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I can change your user name for you. Just tell me what you want it to be.
Induction heldps hit target temps and has excellent recovery.
Warning, deep nerdistry follows.   If you cook, you likely have books. You likely have other books. And music, and movies.    For a few years now, i've been using Book Catalogue, an Android App for managing what physical books I own and where they are. It's a good app, but I've wanted something to handle other libraryish items. And I've wanted at least a web interface if not a dedicated software tool on my computer as well for additional management.   This implies...
There are none in my area. I question any claim made without support. What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. 
So why is your claim credible? Nor do you provide an alternate recipe for people to test to see how close it might be and verify your claim.
The whisk is nice. The food processor attachment is weak. There isn't enough motor in a hand held for that task. Braun lasted the longest, but I don't see them on the market any more. Kitchenaid and cuisinart are both decent for home use.
To what I like in food, it sounds like the flavors would be an odd confusion. My taste are not universal of course. I'm having a more difficult time placing anise in harmony with rosemary and sweet red wine especially.
Bark River are good about modifying handles to your request though. Either tweak one you bought or make it that way on their next run of those blades.
Handle has more figure to it than I thought originally.   
 Um, stock removal on modern steels can far surpass forged blades in many areas. Can, not automatically so. Sintered steels  and powder mettalurgy provide options, and crystal structure and lattice impossible in forged steels.  In my opinion, this is a superior method than traditional forging, as a broad generalization. But the design and tolerances of the process are still important to producing proper geometry. There are plenty of sharpened pry bars from both methods of...
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