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What about a cilantro lime mayo
It looks like fat marbled with meat rather than the other way around.
no, it's not. Contact your food department for more details. You'll need to acidify your garlic, onions and chilis for one thing. pH is critical to preventing botulism. There is also often a pressure temperature process.
smoke is often a strong flavor--generally.  Mozzarella and eggs are milder flavors. I think you need something to stand up to the smoke more. Maybe caramelized onions, maybe dill/chives. Capers could do it too with some sour/salt impact.  And for a stronger cheese, something is a swiss/emmentaler/goutaler family would be more to my taste in this application, used with a light hand. 
Yes, carbon steel is perhaps a more common name than blue steel. 
Salt is added to make it unpleasant to drink and so that it is not handled under the alcohol laws of the region selling it. It's low grade and not worth it.
What about some crumbled nori or some furikake?  Oops, I see Cheflayne already said this. 
The forces that would have played in the evolution of taste/cooking happened long after our divergence from the common ancestor. That's why it tastes good to us, but is curious in apes that didn't have that evolutionary path. That we like it, we know. But why would our tastes evolve to like it if the dangers are greater than the satisfaction. When a rat chooses electric pleasure simulation over food, that's a dead end path.
I agree it's good in many savory applications. Can also help out clam chowder for example.
New Scientist has an interesting article on the possible evolution of cooking.https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg23230980-600-what-was-the-first-cookedThey mention some of the archaelogocial evdence for cooking, some of which predates Homo sapiens.Cooking can destroy some nutrition, but also makes other nutrients more readily available. Humans have a "short" digestive ract so cooking is essential to get enough out of the food in the time we do digest. There are...
New Posts  All Forums: