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Glad you're OK.
That's sort of what I've been reading. And the bags are pricy without good support for third party bags.
Plasticizers can migrate. That's at 250. More of a risk in a microwave, exposed with grease or fat.
Plastic wrap will shrink tight to the meat but should be fine at 225. You definitely need to stay below 250 with plastic wrap. Wrap generously to avoid gaps as it shrinks. Should work fine. You may have some melting on some metal parts so some experimentation is in order to find your safe zones.
Pretty much as the title says. For home use. Will also do some general storage duties too. Good availability of replacement parts for the sealing heads.    I've read about re-usable bags for sous vide and cheaper bag alternatives to Food Saver. Looking for the voices of trusted experience. 
The variegated sage will lack flavor.
You can use a standard cupcake/muffin tin. The problem in my experience is that they don't have the thermal mass to do the job as well as these other pans and they release much more poorly. Less "pop" as well. 
The wood needs curing/kiln time. You'll need to find a serious wood worker who would be willing to store and age the wood before making the board.   It can be done, but the cost may not be worth it in the end. 
The point of a rice cooker is set and forget and that it will hold the rice across time. It's ready when you are, not you having to be ready for it.. If you want precise timing control, why bother with a rice cooker? Just put the rice in a pan and time it.    It seems that what you're trying to accomplish is antithetical to the device you want to use for the task. 
Never tried to grow lemongrass. You might not be in the right climate zone or soil type for it to develop?
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