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Nice dishes pitufina. That's more sriracha than I think I can do, but my son is fully on board with it. My boys usually add some sriracha to their congee as well. 
Here's the pork congee/jook. 8 cups water, 1 cup rice into the slow cooker.  I usually add a cutlet of meat appropriate for stewing. This was cut from a pork shoulder, but a chicken thigh or two is good as well. Drop in a teaball with some crushed ginger, garlic, and black pepper. Let it go all night on low.  Remove the teaball and meat. Let the meat rest a bit, then break apart with a fork. Build your bowl, season with soy, vinegar (I like chinese black vinegar) a bit of...
It's mostly water, some suspended proteins, majority myoglobin. I wouldn't bother with it. It will tend to coagulate with any added acid or such. 
Brown Rice Beef Congee (old photo). I'm planning a pork congee for tomorrow morning. expect a picture.   
I'd love a Hilux!.  It's not sold in the US. The Tacoma is based on the Toyota 4Runner SUV. It's still a good truck, but the better stuff is in the Hilux line.    In my driveway in some snow:  
Look into More than Gourmet. expensive, but quite good. Better than Bouillion has a decent low sodium line as well. Not as pro as More than Gourmet. 
sounds like a great risotto.
Your stainless cup is probably non-magnetic 300 series stainless of some sort. I bet a magnet doesn't stick to it either. 
They can be seasoned, but will not patinate like cast iron or carbon steel. If you will be washing with hot water and soap, seasoning isn't worth it. Seasoning on these pans was mostly done before the rise of non-stick surfaces  and these pans would be dedicated to only cooking eggs or that sort of thing.
Don't own one. Never saw the point of it. Added hassle, storage, cords. A sharp knife has been more than sufficient. 
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