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According to todd wilbur, its salt, pepper, MSG snd a pressure fryer. Pressure fryers are expensive when you can find them. They go through gaskets fast as well.
Pressure Cooker
I'm with the others, make it so you like it. I find many commercial hot sauces too harsh. Not too hot, but just harsh. Tabasco for instance. I don't know if it's too much vinegar, a product of fermentation, or the chiles, it just has a harshness about it. A bit metallic; medicinal; a sort of abrasiveness on the tongue, not of grit, but of eating away at me.    Melinda's is OK. For all the habanero hype of the label, it's not too hot. The sweetness of the pepper and the...
I have no opinion on it being stone or concrete. But a past thread might be helpful to you figuring it out.   http://www.cheftalk.com/t/18649/molcajete-question-have-i-been-scammed
I cook because i like to eat well and the economics of it.
While not a cookbook per se, any time you get 150 curated recipes, it's just as good as a cookbook. And it's free.   There are two primary avenues into this collection, an Index and a gallery.   I enjoyed going through the gallery and then jumping to recipes from there. Additionally, many recipes include a video or extra explanatory step links.  I particularly enjoyed Martin Yan's video for the Green Onion Pancakes and the step by step photos for assembling the soup...
Oh, consider those Magic Bullet informercials. The host is tossing ingredients into his mini blender left and right and presto, he's got a dish.    But look at those ingredients. Peeled mini onions, peeled garlic, pre-cut cheese, vegetables reduced to 1 inch cubes. There's a lot of pre-prep that went into that dish that isn't shown. And is the down fall of people using and benefitting from these devices.  If you have to do that much prep, there's not much point of the...
There is cooking and there is cooking well.    The internet is full of generic cooking and recipes. And lots of it works ok.    But to cook well takes more attention to details that are harder to explain, but clear to experienced cooks. This includes prep and dealing with "mess" which many people don't want to do. Nor the time as mentioned above.  Thus the rise of ready meals, and simple reheat options.    But really, we're not the ones you should ask. The people you...
Moving the knife is safer as you can keep the knuckle contact on the claw hand.
Acidifying the garlic is part of how they make it safe from clostridium growth.
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