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Andrea Nguwen of vietworldkitchen agrees with you. I usually use it up within 6 months of opening so i don't notice degradation in that time frame.
It would more be the ratio to your breading. That's where the spice would be applied to the chicken mostly. the chicken will pick up the flavor by surface area that's breaded. I've also seen garlic and hot sauce added to the buttermilk soak.
Possibilities http://www.saveur.com/article/recipes/stir-fried-breakfast-noodles http://cookingsimplechinesefoodathome.com/2011/09/71-noodles-recipe-simple-chinese-noodle.html http://www.yummly.com/recipes/breakfast-noodles http://thewoksoflife.com/2016/04/15-minute-lazy-noodles/
If you're using your phone, most cell phones new in the last 18 months are at least splash proof if not not waterproof to IP67/IP68 levels. Most phones at least get the water repellent nanocoating anymore at a minimum. 
These sorts of blades are made in 3 layers. A center core of VG10, and two outer layers of inexpensive stainless damascus, one for each side. These outer layers are welded to the core. It looks like your sample was improperly welded or had some failure in heat treatment. It should be covered by the manufacturer warranty.
Kewpie is really good. Visit your Asian grocer and give some a try. I'm fine with Hellmans/Best Foods too. It's the same mayo, just branded differently east to west.
oigatsuo-tsuyu is my guess. This is a bonito flake soy concentrate. Use straight as a seasoning, or dilute into a soup base.
I make carrot soup too. Think carrot, licorice and heat. Butter, Carrot, fennel, onion, garlic, cumin, coriander, spicy V8/or salsa. Puree, strain. I really like it for breakfast.
Stick them in a zip lock if you're worried about spills. Most will be sensitive enough for the touch screen to work. And if not. You can still work the power buttons to see what's on screen. For short term use over heating shouldn't be a problem. I have pepins new complete techniques as an eBook. Loads slowly because of the many photos. Once it's loaded is pretty responsive though.
Bookbub is a system offering daily e-book deals. I've been a user for a month now and quite like it. Prices range from Free on up to 2.99, but is most often just .99 or 1.99.   It works like this.    Sign up at at www.bookbub.com. You'll need to give them an email address and remember a password for the account.   Select your preferred e-book vendor(s). They have a few you can mix and match among, including all the major sources.   Choose your categories of...
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