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Right above you is the answer, And as mentioned, a butternut squash or canned pumpkin work just fine as well. 
 A leftovers challenge would be interesting in its own right. And of course, fried rice is a dish of leftovers and scraps.    I had a co-worker whose favorite meal included steak, cottage cheese and tomato. The juices combining from those three were her favorite part of the dish.   Paella's a great rice dish. What rice did you use?   The chinese pork belly I can find is much darker than that. Did you cure it yourself? Looks like a fabulous goi cuon to me. 
Most recipes are written for double acting baking powder.
Baking powder is usually double acting. It reacts when wet and a second time at about 130 F. The reactive components are part of the powder. Baking soda needs a reactive acid included in the recipe to make it react. Millionknives version is a simple single acting ale of baking powder. Many inexpensive ones use an aluminum base and can taste metallic.
Choosing a live animal to eat is pretty common in China. When you shop, you buy a live fish, a live chicken. It might be slaughtered right then depending. And so it goes for restaurants too. Snake soup is considered medicinal and highly valued.    On a similar note, there is the dish drunken shrimp where live shrimp are put in rice wine, become drunk (and probably alcohol poisoning, tissue damage across their gills and so on). Then they are promptly cooked while full of...
 The line is in the song too, which is why it stuck out to me because of the Dune reference.
I don't find it has that much distinct flavor. To me it's more about playing up the visual of the pasta. The shape of the pasta also impacts which sauces you would choose. Coarser chunkier shapes do better with coarser chunkier pasta. Finer pasta need thinner smoother sauces. 
Snakes are known for this reaction.
 Interesting concept. How was the texture of the skin in this application?  chewy, soft, I could see it going either way. 
Thanks for sharing the insight. 
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