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Rosemary and citrus go well together, very often in savory dishes but both can play to the sweet too. Rosemary and lemon was Napoleon's signature scent he had custom compounded. Sure, vanilla sugar is good too but it won't give you the contrast to make the citrus pop as we're taking about. You likely won't replace all the sugar with rosemary sugar.
Yeah that's good too. But the OP did specify Asian recipe.
Then, IMHO, you don't want a noodle dish at all. They're based on flavoring the bland noodle where you're working with something with a more specific, if not pronounced flavor.    Depending on which vegie you're using, you will need to strongly adapt cooking time, especially with zukes. They will cook very fast and will not reward the longer cooking time a regular noodle can take. Instead they'll turn mushy and weep too much liquid. You will also have a very tight...
What is a zoodle?
I'd lean toward contrasting the lemon against some rosemary sugar. How much rosemary sugar would be the question.
Yes. Quality will suffer some. And it will be very prone to freezer burn. Better to use it quickly when opened.
Enamel cracks, crazes, chips, is sensitive to thermal shock, stains, not dishwasher safe. I can use metal utensils without fear of scratches. Outside of looks, I don't find enamel brings any benefits to the table.
For indoor use, I'd go stainless. Heresy, I know. Much easier to care for and use. Clad if the budget will allow, disk base otherwise.
Cheftalk is not hosted on the vbb platform which many other sites use. It might be an incompatibility with Tapatalk, which I've never used.
Sounds like a wire edge.
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