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About a week ago I had this reality cooking show dream. I don't watch reality cooking shows. I see bits here and there but that's it. This wasn't any particular show that I could tell and the judges were nebulous. But I was cooking with @Nicko on a team.    His dish was a steak and wilted spinach thing which the judges loved. Though in the harsh light of day, I don't know you top steak with spinach so well. Maybe Nicko has better ideas than I do.    I made a kind of...
I posted about this a week or so back. No one seemed interested. It was surprising.
Read this in Scientific American. The Author is specifically studying the various bacteria in rind ripened cheeses. Since bacteria reproduce asexually, one thing they do to diversify genes is swap random genes across species.    If you object to selected targeted and tested GMO foods, the random chaos of nature should be highly...
Cook's illustrated largely agrees with Chris. Whether they're a respectable authority is a different discussion. Acid and oil is the traditional approach but has lost some universality I think. The Chinese would never marinate beef in water, thinking it impairs the flavor of beef. But will happily use water on poultry and pork. So there are a number of thoughts about it all. When I cook steak, i go for garlic, a little soy sauce and black pepper. Not really a marinade...
Trader Joes Frozen gnocchi get decent reviews as does Gia Russa for the shelf stable packs. I think the one I've been using lately is Vigo. I've used Gia Russa before and been happy. 
My favorite was Target's house brand, but that's been discontinued for a few years now. There's one that comes in a yellow box over the steri-pack but I can't think of the name. They are certainly denser, but that's part of what i like.
My opinion is that it's the nature of the beast. Gnocchi by hand are always too soft for my taste, even at good restaurants. I actually prefer the pre-made shelf-stable gnocchi you can buy in the pasta aisle. Something constructive now. Try baking the potato instead of boiling initially. In the US, we consume our potatoes faster and fresher than the Italians. Theirs get to dry out more before cooking.
The taste of fat, thought to be detectable to protect from eating rancid fats.    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26142421   http://www.bostonnewstime.com/regional/112385-scientists-discover-the-taste-of-fat-and-it-could-hold-key-to-tackling-obesity.html
The starch and gluten in the flour help stabilize the custard. It's a cheat really. To my understanding Almond flour will not have the same effect. Of course, I don't think flour is good in the custard of a cheese cake at all and don't use any.    When you say light, do you mean low carb? Or do you mean density. Being a custard, cheesecake should be dense. Density is one of the quality points of a good cheesecake. If you mean light as in airy and fluffy, air in the...
Humidity from one source or another. If you covered them early, they may have self steamed some. If you live in a humid environment, that can do it too. 
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