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The oil is breaking down on the surface of the wok. This is normal. In fact, it seems cast iron and carbon steel contribute to the break down of cooking oil.   For a wok I use frequently, (I have a number of them--too many really) I've taken to rubbing it with oil, and then wiping it as nearly dry as a paper towel will get it. By frequently, I mean use it again within a two week period. There's enough oil to protect against rust in the short term, at least in my dry...
A sort of Vietnamese "table salad": I'd probably go with a butter lettuce leaves and some crunchier vegies for textural contrast. A julienne or chip like slices  of carrot, cucumber, zucchini (there's always zucchini to use up this time of year), some herbs. Then you can roll up some meat, vegies, herbs, dip it all in the nuoc cham and enjoy.
Yes, every college I'm aware of has a department and staff to help you get some extra financing. After all, your financing is their income. 
One eyed sailors, camel eyes, lots of names for them. And make the hole any size that pleases you.
I think star anise is stronger in flavor, or maybe pungent is a better term, and less sweet as well compared to fennel seed. Fennel seed toasts into a nice snack. Anise toasts into a good flavor but I don't want to ingest one whole.    For those reasons, I'd reach for star anise for flavoring liquids like broth and wassail but remove before serving. Fennel is something I'd use in things whole, and again, mostly western cuisine.    The exception is Indian cuisine where...
Another classic fried egg variant, eggs in oil with sumac. A hybrid of last months and this months challenge. Haven't had that one in a while. 
To me the tofu is the canvas against which the  intense flavors play and display themselves. If the tofu tasted like the rest of the dish, it wouldn't be as interesting.    Also, texture is especially important in chinese dishes so the contrasting texture of the tofu is an important element of the mouthfeel of the dish.    As to tofu absorbing flavors in 15 minutes, well as you discovered, it doesn't happen so much. In my experience, if you want to flavor tofu, you...
 For a fried egg, I'm with you, a runny yolk is divine. but not a runny omelet for me. 
I like mine fully set too. The Heresy is growing!   I've taken to flipping them over to the less cooked side, then filling and let it coast to completion. 
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