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Sugarhouse Barbecue does a good garlic roasted red potato with generous amounts of good olive oil. I like that one the best of "hot side dishes.    In a more traditional vein, fried okra, hush puppies/corn bread/biscuit, even macaroni and cheese-I personally find that an odd pairing.    For the okra, you're probably looking at pre-fab freezer case. That's not a terrible thing in this case. I'm quite fond of  hush puppies and they're pretty quick to...
I like to make it with some sofrito (the goya brand stuff in a jar is fine) and some chopped stuffed manzanilla olives with capers (al caparrado) 
Oh, if you do this mix, it has more sugar than the real thing so it's more prone to scorching and other such hassles of cooking sugary marinades. 
This is it. From left to right and  down. Cumin, black pepper, oregano, kosher salt. Then a spreading puree of a head or so of garlic in a bit of naranja--so it would puree quickly and easily. Much faster than by hand. And about half the block of achiote paste.     Mix that all together with the naranja.     Marinate some out of focus chicken. i went with thighs.  Traditionally cooked in the pib, the root of pibil. Which is a roasting pit dug in the ground. But...
Mojo is different. This is mostly bitter orange and some other citrus blend. They do make a mojo marinade too.
I supposed they were connected.
Grapefruit is often used with the orange juice. I like it better than the lime or lemon mix.
Probably for tomorrow, maybe Monday.     And some    Plus some extra seasoning. But those two ingredients are the basis of Pibil style dishes. 
I'm a long timer on BF. My account dates back to the origin in Oct 98. I don't visit or post much there now. Once a month usually.
Brand is not as important as quality of construction, the thickness of the base and so on. Those are things you should know as well from back home.   For basic stainless cookware, Tramontina is a good brand with good performance for the price. Most Tramontina is from Brazil. Walmart has them sometimes in store and carries some sets on line worth considering.  is a...
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