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Oil breaking down during cooking most likely. It goes through a brown stage and then gets sticky brown. This isn't really a concern imho, but pretty common for a wok to make a paper towel dirty when wiped.    As to the metallic taste, I suspect two related things. Wok is not hot enough and liquid pooling in the bottom of the wok. On common western style stoves in the home there simply isn't enough heat generated to stir fry in the traditional manner. Instead, you have to...
Heretic's Ham and Cheese Omelet. Eggs are cooked solid.    
Storing in oil is risky. Keep it refrigerated and use it fast. Vinegar has a pH to keep it safe, and is a traditional treatment.    Otherwise, I'd just dry it. Keeps well, versatile to use, even to make a chili oil then. 
use the water for the pressing and binding stage like Kuan said and then the oil comes on during the toasting stage so it doesn't stick.
Within limits, it's a fine idea. But onions can't cook as long as you've been trying and discovered.    You should probably add the onions when you turn the chicken. If they need more time to get your desired doneness, they can finish while the chicken rests out of the pan.   But, you might try some other oddball things. White Castle steam grills their burgers over chopped onion. The patty is small and thin and cooks quickly while the onions become tasty in the...
They're burning from being cooked too long. 
What are you trying to achieve?    Onions are usually sweated, then other ingredients added that will protect the onion from over cooking, often including liquids.   For a seared/sauteed chicken breast, this is usually done with only chicken in the pan. While the chicken is resting after cooking, you might build a pan sauce with onions.    In a stir fry, the chicken is usually cooked first, removed, then onions cooked, then everything combined and sauced. 
As no one has answered, I'll give you some non-pro comments and links.   Start with a thawed room temperature brisket. Steve Raichlen has documented the basic process a number of times with different flavoring tweaks. Here are a few that have the technique info you need.   http://www.primalgrill.org/recipe_details.asp?RecipeID=74&EpisodeID=14 http://www.bbqu.net/season3/305_4.html http://www.bbqu.net/season4/409_4.html  (down the page a ways, Millionaire's...
Cool technique, slimy omelet
Never seen that one before.
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