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That was surprisingly  tame. I scored 52. 
But people celebrate Pi day with pie. My wife is taking chicken pot pie and a coconut cream pie in for the business pot luck pie day they're having. 3.14 59.  I suppose if I'm around in 2059, it will merit special celebration. 
Shoulder, I can see brining, though it's not generally my preference. A pork loin, I'd opt for injection over brining. Quicker, more flavor penetration, you can add fat/oil to the lean meat. 
I've never seen such a preparation with Octopus. Interesting.
Contrast is more evident in Asian cuisine as you note. In western cuisines, things are cooked together to be harmonious and similar in the dish.    In Asia, things are often seasoned separately and, cooked separately and then combined into a final dish. A stir fry marinates the meat, usually in a salt/sweet combination. The vegetables tend to be left to their own devices, then it's combined and finishing glaze accents it all.    Contrast is not just flavor or color,...
He's active over at a coffee board so he seems to be fine, just bored/burned out with cooking. It happens a lot in forums. 
As a counter point   http://www.slate.com/articles/business/moneybox/2014/02/chipotle_and_economic_destiny_it_s_time_to_take_fast_food_seriously.html
Every region has its variation in terms and titles, some even formalized in law. The site's setup is by Americans so there is a bias towards Americanized terms. It seems to me (a non pro)  the closest equivalent would be line cook. 
Don't forget that File is also a thickener. That's why many have the tradition of not serving it with okra as it can get stringy in the sauce. 
I've eaten Australian lamb. It's mostly about the price, not the quality though it's not bad lamb.  There is better lamb available right here in the US though it's often sold to more exclusive dining than the home cook can easily access.    http://www.morganvalleylamb.com/Morgan_Valley_Lamb/Home.html  is some of the best lamb I've ever had and it's raised close by me here in Utah. 
New Posts  All Forums: