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It could be a typo/editing mistake.  Does he continue to cook in the oven or on the stove top? That would be the best guide to what he meant.   From the way it's phrased, I think he means to heat the dutch oven  in an oven set to 350. Probably take about 20-30 minutes from cold, varying some by oven. 
I'm going to violate one of my rules of discussion and address you not the topic. You've not demonstrated that the chefs or judges from these lists have the abilities you ascribe to "true chefs" This is a logical fallacy that falls into the no true Scotsman category.   Ramsay is a competent chef. He gets things wrong as well. Chefs are not infallible with perfect knowledge of all cuisines and foods.  I strongly dislike Ramsay on as portrayed on TV, but when he gets down to...
That's pretty cool.
Kings of Pastry, a documentary film about the Meilleur Ouvrier de France makes many of my points.    Contestants compete on their own time and money. So you have to be able to afford the travel, time, meet travel requirements and so on. This predisposes towards local competitors over distant competitors and selects for comparative wealth when looking at global pastry chefs.   Certainly this is a serious hurdle. It's overcome in sports with corporate sponsors, heavy...
Because the competitions and standards are French.
There was a thread here that had a clip from it, though I can't find it now. 
that link needs a facebook account to see it. I have no facebook account. 
Besides the few reasons mentioned for why French Food might have a poor reputation I would add these. French food often celebrates the sour and bitter in foods in ways the general populace doesn't enjoy. And there are times the food served as french is sour when it shouldn't be. French Onion Soup scores in my top 5 soups of all time, but I've only had 3 or 4 versions that were truly great. FOS is a tricky soup to do well as it walks a fine line between the sweetness of the...
Are they with them at the purchase to know, are they allowed in the kitchen to watch the prep and the cooking to judge this quality of the source product? Doesn't seem to be so: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2009/11/23/lunch-with-m The choices are artificially constrained. No salad, no soup, automatically choosing a dish with a number of ingredients. Those are easier to disguise things in. A simple saute or salad says more about the quality of ingredients I think. One...
The lists don't particularly matter to me. There is little if any objective standard to rely on. It's the opinion of respected people, sure, but you would be hard pressed to call it facts. It still comes down to personal taste. 
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