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 What do you think of Harold McGee's book, On Food and Cooking?   The science is there to show marinades aren't particularly effective in the times most of us marinade for, nor do they effectively tenderize. http://www.nytimes.com/1999/03/03/dining/as-america-s-meat-changes-so-must-the-cook-today-s-marinades-just-for-flavor.html That whole article is pretty interesting.  It's not that a flavored exterior is a bad thing either. I do marinate still, but usually thin strips...
I'll post a pic of that introduction later so you can see the characters.
I have the VG10 Slitbar. Surprisingly good knife for the money, but it is short. That tojihiro on Amazon is tempting. 
By theory, I mean mostly how the Chinese culturally think about food. He gives five terms that reflect primal values of chinese cuisine, Hsien--sweet natural flavor, Hsiang-characteristic fragrance,  Nung-rich, heady, concentrated; yu-er-pu-ni-to taste of fat without being oily such as properly cooked pork belly.  His very first recipes focus on the plain flavors of food, the base essence. Boiled rice, poached chicken and so on. Establish as a baseline the characteristics...
Thanks for all the fine contributions to the site and the good help.   Peace to his family and friends.    Phil
I'm glad you're enjoying it.   I want to return to my comment about looking for a cookbook that explores the theory of Chinese cooking. I found one. It's older and out of print, but was an influential book on Fuchsia Dunlop, Jeff Smith and other fans of Chinese food. Chinese Gastronomy by Hsiang Ju Lin. There are various printings starting in 1955 and most recently in 1982 it seems.  Very analytical and once it gets into recipes, they occur in small groups that exemplify...
I once made a Potato Salad with balsamic vinegar, ev olive oil and a variety of herbs. It was from the Herb Farm Cookbook. Very different and good. Not my favorite, but a fun switch. 
You should tell us where you are as there can be hassles with paying out of country in some cases.    You might find the blogging sites sufficient for your needs, or may be a facebook page for the group/business. Those are free. 
I like it with a so called "boiled dressing". There's a range of them out there. I gave my recipe in this thread.
Well done. 
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