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I don't want my taco soup to be sweet. 
I use some in my potato salad and chicken salad. It's alleged to have drug test beating powers.
That's what a torch is for.
There's a fair amount of variation by meat type, size, shape and how you handle the resting.  Generally, the larger the cut and the better you insulate it for resting, the more it will carryover. it' not just about carryover though. It's also about keeping the juices in the meat by not carving it too soon.    A steak 3-5  degrees in 10 minutes, an 8 pound roast 10 in 30 minutes.    Tenting with foil is probably the minimum you should do. If you smoke a brisket or pork...
I don't mean to malign the champ brand. I don't know if it's expensive or cheap I've just never had it or seen it.
Never had that brand. Higher price has been higher quality in my experience.
They should be fine. It's a dried sausage and is usually steamed (often on top of the rice while it cooks) and then prepared further. Makes a good fried rice. It's sweet and salty with soy flavor. About as sweet as ham, texture about like pepperoni.    I store mine at room temp until I open the package and use a few  then I refrigerate or freeze the rest. 
Two birds with one stone. My daughter has to cook once a week for foods class. And she made Cheddar Cheese soup under my direction.   Chopping vegies. The horizontal cuts are a struggle and her claw technique needs improving.      Adding Cheese to base of sauted, simmered then blitzed vegies. Not smooth, there's textural bits among the velvet soup at the end.     Coming together   Preparing to serve       Service     That's as much as she...
You don't use lemon grass in the kind of volume where a food processor would work well, even to pre-process in bulk and store for later. 
The tube stuff is weaker, but still a good flavor. 
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