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Any particular reason to search out a 7 year old thread and post this? 
Listeria, Clostridium are all happy in salt environments. Pickling is a closed controlled environment, A board is not. Pickling is about time, Keeping a board in brine would be very bad. Pickling brines range from 2-13 % depending on what you're pickling. Which strength brine for your board? Do you vary the brine depending what you most recently cut?  Compare these two...
Yes, but the polymerization is of the sort that is prone to oxygen radicals. Not what you particularly want in food. And the polymerization IS the walnut oil going rancid.  Quote:Originally Posted by soil  from what i was told and have gathered from research the walnut oil polymerizes among other complicated things when exposed to air and the salt brine, and doesn't go bad like an olive oil or vegetable oil would. creating a food safe layer over the wood. the salt also...
Handle might actually be harder than on the blade as most kitchen blades don't have an engravable plate on them. And they're often curved surfaces presenting other challenges.    Knifeworks offers engraving on many of their knives including kitchen knives. But they might not have the particular knife you like best. Not sure if they do the handle or the blade. For example:   http://www.knifeworks.com/almarchefsknife534blade.aspx#.VSKNhPnF8gs
And you can do it three times a day if you like. 
You might be a good candidate for Soylent. This is not a joke. 
I don't know what you expect. Food takes a certain amount of time. Either you put the time in or you pay for someone else to do it at a restaurant or prefab food or similar. Apparently for you the trade offs aren't sufficient. That's a decision only you can make. But you seem to have already decided that before you got here.
As Koukouvagia and others have and will mention, there are numerous books on cooking this way. I'm highlighting those of Jacques Pepin for a few reasons. I watched them as they were broadcast and was really impressed, I own the books and they can be purchased inexpensively, especially in the used market.    The books: Fast Food My Way More Fast Food My Way   The Videos: Season 1 Season 2 ( I don't think this is the complete season as it's only 1 DVD)   The...
It can be done. I'm on my phone so I'll explain more later. But Pepin's Fast Food My Way and its videos are a great start.
I've blended short and long grain rice without problems.yes, I did adjust water volumes, but left the rice to do it's own thing during the cooking. Worked fine. The result is not as visually pleasing with disparate visible lengths, but this is minor. Ming Tsai uses a white and brown rice blend at  his restaurants.  https://www.ming.com/food-and-wine/recipes/simply-ming-season-9/house-steamed-rice.htm though I don't know if it's rice of different length types. 
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