avocado so there is good harmony. 
Sodium citrate is an emulsifier but it's properties are different than roux in many ways. Roux uses starch to hold your cheese sauce together. If your roux is out of balance wtih your milk and cheese, then you can get fat separation, protein graininess and wet strings of cheese.  Long holding time at warm temp breaks down the roux as well.   Using sodium citrate, you can hold your cheese and milk in suspension rather than wiht a starch. You're still bound by some ratios...
135 is my pick fit best temp, let it rest after it hits that temp.
Once a revenue stream is established, its hard to make it go away. But you can always negotiate and see what your vendor will do. 
Yes, that one is pretty thin.    Cast iron is what the original woks are made out of, and were quite thin. They behave much like carbon steel. You're not going to see heat retention to speak of in thin cast iron though.  And these thin cast woks are much more fragile and I strongly prefer a stick handle over the small ear handles. The plastic wrapping on these handles is a poor idea too imho. You can't invert it for seasoning over the burner or tilt it too much up the...
New Posts  All Forums: