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It's usually rump or bottom round in my experience. I don't know that I've ever had it from the eye. Maybe Savuer picked the eye because it's easier to find?
This was the first year i tried the corned eye of round. I was disappointed. It was dry, crumbly and inadequate. Cheaper than brisket, and for a reason. I'll be passing on that in the future for corned beef. Beyond that the closest I come to braising eye of round is in thin raw slices in my pho. They can be a bit dry and over cooked there too, but the pho broth rescues it.
You're going to be unhappy. The answers to your first part are all contained in your second part. Eye of round doesn't braise well.
BDL hasn't been active on the board for years now. Probably just means a bowl to hold what to you're cutting
I don't think my home owners insurance would cover any accident they could tie to the modified stove. Which would also violate the terms of my mortgage. So many constraints.
The three classes of seasoning that trigger pain as part of their taste are: Peppercorns (piperine is the chemical), Chile Peppers (capsaicin) and Mustard/Horseradish (allyl isothiocyanate (mustard oil))   You might find mustard or horseradish works to a degree, or it may also trigger allergic responses. 
Eileen Yin Fei Lo cuts her cheap wok ring to fit on the cooking grate. Custom fit for each stove and wok rings are cheap. 
I usually keep the stems together  when cooking and when served so people who don't want them can avoid them. 
I prefer the stem to the floret but you do have to peel it. I would let my available time for prep and the intended use be my guide to purchasing.
Depends what you like. I Ike the Trader Joes Spanish evoo quite well. It's not particularly strong or fruity but nicely balanced. I enjoy high tocophenol oils, which are those that catch in your throat or are called bitter by some. Redstone has a California Kalamata that's quite strong right now. Too strong for the rest of my family's taste. Costco was clearing out some Tunisian evoo late last year that was quite good to my tastes as well. Good fruitiness and not too...
New Posts  All Forums: