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CPM can achieve alloys forging can't for one thing. And many very good steels are often stamp blanked, the various Sandviks as a general example. 
Stamped knives can outperform forged knives. And vice versa. There's much more to what makes a good knife than stamping (more technically, blanking)/forging. That myth should be put to rest by now. 
Glad you enjoyed it. The table salad concept is highly adaptable to various Vietnamese meals and simple to do. 
I've seen it paired with lavendar, but it's too floral for my tastes. And so is lavendar.
I've read good things about flaxseed as it's a drying oil, but I  don't think I've ever seen it for sale. In the end, I don't have problems with the regular common cooking oils.  
I was buying some Haloum today and was exploring the aisles. They had three different versions of Za'atar but the ingredients were the same and in the same order except for the Aleppo Za-atar which was redder,finer ground and contained wheat.    Jordaian, Lebanese and Aleppo   The Jordanian seems to have more sesame? The Lebanese looks a little greener and the Aleppo is distinctly redder and finer.    But what sort of ratio differences are we talking about? Does...
An Avgolemono with orzo, a little thigh meat, carrots and green onion to make a more substantial version. 
But what's the question?
Two thoughts.    You either burned off what seasoning you had established or   You only seasoned to the brown plasticky stage. 
I salted the zukes for an hour to drain. Then gave them a fast high heat sear to evaporate some more but not soften them. I drained the spaghetti squash too, but it didnt seem tolose much moisture after microwaving. Also sauteed the spaghetti squash to drive out more moisture. I deseeded and de jellied the tomatoes then cooked them slowly to dry out some more.
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