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There's been a rise in expedition grade coolers on the market as well. They're expensive, but keep ice about 2x as long as traditional coolers. Costco has a good deal on the Pelican brand heavy duty cooler right now, $250 for 65 quarts where it's usually $360 on-line.    I added one to my camping kit this year. 
burying in embers would be fine as you described. The Chinese have a classic dish alleged to have originated in that manner, Beggar's Chicken. They wrapped it wet clay so it steams/roasts and then you crack it open at the end. Most recipes you find now are adapted for the oven of course, and usually replace the clay with a flour and salt dough.    There are also reflector oven methods though I've never used one personally. 
A minestra of small red bean, onion, carrot, celery, squash, green beans, pasta seasoned mostly with fresh basil, but also a little dried oregano.    Drizzle of good spanish oil, some grated parmesan and crusty bread.    
Agreed, this is fun and art. Educational, not so much.
http://www.fastcodesign.com/3027727/infographic-of-the-day/maps-of-countries-made-from-their-regional-foods#1       I was a little disappointed that they did the US by State as I think that's not really how the regionality of the US is best examined. But it's still a fun set of artsy slides.
Icould have mixed my own, I have the ratios. But when it came down to it I was in the mood for somewhat different flavors.
Day 11     I was naughty and peeked. They're shrinking and drying. I'm kind of wondering about the timing of 5-6 weeks where my local humidity is low so often. It's still a little tender, about like well done meat so it's not hard enough yet.  And I used rosemary, thyme and sage as I just wasn't up for the lavender in the herbes de provence. 
On a hard squash, it's mostly about the wedging action of the blade rather than the edge. You'll notice it cracks ahead of the blade once you get into it. And strength counts for working the wedge of the blade in this case rather than finesse and technique.  The edge is more about starting the cut in this case.    At least that's my perspective. 
Dales shouldn't be that hard to recreate: 
A local middle eastern place, Chicken Express, faces this issue. They rotisserie grill the whole chicken. Knowing the basic schedules and demand your business has on average is important. Where you're just starting this, you're going to have to keep records and face some early waste and/or slower service initially.   From what I've seen of their operation, they hold some chickens for order, whether quarter of half chickens which are still sold as the breast-wing quarter...
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