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Screen it off. That limits access for the flies but keeps the air flow.
This one from Staff Meals from Chanterelle is probably my favorite. It's pretty strong on the star anise for the first use, but mellows out for subsequent uses. Makes about a gallon. Keep it frozen between uses and refresh it as needed with more of the base ingredients over time.
I have since that time had good collard greens
I like greens, like them a lot. 
Cut planks, eat as Pete described. You can get a powder version, Tajin that is quite good, also on mango, apple, melon...
In sous vide it should hold well enough with the butter to help transmit flavors and color I think.
I'm not a pro. I'd just give it a BBQt rub, cook it with butter in the pouch. No marinade. I use a powdered smoke product from for the smoke flavor.
Part of a savory pie or empanada filling. Add to a soup. Dress with some balsamic vinegar and maybe some more oil and herbs as a potato salad. Mash together coarsely, maybe with a little flour and egg. Form into paitties and pan fry. If they're not too oily, a base for gnocchi or kartoffel kloesse
My only caveat is that garlic and cinnamon tend to shift flavors in the freezer, more so when uncooked.
Sounds like a twist on salchipapas, a peruvian dish of hotdogs and potatoes?
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