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You're likely OK.
You can't ensure 100%. The Red Cross already rejects my blood donations because I lived too long in Europe in the 80s. I might have Mad Cow. And the only known test is to dissect the subject's brain. Some risks are bigger than others, even when you don't know about them.
Steak tartare carries increased risk. Do you trust your preparer and the quality and handling of the beef?
For whole cuts of pork or beef, you'll be fine without the alcohol. Such cuts are routinely left out this way immediately prior to cooking to bring the meat to room temperature. It would be poor practice to do this and then put it back in cold storage.  The only bacteria to worry about are on the exterior. And you'll pasteurize that when you cook it, even if the interior is still rare, or 140 or what ever. Chicken likewise for whole pieces.    Ground meat should not be...
A stir fry with strips of char siu. Garlic, ginger a dressed with sesame oil,  chili oil, black vinegar, a little sugar.
To my taste, 1 part sumac to 2 or 3 parts Za'atar would be about what I like. But I use Sumac to help me reduce the salt I add to food, so you might like less.  I love Sumac.
Depends a bit on the zaatar. SomE already has sumac in it, others do not. I usually add them separately to what I'm cooking so it's to my taste on that specific food and I don't get stuck with a single ratio.
Those are after nixtamalization. More like corn meal or polenta.
It will be a hard or dent corn, not sweet corn
Glad you're OK.
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