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I'm not a fan of the link and run. My policy is that a person needs to post enough argument about why the link is important to merit posting it here at Cheftalk.    Link http://www.seriouseats.com/2016/10/why-pressure-cookers-are-better-than-slow-cookers.html   Argument We certainly discuss braising here. There are good books written about the subject. We don't discuss slow cookers much except as a convenience for the person with a predicable schedule. I've written...
No tuna melt fans? I thought someone might have gone that way for a favorite tuna sandwich.
Most modern ovens shut off by themselves after a particular time. Usually 12 hours. Thus you'll find ovens with Sabbath mode for Jews in that they shouldn't light a fire on the Sabbath. But if the fire is already lit, it can be used. So these ovens will bypass the safety shut off if in Sabbath mode. 
Toast the bread. Butter at least one slice. You need the texture contrast against the filling. Proceed similar to above; a little dill pickle is good too
Plastic bags have worked for me. Probably will vary some by what your natural humidity is. Mine is very low. 
Sand blasting would damage the pan . But the same equipment can use other media. Thus the glass beads. Bead blast, not sand blast. Or recycle the pan, buy a new one.
 I've tried that path before in cast iron. I wasn't happy with the results. It led to slow flaking of parts of the patina and such. It becomes a constant annoyance that you have parts that are clean releasing and parts that aren't.  You can also burn it off on a gas stove. But there will be smoke and  some intense heat. Especially problematic in an apartment for example.  If none of those are an option, you can go for glass beading. Not sand blasting. But Sand Blasting is...
Probably to an extent, but why?
These books will have some recipes that have more exotic ingredients but most of the recipes are common and straight forward content. The joy of cooking The best recipe
Well if have an outdoor grill or fire, build a hot one. cook off the gunk for about an hour.
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