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Rosemary, it will give you that piney fresh smell.  Can decorate with small decorative "trees" of it readily available this time of year.
Generally, the larger knife is more efficient and versatile after practice. In good technique, you mostly use the last half to 2/3 of the blade for most of your chopping of vegetables. So the larger knife gives you a larger sweet spot for the most common work as well. The larger knife is better for hard squash, melons and so on.  But the initial learning may be somewhat more work than with the shorter knife. It's a skill worth developing.   Beyond that, the larger blade...
Individual turkey pot pies made from leftover turkey, gravy, carrots parsnips, and extra pie dough from the dessert baking. Also includes some onions, celery, and potato from storage.   Turkey tamales made with leftover turkey and unused husks re-dried from earlier tamale batches. The masa and chile sauce was made fresh. 
Page two of your poll, in the last question. There are problems well beyond the options listed. The available answers do not let me answer the question. The poll requires an answer. The most applicable of the available answers, no storage device, contradicts earlier answers in the poll. An "other" field would be most useful here or you won't really be able to collect the data.    For example, the problems I have with my current knife block is that it doesn't accept...
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You need some liquid to poor the beans. You should use some of the broth so the flavor doesnt shift too much. It will thicken up the soup a lot as well. I'm not a fan of kidney beans either compared to other beans. Use a small red bean or other smaller bean and I think the texture is better. Maybe switch to a dry lentil? It will be cheaper and cook in the crock pot just fine. You may find the texture better too.
There are a lot of variables in that question. How thick are the burgers, what temperature are you starting from and so on. Use an instant read thermometer instead.
Chinese Five spice would be an easy spice rub.   Carrots take to sweetness well. Apples and red cabbage in some variation of rot kohl. That wouldn't be my choice to serve against five spice duck though.    Just some stream of thinking. 
 Remeber this is a private site, private property, not a public forum on public property. Even the press "censors" by choosing what it publsihes and doesn't publish in it's property.  And you agreed to being edited or deleted when you joined the site, same as if you submitted an article or eidtorial to a paper. As to the joke, how would you know no one is offended? In plain text, many jokes fall flat or come across poorly losing the context of body language, intonation and...
For the amount you need to color tzatziki, you probably wouldn't notice the flavor. But I also would choose a different plate to the let the tzatziki just be what it is.    If you're willing to tilt the flavor for it's own purpose, then you have a few other options to consider.   Saffron--this is not out of place in a meal that would include tzatziki, but will bring it's own flavor into play.  Depends a bit what you're serving this with to choose saffron.    Achiote...
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