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Click the Forums tab at the top of the page. You'll go to a screen that shows how the site is organized. You can then navigate down into those topical subsections. Near the top of each sub forum is a "Start a New Thread" button.     So you should consider if your question is about equipment, general cooking, baking, etc. and start your thread  in the right section. 
Depends what you're trying to do I think. You can achieve bigger sheets by hand which can be effective for some dishes. But it takes more practice and skill.    Watch these two videos:       Also, pasta shapes formed by hand, even if rolled by machine look and have a different texture than their commercial counterparts.    Hand rolled penne (not my photos) This is a square of pasta rolled around the small handle of a cooking spoon or similar.      There...
Pepin does this a lot. I watched some Sudanese women cooking at a cultural food fair and that's how they cut stuff up too. Also directly into the palm holding the food item. Makes sense as they probably didn't have much cooking gear  or prep area for quite a while as refugees. 
Pilafs, cold salads, a stuffing. maybe do a five spice biryani kind of thing to go with the soy in the salmon seasoning. 
I've turned off all the emails. It's way too much noise in my inbox. 
The Ignore feature is called Block Member. Mouse over the member's name in the post. Block Member is in the drop down list. Or go to the user's profile you want to block.  In the column of buttons on the left is a Block Member button. Click it. Be Happy. 
Best with Romaine imho. Iceberg is very boring cooked. But then it's not particularly exciting raw either. 
I'm trying to process some older ham before it goes bad. I made some ham fried rice and a ham and broccoli frittata. All very good. And the leftovers work well with the kids.
Chicken gizzards, fried green tomatoes and eggplant ( wasn't a fan). Every now and the they'd do a depression era meal of bread and milk with green onions and radishes. Dip the veggie in salt and take a nibble. They didn't make us join them in that and we didn't.
I think I'd repair the current range. The 1 foot extra storage isn't really that big of a deal for the costs of replacing the range and putting in cabinetry. My kitchen is small 9X 12 to the bare walls, so smaller after cabinetry and limited in storage. Plus it's the pass through access to the garage and the basement as well as the side door.  I keep a number of my tools downstairs like the stand mixer, specialty cookware,  and so on.  And I'd stick with this over just an...
New Posts  All Forums: