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Assuming the resolution of the scale only goes to 1 gram, the likely error margin is +/- .5 gram. Add in the rounding possibilities and at the teaspoon level, a cooking scale might not be able to resolve the differences in density.  Start measuring these liquids at the liter level, and the difference should be clear enough. 
Magneto could do induction cooking  carrying the sizzle platter to the table!
Corn starch and arrowroot tend to break when refrigerated so if you're going gluten free, cook it tomorrow with either the cornstarch or arrowroot. 
@durangojo has this problem sporadically as well. I've not successfully traced it to anything. 
The Flash of course.  Wolverine would good for prep.  The Human Torch might be useful on the grill or Saute. Depends on how good his control is. Iceman, similarly for garde manger maybe. Doc Oc might be useful too, but he's a villian.    Who don't you want? Beast--think of all the hair in the food.
I've been looking at different ful madamas recipes the last while. Anyone have a good version they want to share?
It's got my name on it! It's mine!
There's a truly no-where town on Highway 89 in Utah named Hatch, for which I've always had a fondness for what should be obvious reasons. Somewhere, I have an image of the sign at the city limits, but this one will have to do for now, of Hatch Station  
First off, the general concensus is against a knife set.  Just skip that concept.    Secondly, recommendations tend to run towards a chefs, a petty, a parer. Beyond that, a bread knife and a slicer would be in the next tier.    Thirdly, equipment to sharpen and steel the blades.    Think of parts two and three as part of your total knife budget.   Reading heavily between the lines of your post (so I may be off base),  I think you'd be best served with some...
Ravioli filling is  good. They also work pretty well as a pasta sauce. Us steamed/roasted butternut puree in the volume suggested for tomatoes in a sauce recipe. You might need a little extra liquid so it simmers properly. Otherwise, it's a simple substitution though the results are a little different. 
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