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You can season it on just about any heat source. I personally am a fan of oven methods, assuming it has an oven safe handle. Scrub it with soap and hot water, dry, oil, place in the oven upside down. The upside down trick prevent any excess oil from pooling in the pan itself. If you're worried about drips, place some aluminum foil underneath to catch any drips. I like high heat, 500 for an hour. Let it cool in the oven. If your oven has an automated time bake feature, this...
He was a deep well of pure knowledge. He'll be missed.
You can't really cure these sorts of things without salt. The salt helps manage moisture, which helps manage texture, food safety and preservation. You can make fresh sausages and such that you'll use quickly. At that point the nitrate and nitrites aren't needed anyway. They do have some small effect on texture and color but mostly prevent the growth of dangerous organisms the salt alone didn't stop. I too have meniere's.
food processor for mashed potatoes is a bad thing. Gummy starchy disaster as you rupture the cells rather than just breaking them apart from each other (mostly).   I learned this lesson first trying a potato bread recipe in the FP. Was  not successful. Later, read a Thanksgiving article by Harold McGee where he explained why the FP is not ideal for potato mash.    Food mill or ricer makes smooth fluffy potatoes. A little less dense usually and more regular. But I like...
A cheap wavy style is great.    If money is no object, buy a Roesle food mill or ricer. 
Too short, too curved, tip design is too fragile. This typeof knife doesn't work so well with that acute of a point.
It's all about stopping oxidation. Acid will help so you often see lime juice added for this as well as flavor. Grinding up a vitaminC tablet will do much the same. Pressing plastic cling wrap tightly to the surface to prevent contact with air. Putting the pit in the guacamole, not so much.
I think it's a pretty blade, but not one I'd fancy for the kitchen.    Trace Rinaldi worked with Joe Talmadge many years back to create a small kitchen oriented utility knife. When I say kitchen oriented, I mean within the limits of outdoorsman or EDC use. Very german in profile and too much belly for serious kitchen work but still pretty blade. This particular one is in Talonite, not steel.  
Samsung used to offer Evernote on their phones. If not, it can still be downloaded from the Play Store. Then you could use the Samsung app as a front end into Evernote, at least you could on my Note 3. Or you can use Evernote directly. Evernote syncs with the cloud and they have apps for your desktop as well, or you can just use a browser based interface on any computer. Other simlar apps are Keep (Google's app) or OneNote (Microsoft's app).Even if your app doesn't...
Variety specification is usually of three types by cooked texture which reflects how starchy the potato is.    Waxy potatoes hold their shape well through roasting or boiling and are ideal for potato salad. The small red poatoes or new potatoes  are the most common ones I see that fit the "waxy category. Personally I find these a little bland compared to the other two.    Medium potatoes are the general purpose potatoes, but perhaps actually less common than either...
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