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I can't embed this video as it's not on a supported platform.   http://www.greatchefs.com/chefs-and-recipes/lettuce-blossom/   The technique that most impressed me about this video was how he did the "passing through oil" step. The narration describes it as marination and stirfry, but clearly it is not either of those.    2:30 marinate in quite a lot of cooking oil, but this turns out to be a prelude to passing through oil. And I don't think its really a marination...
I've just been reading the quarterly reports articles in CNN Money, Forbes, and such.    McDonalds publishes many reports.   http://news.mcdonalds.com/Corporate/Press-Releases/Financial-News
Interesting premise. You've not supported it with anything other than your opinion. If you look at the sales, at least in the US, most of the big name fast food chains are having a poor year. McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, all down this year.   Taste, certainly there are people who love it and don't care about the health but as a percentage of the population, I suspect it's low based on the sales of other restauarants and grocery stores. Again, pending evidence, I think...
If you're doing your turkey disassembled, you should do the breast over a mound of stuffing. Having the turkey juices drip through the stuffing does make it better. And it will cook plenty fast in this disassembled state. Jacques and Julia do it this way, with the stuffing directly on the sheet pan for maximum heat transfer and crustiness.   http://www.cheftalk.com/t/77580/turkey-preparation#post_443030 has two videos of the process and a link to the recipe at the...
Food mill would be better than a ricer I think. Or you can just force them through a fine mesh sieve. 
One of the things about the most prolific posters on this site is a fairly high mastery of technique that begins to free one from needing a recipe in many cases. This will skew the results you're going to get.  We may not be a good target audience for what you want to do. 
http://www.cheftalk.com/a/going-electronic-in-the-kitchen   I think a dedicated app is of little value. I know others disagree with me. 
" is a symbol for inch, US measurment. 
Pan might be too hot is the first thing that comes to mind. But you might also not be pressing on the bottom of the pan hard enough early enough to keep the film from forming. More vigorous stirring with more pressure to the bottom of the pan. 
He could be meaning different things than you think. Profit  and Profit Margin aren't the same thing for example. Profit margin is just net sales divided by costs. Profit might be consumed in various methods to lower taxable income, plowed back into the business in the manner of amazon.com that shows little to no Profit to shareholders on its income statements, but certainly turns a profit on its sales.    I don't personally respect what I've seen of Joe Bastianich and...
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