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Lodge or Campchef or MACA. Those three are high quality and reliable casting. I would trust ordering any of those three brands sight unseen. Shipping cast iron is not cheap. Amazon often has free or discounted shipping even on cast iron.
Without the content, you have no idea. Apparently you don't have the ability to create good content or you would just do it. Similarly you don't seem to have the ability to recognize good content and need someone else to do that for you. In other words, you have an idea to make money off other people's work without doing any real work yourself. The CSS, loading the database and serving pages is simple. I can buy that as a turnkey solution including good search. I know...
The Fukkien subtype of Chinese cuisine uses red and white rice wine lees. Outside of China you usually have to make it yourself with the rice, a particular yeast ball and so on. I've not cooked with it yet.
I disagree about the microwave hood combo. Most don't vent outside and those that do don't move enough CFM to be useful.
Go ahead and post it. You've been a member here long enough we know you're not spamming.
 When I used a ricer, they  often formed a lumpy connected mass. For those that want to pursue this technique do you have any suggestions or recipe tweaks? I once tried my cheapo food mill. That was not successful. 
Made some edits, deletions, locked the thread. The content is available, and the worst of the snark is deleted. 
I like a slightly thinner batter than most of the recipes make so I add about a tablespoon and a half extra liquid. Makes it press fast and easy. Could also just be the low humidity where i live that I'm correcting for. 2cups flour 4 eggs Between 1/3 and 1/2cup milk so batter has some extra slump to it 2 teaspoons salt That presses through the plate into the boiling water in two or three batches fast enough tojust cook it all at once
The pie pan would be a struggle to hold over the pot being so much smaller than any but a small pot which would not be good for cooking spaetzle.  This one nests into different size pots and stays put. Sure, even the scheib's/planes/presses are cheaper and there are other alternatives. I've done it with a large bore ricer. But they don't work as well.   Yes, Kuchenprofi brand isn't cheap. Their grater style maker is the same price as the plate. You can buy other brands in...
I own it. Works the best of anything I've tried. It stores well, about like a pot lid. It will last forever.
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