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I'm sort of confused by some of your wording but I'll get to that.   Carbon steel is a good even conductor of heat. Stainless steel is not and does so unevenly. So disk bottom pans or clad stainless pans use aluminum to overcome the flaws of stainless for heating and get the benefit of a non-reactive surface that generates good fond and cleans reasonably. Carbon steel would not benefit from an aluminum core.   Carbon steel is reactive and will give off flavors and...
The delusion is strong with this one.
Most of the pizza I eat, I make. I've not sat to eat in a dedicated pizza joint in a long time. I'll do take and bake from Papa Murphy's every few years. I eat some Costco pizza at friends when they supply it. I've bought a few Costco pizzas when my evening collapsed unexpectedly.    Most of the this commercial stuff is just OK at best. It's worth making your own. 
No harm, no foul
I used sri racha to finish my cheddar soup. The garlic heat goes well with cheese.  And it has some good color punch too as this particular soup is a bit pale. 
I don't want my taco soup to be sweet. 
I use some in my potato salad and chicken salad. It's alleged to have drug test beating powers.
That's what a torch is for.
There's a fair amount of variation by meat type, size, shape and how you handle the resting.  Generally, the larger the cut and the better you insulate it for resting, the more it will carryover. it' not just about carryover though. It's also about keeping the juices in the meat by not carving it too soon.    A steak 3-5  degrees in 10 minutes, an 8 pound roast 10 in 30 minutes.    Tenting with foil is probably the minimum you should do. If you smoke a brisket or pork...
I don't mean to malign the champ brand. I don't know if it's expensive or cheap I've just never had it or seen it.
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