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Epazote is a mexican herb. I've not personally found it beneficial digestively speaking and find it's flavor offputting. 
How old were your beans?  Age of the beans is usually what makes them difficult to fully cook.  Altitude can do it too. A pressure cooker is a handy way of cooking beans for such conditions of old beans or high altitude.    When you add the salt doesn't affect "digestive" issues. It's more about keeping the beans intact but having a blander center for the late addition of salt. Early salting tends to cause some bean breakage.    The digestive issue is about...
A rice salad. Lemon rice pilaf, grilled zucchini, eggplant, onion, artichoke, grape tomatoes and so on. Vinaigrette,  fresh basil, sumac  
An Italian classic. I've made them with just the cheese filling. Yours came out better than mine ever did. 
Anyone have a great biryani they want to share? I've some good ones but have been disappointed in the ones I've made from recipes so far.
In the US, you don't see toasted rice used very often, even in Thai or other cuisines. At least here in Utah. There are so many different ways rice can be used.
@Jarmo, nice timbale.    @butzy, good to see the other ways rice products are used. I'm a little surprised we haven't seen more noodles, or flour. 
Ebooks are zipped xhtml (epubs at least though they can encapsulate some other formats too). The other formats are similarly tagged text. The text file has been fairly consistent all the years in the computer world. It is fairly trivial to upconvert the format or remain backwards compatbile with the existing format. I'm not too worried about the file obselesence. Convergence into other electronics was obvious from the start, at least to me. But then I've been reading...
It's not important that any of you agree. 
http://www.exed.hbs.edu/assets/Documents/hbr-how-google-sold-engineers-management.pdf   It's a bit lengthy, but  is the best management article I've read in a long time. Not platitudes and philosophy, but tangible, actionable, buildable, reveiwable. 
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