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What do you want to do with them that a standard tortilla won't do? The wide availability of quality tortillas just seems to me you're trying to solve a problem that you shouldn't even be having.    Tortilla presses are also easily available so you could make them as fresh as you want with great pliability.    Alternatively, you already mentioned this would essentially be a crepe. How does a crepe not serve the purpose then? 
If you're running a stock Samsung, you'll have their S-Voice stuff loaded by default that can interfere with using Google Now and its voice commands. 
Well, for me you have to beat Google Now. I can voice set timers and short term alarms, as many as needed as well as location based reminders. 
The Chinese for example prefer a slippery softer noodle generally. 
I've not seen biryani attributed to a Thai style before. Interesting. 
A fish stock is ideal. Some thinned bottled clam juice can substitute in a pinch. Even some seasoning from fish sauce---use very lightly-- can be a good accent. Depends a bit on what else is in the stew too. 
Goi Cuon   Rice paper wraps with brown rice vermicelli.   Rice paper on the blue rice paper trays -- your local asian grocer should have them much cheaper than that link on Amazon  Brown Rice vermicelli in the larger bowl Shredded  carrot roast pork sliced zucchini thai basil cilantro spinach cabbage green onion bean sprouts nuoc cham       Take a sheet of softened rice paper, the trays make the softening and rolling much simpler. Put the presentation...
Who is your audience/customer for this?    You won't fool a person who has cooked or eaten the real thing and paid attention to the experience imho. That might not be your goal either.   But you seem to be ruling out the important steps, such as searing and browning. That's a lot of flavor development, and texture. The bark is part of a good pork shoulder and you're throwing that out too. 
 I've read about this dish a number of times in different sources but have never tried it yet. 
Panini, I'd love to see a picture of that!
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