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Not exactly what you're looking for as these are filled with trendy snark.   http://www.candyboots.com/wwcards.html   http://www.badanduglyofretrofood.com/2012/12/1970s-finest-recipe-cards-17.html  He has many other pages as well.   http://www.thekitchn.com/retro-find-the-1971-betty-croc-149673   https://vintagecookbooktrials.wordpress.com/
A  whole chicken releases a fair amount of liquid. As it falls among the vegetables, it is sheltered from the higher heat and so it lingers. This isn't necessarily bad as it can impart chicken flavor, but it does inhibit crusting as you've discovered.    A rack will help in some ways, but not totally unless it gives you 3 or more inches of elevation.  It will still be less crusty directly under the chicken, but the bottoms will get crustier.  This technique with a...
Smothered pork chops southern style
My mother and then the Frugal Gourmet.
Cook it in the manner of southern greens   2-3 pounds of chopped kale 5 garlic cloves sliced thin 2 tablespoons bacon fat (or butter or oil) Chicken stock as needed salt and pepper to taste   Heat the bacon fat in pot/dutch oven. Add the garlic, stir until fragrant, about 30 seconds. Add the kale in batches. stir, flip or use tongs to turn until the kale has wilted down.Add more kale This goes fairly quickly.  Season with salt and pepper. Add chicken stock to come...
It's wetter than cous cous, a bit more chew. But otherwise pretty compatible.
This will have a lot of links.    First, philosophy and technique-- which is not what you asked about, but has been discussed in this context a couple of...
Yes, I meant in season is cheaper and is better quality on some things.
There are things I like about our shipped food though. Lemons and limes year round is very handy. And Meyer lemons and key limes in season. The Cavendish banana is of reliable quality year round though not spectacular at any point. Cilantro and parsley from the greenhouse on demand. Same for green onions. And many things aren't particularly seasonal because they can keep well. Potatoes and other tubers, hard squashes. Even apples can store well in a cool basement for...
I confess I keep some of the canned stuff around and I use it when I get a sudden craving and don't have all the ingredients of hand. Maybe 2x year. Corned beef has so much sodium and I'm on a sodium restriction so I eat it very rarely.
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