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Snakes are known for this reaction.
 Interesting concept. How was the texture of the skin in this application?  chewy, soft, I could see it going either way. 
Thanks for sharing the insight. 
The weight will be the same, the volume is what is different. Do you have a kitchen scale? It will solve all of this for your. 
 I expect to see your cookbook archive and personal recipes at my PO Box by the end of the month. Printed material get a shipping discount you know.        Thank you, thank you. I hope it's a good one. 
I've got small container of this sitting in my pantry.  (image via Amazon)     I bought it because it looked interesting but I've never figured out what to do with it. 
Very nice. Love the color.   Why did you choose White Carolina for this dish? 
I'll probably issue some weekly challenges as well. Thinking of a fried rice one week, a risotto for another, a chicken and rice casserole for some classic home  style food, debating a few things for the fourth week still. Of course submssions of all types are welcome at all times, I just want to see some different twists on the same concept some too.  Edit to add, I'm thinking of sushi at the moment for week 4.
I debated a challenge of supporting stars, herbs specifically. But I thought that would be hard to judge in many cases.   So Rice, a staple of cuisines the world over. Savory and sweet options as well as derivatives like rice flour, noodles, paper, toasted rice powder, and even liquid forms like rice wine and rice vinegar.   The image is from Wikipedia via the International Rice Research Institute.      Impress me!
Hmmmm. What to do; what to do?
New Posts  All Forums: