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It's all kind of circular for an author hunting for the first publication. Publishers prefer to work on contract as do authors so they're not writing what they cant' sell.  Looking at a list of cookbook publishers, they want a short, usually one page proposal. If they're interested, they'll probably want to see a manuscript sample of a chapter or two.  First, define your topic. It's probably not just cooking unless you're writing a general cookery book. And I can't...
For a panel connector it has a lot of unfinished unsightly exposed corners. Why would a panel connector try to connect 8 panels in a star? I could see 2 connections in the same plane,, 90 degree corner, a variable corner or 4 right angles. This makes no sense as a panel connector. I'm sticking with heat sink. That solid center would mount just fine on a chip surface.
EBay most likely. Better return and no middle man.
I've seen ground dry white beans used as a thickener/colorant for such purposes as well. I have no advice as to actual use. 
FF, Wondra is also pregelatinized--by steaming I think--so the starches behave differently. Thus the elimination of the clumping problem. 
That's more about rinsing off surface starch more than hydration.
Probably because the recipe author likes the raised crust it gives. 
There are places you could use it I guess, sort of like our recent pickle juice discussion. But it's not a bold flavor and I think it has a sliminess I'd be reticent to add to my food. My point about bold flavors is that they're more interesting in the small amounts you add because of all the salt and acid these canned liquids contain.  But for commercially roasted peppers, there's just not enough going on with the flavor to make it worthwhile.      I'd rather use a...
Yes, it works well for sauces. 
coumarin, ask your biochemist about this chemical instead. That's what the cinnamon fears are based around. True cinnamon has less of it according to Wikipedia so take that with some salt grains. 
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