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Flipping them looks like a bit of a nightmare. The way it outlines and fills in later to play with the coloring for detail is kind of a cool touch.     The tool is Pancake Bot    
I don't usually see them sold with a lid. Tramontina makes a good pan in clad stainless at a reasonable price, but it doesn't come with a lid on its own.  Easy to clean in clad pans is mostly about using good technique and at least a little oil. One of the primary reasons food sticks is that the cook didn't let the food cook long enough. Most food will release itself or nearly release itself when that surface is cooked.    Cast iron or carbon steel will release better...
There used to be sprays with just oil and alcohol. The alcohol was the propellant. But I've not seen them in a long time.
When you add in the beans and rice, i don't know that there's to much heat then. .
Fats and initial shape are the big impact factors on final shape and texture.    Fats first. Margarine has more water than butter that has more water than shortening. The higher the water content, the more the cookie spreads.    With a ball of dough, you get thicker cookies than if you use a slice from a roll of dough, all other things being equal. usually you use a ball for a dough that spreads a lot and preflatten cookies that spread less in baking.   Sugar choices...
Ikea's knives are not universally good. It's only the Slitbar 8" in VG10 that I recommend. It will have a damascus cladding over the VG10 core and to my knowledge is the only Slitbar to be made that way. It's not a beauty, but it performs well.   
Authentic Mexican and Cheddar Cheese is contradictory as far as naming things imho. (In My Humble Opinion)   I also think the dish suffers from trying to do to many things at once. It's a taco filling, a burrito filling, a dip and so on. I don't think it serves any of those well. I'll critique it more from the point of a taco or burrito filling.    Skip the Accent and the sugar, neither serves much purpose here imho and again go against authenticity. If you're already...
Lean meats don't do so well in the slow cooker as a generalization.  I think batch cooking and freezing will be more to what you want to achieve. with simple evening prep.  Grill/broil/pan sear your lean meats in bigger batches. Let cool, then individually wrap them in plastic wrap in serviing size portions. Freeze them in a zip locking bag.  For the vegies, the same thing applies. Steam, roast, stir fry the vegies and seal, freeze, serve in the portion sizes you use. For...
Cheftalk slows down for the weekend usually as its the busy time for the pros and such. Give it a day or two and things will start flowing in.    In your price range, Victorinox will be the main recommendation I think. And the Ikea Slitbar knife in VG10 is a good value if they offer it in your area. 
This is what I used at home. Very low lip on the pan, would work well for this purpose. Heated it in the oven, light oiling of the pan, added the seasoned potatoes directly to the pan so they'd crust up well. Released with no problem.   Though the amazon price doesn't seem that good.   
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