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There are times convenience food is useful. But hopefully not that often.
The first time you make it, it can be stressful. But after that you realize its difficulty had been over stated. Making it for a crowd gets a bit more difficult
It's working for me.
The milder aspects of Maille is part of what I like about it, particularly their whole grain dijon. Hot mustard is good too, but I find it overpowering in many applications. Of course, I didn't really like mustard at all until I was in my 20s. I might just be overly sensitive to its qualities. 
The mustard coating prior to the dry rub is a common technique of preparing pork shoulder for bbq.
As to the German mustards well I like them but I don't usually keep them on hand. I don't go through them fast enough to justify their storage. Suesser senf with a Muenchener Weisswurst is glorious. But I usually just get that at Siegfried's or Smoke & Salt where such mustard is already available to go with the sausage. Similarly for the other regional variations of wurst and mustard of Germany.
As to where i use mustard. A shot of smooth dijon goes in my cheese sauce as for mac and cheese or souffle. Cheese soup gets mustard powder. Smooth dijon gets added to many vinaigrettes for emulification benefits snd the extra punch it adds. Barbecue sauce as mentioned. Colmans powder is the basis for hot asian style mustard as for cha shu pork. Also southern boiled dressing
Maille whole grain dijon is favorite. I usually have some grey poupon for smooth dijon duty. This is mostly for recipes calling for yellow mustard. Guldens spicy brown does most of my other mustard duties. I don't keep yellow mustard around. It tastes harsh to me. I use it only as a base for mustard barbecue sauce and buy it when i make a batch. I don't object to it on a burger or dog but prefer other choices. Dry mustard powder is Colmans. Very useful stuff.
Cheap ones work fine for that purpose.
Andrea Nguwen of vietworldkitchen agrees with you. I usually use it up within 6 months of opening so i don't notice degradation in that time frame.
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