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Sounds like it's a pretty starchy variety for a medium grain rice. How do you get it be so individual instead of clumping?
Yes, the thick sauce version is possible and done.    http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/chicken-breasts-with-orzo-carrots-dill-and-avgolemono-sauce
Avgolemono is a soup. Or a thickish sauce sometimes thought to be a precursor to mayonnaise.   We had a recent thread on the soup, my post includes a link to the basic recipe I use, though I add carrots and use orzo instead of rice.  http://www.cheftalk.com/t/21038/avgolemono#post_468910   As to the sauce, I've only made it once long ago. This might be a place to start with the sauce but hopefully Koukouvagia or Nicko will be along soon to give better...
I'd also say your pieces are a little large for Asian deep fry.  This might also be another time to watch out for overloading the pan and getting too much temperature drop in the oil. If you're using a thermometer watch how much the temperature drops as you add the food to be fried.    If you're trying to fry at 350, maybe heat it to 380 before starting to fry to account for the temperature drop, and stop adding food when the oil hits 350.    Also, you need to...
Thanks for the fried rice entry Pitufina.     I have to admit I'm still trying to wrap my imaginary taste buds around the veg-fish fusion of FlavioMoreira's Sushi. I'd love to taste it and see how it works. Eating with my eyes, it's a delight. 
There's no harm in duplication in my book. I for one enjoy seeing how people approach the same concept differently. It's why I'm issuing weekly Challenges within the Rice.    And Yes, we're officially in Fried Rice week. 
Petals, will you tell us some of the spicing used in that please?    And a good Fried Rice contender.
Sure, I will accept wild rice entries. 
I don't have my On Food and Cooking handy where McGee breaks down the reactions of common baking powder.  Wikipedia gives some discussion you might find useful.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baking_powder And On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen by Harold McGee is a book any serious cook should have for just such questions.    Older recipes from the American South are more prone to use the single acting type baking powder you mixed up yourself, but...
Another reason for choosing live animals is they stay fresh without refrigeration. This is a country where refrigeration and the associated butchering and keeping ability is still fairly new to the common citizen. 
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