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Seems to be a sign up for a webinar on food allergies.  
I'd like to know more about the seasoning. No herbs or spice? Jack cheese is bland/mild and is nothing special with ham or chicken imho. Step it up to swiss or jarlsberg would be an improvement. or a provolone. Thyme, sage, rosemary, pick one and only one would work well also.   Maybe a mexican oregano  and some guajillo pepper if you're using a Mexican inspired mango salsa. Perhaps some oaxaca and a little cotija to finish instead of the jack.    Are they going to be...
For 3 cups of rice , it's 4.5 cups of water on Chefbuba's ratio. And I concur with that ratio for long grain rice. 
Considering how often people buy appliances, it can be hard to find reviews. My oven days back to the 1980s and my cooktop is from the 1990s.
It's going fine. I've not used any of the thin cast iron woks. I'm a little skeptical of cast iron on induction anyway. Cast iron doesn't spread heat. So you'll get 6 or so hot spots around the lower bowl but not in the center so much.    Notice how it boils water in a ring where the induction elements are.     Carbon steel conducts heat well enough that's not an issue. I think it would be with cast iron.
I've got a nephew(in-law) who is very sensitive to wheat. Makes him fairly ill. He travels a lot and it is quite a hassle to find out what on the menu is safe and what isn't. Know your menu so you can make good safe recommendations for these folks. 
I think so. It probably is calibrated for a particular accuracy you won't get with other pans, but it will be close enough for deep frying and such things. Where it would be more interesting would be to see how it holds a simmer or with some sugaring type projects.
if I were in that market, I'd go induction. BUt it would cost more than you're budgeting.
Most 14" round carbon steel woks should fit. 
I've used solids at times too on older systems
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