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There is a simple answer that works with the original recipe, mostly.   Use no-boil lasagna noodles. Break them up into the recipe in the desired size. Use less water, probably about half as a starting point. A lid can be handy if your pasta is cooking dry too fast, or to help cook edges sticking up out of the sauce.  They cook al dente in about 5 minutes.    The no-boil lasagna noodles are made either by pre-cooking or rolling less densely so they can cook in the dish...
I enjoy Ken HOM too, but I consider Lo better. Assuming you were speaking of Hom of course. 
I think if I were flying over seas for that length of time I'd just pick up a knife there. The risk of theft from luggage is high for anything of quality or value plus the hassles of customs/security. Get one locally and make a gift of it at the end to your hosts. It will be available next time you visit.  Maybe pack an Idahone or some wetdry sandpaper for simple cheap lightweight sharpening. None of which is likely to be stolen or difficult to replace if lost or...
I'd have surmised a chafing dish of some sort. Maybe a grease drip pan from a high end grill? 
I want to point out that loading racks at the table is not as desirable as it sounds.    All the drips from the plates go on your table.    The loaded rack is going to be heavy and awkward to handle. You'll be bending over with an awkward heavy load which is high back stress.    Most dishwashers, you can take out the racks just for access, maintenance or to accommodate bulky items.    I've got a 17 yr old Bosch dishwasher. I've replaced the racks once for rusting...
What's your recipe?
Sorry for all the thread hijacking. I expect FBI/TSA officials to be waiting for me at the airport when we land.
 That's kind of my point, Most people aren't particularly motivated by pure health discussions, but more by balancing their enjoyment with their health.  Look at this report of an insurance incentive weight loss program. http://www.businessinsurance.com/article/20160107/NEWS03/160109866/health-premium-discount-incentives-not-a-weight-losing-proposition?tags=%7C63%7C70%7C74%7C307   It just doesn't impact people even with the positive incentive.
The Brits have concluded that no level of alcohol consumption is really safe. So they now recommend less drinking. If it's not safe, why not recommend not drinking? People will still do what they want.    http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIw7_W-2Cg
To my knowledge, the temperature provides the protection, not being frozen hard.  Though there are some physical protective features of being frozen hard too. Doesn't spill for example. 
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