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Any particular reason for wanting the glass bowl? The weight savings in steel is actually quite nice. 
We've got a little Vietnamese place close by that does Tacos and Burritos. Scroll to the bottom of the linked menu to see. http://www.littlesaigonutah.com/blank
Reduce it down and use it as the secret base of your barbecue sauce. Chili would be good. For cooking red beans and rice or jambalaya where smoked ingredients are expected.
Carne asada is about the technique of grilling meat more than it is about a specific seasoning and preparation. That's why you see a wide-ranging variety of marinades or rubs. If you have a particular restaurant or taco cart asada that you like ask for more details in their treatment of the meat. Authentic is more in the eye of the beholder in this case than in a set recipe.
You really couldn't taste the juice in the crust. It takes very little juice to bind the crust. 
Applying for a job has tricks to it. Where you don't want to work as a food pro. you'll have a confusing presentation with culinary school after your masters. You have to explain the gap since your graduation without a job in the field, and showing culinary school just makes you look conflicted and confused about your life path, at least from the prospective employers position.    You can learn cooking as I pointed out above, from books, and videos. You can take...
The fat is not bad really compared to sugar. And the ricotta needs more sugar as it's just filler. Yes, I've had decent ricotta cheesecakes, but they're not as good as mascarpone or cream cheese centered cheesecake. They're also much more prone to curdle and have an off texture. My opinion, if you're going to offer cheesecake offer the best. Not something just OK that's masquerading as healthy when it really isn't significant. I've stopped ordering cheesecake at most...
The make them something whipped with meringue and set in gelatin. But you serve me that and call it cheesecake, you'll lose me a customer. And it's not really healthier anyway
That book is usually the school textbook for the topic.
Culinary school is pretty expensive. Unless you like spending money and time while your masters grows stale for skills you'll make no money with, skip culinary school.  Culinary school will cover a lot of material that is of no particular use to a home cook, even a very skilled home cook. You can get the necessary information and training through books and videos.  An Edge in the Kitchen by Chad Ward is a very good book on knife skills. You'll need to spend time actually...
New Posts  All Forums: