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It was fresh, not dried or cured. Probbly 20 cm length and pinkie finger around.
I had a sausage in Ludwigsburg, I've never figured out what it was exactly. Long and skinny with a sharpness but not hot. Fairly fine grind, but not emulsified. It was really good but not like anything else I've had before or since. 
We're agreeing on that. Just not on "a cow cannot digest corn" because they do. 
 Umm, corn is grass. All our grains are grasses. And yes, cattle can digest corn. That's why they have 4 stomachs and chew cud. It's not necessarily ideal for them, but they can digest it.  While Michael Pollan says "cows did not evolve to digest corn", he goes on to explain that it's more the wrong ratios of nutrients. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/meat/interviews/pollan.html
I'll have to look for it. Thanks.
Have to build a curing box for handling temps and humidity with an old fridge one of these days. 
Then you need to start sharing them here!  Please?
Gene, can you recommend a good book in English on german sausages?  Or a site? I've not found anything that gets into these regional specialties. I might be able to get through the german, but the specialized terms would likely be beyond me, particularly where i've not spoken German in 30 years. 
There's some overlap between the words braizer, casserole, sauteuse, and dutch oven. Different manufacturers apply the names somewhat differently.  As a generalization, these are somewhat broad, have a mid height straight side with an abrupt transition to the sidewall and lid. A saute pan will be broader with a flared side and a more rounded transition to the side wall which will be lower.   You'll get somewhat less evaporation of liquids in these sorts of pans compared...
If you need an edit like that, let a moderator know. We can make the change.
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