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I like a slightly thinner batter than most of the recipes make so I add about a tablespoon and a half extra liquid. Makes it press fast and easy. Could also just be the low humidity where i live that I'm correcting for. 2cups flour 4 eggs Between 1/3 and 1/2cup milk so batter has some extra slump to it 2 teaspoons salt That presses through the plate into the boiling water in two or three batches fast enough tojust cook it all at once
The pie pan would be a struggle to hold over the pot being so much smaller than any but a small pot which would not be good for cooking spaetzle.  This one nests into different size pots and stays put. Sure, even the scheib's/planes/presses are cheaper and there are other alternatives. I've done it with a large bore ricer. But they don't work as well.   Yes, Kuchenprofi brand isn't cheap. Their grater style maker is the same price as the plate. You can buy other brands in...
I own it. Works the best of anything I've tried. It stores well, about like a pot lid. It will last forever.
Interesting, Tarragon is one of those flavors that to my palate is overpowering. I'd probably go with something else, thyme or rosemary most likely. Maybe lovage.
Steel wool is good for the initial cleaning, yes
Razors are very different animals from kitchen knives. Geometry, steel, duty cycle. The hard water and soap scum could dry and form blunting deposits. Disposable razors use blades 20 times thinner than a safety razor blade so the scale is rather different from kitchen blades. I'm not impressed by their wear resistance either compared to what my kitchen blades do. Any blunting would be minuscule compared to that generated in the actual cutting of food or board...
Cavendish banana are all clones so they don't evolve disease resistance. Paanama disease is wiping them out.
The Cavendish is imperilled as well. There's a bit of a rush to find a replacement varietal.
Because loin is best at around 135 to 140 degrees you want stuffing that also is good at that temperature. Andouille should be cooked to 160 which would overcook your loin. Unless you precook the sausage. A vegetable stuffing like duxelles, spinach or an olive based stuffing are good choices for lower temp roasts.
New Posts  All Forums: