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If part of your condition of hire was you would develop recipes for them, then you owe them the recipes as work for hire. If that wasn't spelled out, you're free and clear.
A cold dish is often part of a traditional Chinese meal, but salad as we think of it in the West is not part of that cuisine historically. The sanitation level wasnt up to the task. In modern variations you will see it more.
 Are we also "to spare your life from this monstrosity"? Maybe if you were to buy fewer knives?
When I make it I will do the stove top just for speed and convenience. But I do prefer baked pasta in general.
I wouldn't cook it again whole. It will suffer for that treatment. 
Gutting a fish with chopsticks. This video may be considered graphic by some as it is gutting of a dead animal.  But the technique is interesting. It seems to rely on disposable chopsticks as they have enough surface roughness to help hold on to things.   
1 hour is certainly too long. More like 5 or so minutes at pressure. An inch of water should be plenty. Use a rack or basket so you can lift the fish out easily. I don't know about softening bones. I've never liked canned salmon because the bones are disturbing to eat to my taste.
Tandoori Chicken; Saag of the various types; Naan, when done properly; Pakora.
It might not be a good fit for your equipment. 
The sous vide was very surprising to me. I've been disappointed in chicken breast for so long. It's so often dry, stringy, and bland. Even with inexpensive IQF breast it turns out great. I've mostly been buying and cooking dark chicken meat because it has more flavor, unless I was buying a whole intact chicken.   I too don't think I'd find the texture appealing of chicken that rare. It can be offputting even just rareish. But Sous Vide at least isn't like that. Perhaps...
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