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Because loin is best at around 135 to 140 degrees you want stuffing that also is good at that temperature. Andouille should be cooked to 160 which would overcook your loin. Unless you precook the sausage. A vegetable stuffing like duxelles, spinach or an olive based stuffing are good choices for lower temp roasts.
Before everything else, did you SCRUB it clean? It might be a remnant of the cast release agent or some of the storage protectant. Scrub it down and start over. See what you get.
Depends on our lives. I try to check things a couple of times per day. But there are good days and bad days.
We had a recent thread on dry spice sources    
It's important to consider a few things about Chinese cuisine.    Chinese Cuisine values things Western Cuisine (as a generalization) don't. This means texture and mouthfeel includes things westerners may find disgusting*   So slippery is often a good thing to Chinese eater where it can be gross or slimy to a westerner.    Texture is so important they treat starches in some extreme ways. Alkaline water for noodles for example.      The safety of the flour may...
An expensive knife might not give you anything a cheap one won't. But there are some that can give you more, and also require more from you in sharpening and proper usage. Lots of variables, the user being the biggest. 
Ok, I can outlegal you. DOC doesn't apply in the US, the population and location of most of this board. If it's labeled Parmesan in the US, it may or may not contain calf rennet. If it's labeled Parmigianno Reggianno with the nice rind work and generally better flavor, it will have rennet. There are also synthetic and vegetarian rennets. US labelling laws do not require specification about the details of rennet. So even if the label says rennet, you don't know for sure...
The better metal ones are very gently textured for that fine grip control.
Depends on the dumpling. I use commercial skins if they're available. Or tofu skin if it's that kind of thing. I've made some wheat starch and dual skins as for crystal dumplings. Just depends.   It's a 13 inch steel steamer.  My bamboo  was 10 inches and 3 layers. On a 14 inch wok,10 inch is as big as the steamer should be.   Tortilla presses don't press thin enough. And not all doughs press well. Dumpling presses only make one shape and size.   I have no special...
I went with stainless steel so they go in the dishwasher, no worries.    Nice usually means polished wood/ laquered set. More hassle to care for than I wanted.
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