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I also question seeking a fatty sauce for a fatty cut. 
Your statement is unfounded and from my research, a baseless claim.
I think Dagger watches a whole lot more TV than I do.
I can't complain about any of my bamboo utensils. Thickest dough I've used them in has been for biscuits
I need to give mine a test. They'll be quite hard. Pictures to follow.
I've taken to baking meatloaf free form on a rimmed baking sheet on release foil or parchment paper, not in a loaf pan. Excess grease drains away, more bark creation, Easier to get at for carving and service. I do get some fracture sometimes on some slices at service. I don't consider it a problem particularly. 
Welcome.    James Peterson says "... good cooking is based on doing lots of little things correctly without taking shortcuts. And by a profound reverence for ingredients--letting them express their own character. "   It's not a description that will mean much until you get down and do it. But once you do it, you see what Peterson is talking about. 
i don't think any of them make it perfectly dry. In fact, Graham Kerr used to dress  his salad and then spin it to leave a very low calorie sheen on the salad, but still dressed. 
There are times convenience food is useful. But hopefully not that often.
The first time you make it, it can be stressful. But after that you realize its difficulty had been over stated. Making it for a crowd gets a bit more difficult
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