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I was thinking it was my lower element had burned out, but it was the connection to the lower element that had burned out. The solder from 30 years ago gave up and the wire popped off the plug connector to the element. Seems to be working with a much simpler fix than I had anticipated.
My oven is on the fritz so I need to trouble shoot that before I can concern myself with planning the turkey. Have to find the manual and see what my part numbers are.
Eat more Asian style. These cultures have a high incidence of lactose intolerance and their cuisine reflects that. You'll still have to watch out for eggs in things like noodles and soups. But there are other forms of noodles wihout the egg. 
I first encountered in the 1970s in a few different books by Dian Thomas, mostly in the Roughing It Easy line of books.    http://www.dianthomas.com/a-makemealanadventure.htm  Scroll down to Car Manifold Cooking. This was much more practical on the cars of the 50-70s that had capacious engine compartments and much less heat shielding and other covers.  It's basically a variation of the tin-foil/hobo dinner concept.    If you have a turbo or supercharged car, the...
Complete with jail bars.
A lot of my most motivating cooking scenes are from 1980s PBS cooking shows of the Frugal Gourmet, Martin Yan. There's a few Frugal Gourmet bits on Youtube but not a lot.   PBS has a lot of potential for me this month now that I think about it. And I dibs the hamburger from Better Off Dead:  
I kinda figured, but thought I'd err on the side of serious. 
I think deep fry connotes using a lot of oil compared to what you're frying in the oil. So if clarity is your goal, this is not your best possible description. 
The efficiency I'm talking about is how much heat from the heating unit goes into the pot, not energy production at the source.
He's probably used to "poultry seasoning" flavor in his pot pie. This is mostly a combination of sage and thyme and as I recall, you're not a fan of sage. You might look at a few poultry seasoning recipes and see if you want to tweak your seasoning of your pot pie a bit and see if you can make him happy.    A few I think are worth looking...
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