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You'll often have some "off" bits of meat from true dry aging that you'll trim off. Over-dessicated areas, mold isn't uncommon either. 
http://www.cnet.com/news/appliance-science-the-uplifting-biology-of-baking/   A fun short diversion about yeast, how it works, a little history. My favorite part was the Egyptian baking scene. It's worth following the link to the whole archaeological site too.     The Bakery of Al-Shaik Said http://www.dayralbarsha.com/node/119
Zombie threads that don't have a visible new post are the product of spammers trying to slip something past the system. The system still sees the thread has recent activity (a spammy post that was deleted) even though the post is not visible. While its probably not truly a bug, I can't call it feature either. 
Silicone has it's uses, but rigidity is not one of its better features. On the interior, it will be a hindrance for all the reasons plastic is a hindrance-- whipping egg whites being the biggie.  Plastic/silicone holds oil in very small amounts even through washing. But that oil will mess up the whipping of egg whites. I have plastic bowls as i said before. I use them the most. But I have a second set of metal,-noted earlier that I have to use for egg whites.    On the...
I like this one the best of the ones I've tried in flat bottom.   http://imusausa.com/asian/139-natural-wok-with-wood-handle-14  I found mine at a Kroger owned grocer.    I have 7 woks, which is way too many.    In round bottom I like the "Pow Wok" http://www.amazon.com/Handhammered-carbon-steel-Pow-wok/dp/B00011UHJ2/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1418163840&sr=8-6&keywords=pow+wok   It's not the hammering, it's the gauge of the steel. 
 1) Plastic and stainless steel. i use the plastic most often. Each is a set of 4 nesting sizes, probably from 12 inches across down to 6. 2), Usually 2, a dry and a wet for baking, or 1 large for dough or 1 medium to large for soaking. The small bowl is most often used for pancake or waffle batter. The large also often do duty as popcorn bowls. 3) Dishwasher though there might be a soak first if the dishwasher doesn't have room.4) Wash them quickly so stuff doesn't dry in...
And the tempering? Files and some few saws are about the simplest "hunks of steel" one can convert to a knife with a reasonable result without having to do a ton of work. 
I think this is the one. There's some fun fusion concepts you could take farther.   http://www.amazon.com/Chings-Everyday-Easy-Chinese-Healthy/dp/006207749X/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1417978602&sr=1-2&keywords=easy+chinese+cooking   The Peking duck "sushi" was pretty good for example.    Look at modern Hakka cooking the world over. Most of the time they take what's available and cook it in traditional styles even though its not an "authentic" ingredient.  It's...
Flour: Masa Harina   Entry: Turkey Tamales     Husk|Masa|Chile Sauce|Turkey|More Chile Sauce--> Roll.    Why that one came through upside down, I don't know. The next one is correct with them waiting in the steamer insert.      They're still steaming so I don't have a finished pic yet.
There's no one in this thread doing such repairs for others. The resources are linked if you want to track down a person or do it yourself. 
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