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Mac is a good brand, though I don't know which particular knives those happen to be. It looks like the point was purposely taken off both blades and the edge, OH the EDGE on the left one. There's some rust pitting on that larger one as well.   They can be fixed, but it would be cheaper to buy new than to hire it out imho. If you're up to the task yourself and have the gear you can give it a try.  I suspect some of those wavy areas will always be a little weak and chippy...
I think  the fumes coming off that mortar and pestle could be very intense. 
I want to revisit the stuffed foie gras burger from a more technical standpoint. What doneness would try to achieve? Would you precook the foie gras? how thick would the foie gras be? How thick the entire burger? Would you use a leaner grind to counter the fattiness of the foie gras?  I've never had foie gras because I don't get along with liver that well. So these questions interest me as I have no idea how to approach such a burger. 
There are other ways to balance the equation of when to add the chicken. Where you're using breasts but may want to keep the meat in the sauce for longer in the cooking, then change the cut of chicken. Breast can't be cooked that long before becoming dry and stringy and losing its flavor. But if you use the dark meat from the leg, then it can take the longer cooking and offer deep satisfying flavor. Going further, keep it on the bone. You can remove the skin which doesn't...
There's a local Lebanese place called Layla. They make a Za'atar seasoned french fry and serve it with a harissa spiked toum. Most excellent, especially here in the land of Fry Sauce, which I also like. The harissa toum looks a lot like fry sauce but is wildly different.     Any more, I can only eat about 5-10 french fries before I'm done.  I like them, but I just find I'm satisfied with them after a few. But Layla Fries, I can keep eating those. Those make you just want...
Thanks for clarifying that. As a work around, you could load the file to a public folder on a cloud drive service and post a link to it.
That's a new one on me, but I've never tried to attach anything before. In a quick look through your account nothing obvious indicates why it shouldn't work.    It could be Nicko hasn't turned on the feature, but the editor still shows the button? I'm not sure.
Alcohol will lose it's impact in an hour of cooking. Fruit will blend in as well as losing it's acidity. That's why you often add lemon right at the end of cooking. Your recipe probably worked as intended, it just wasn't the best recipe. 
I think the core issue here is that he's willing to pull in third parties on an argument over cooking bacon. There is so much wrong with even making this an issue in the relationship whether personal or professional.    It's not worth arguing, fighting, or discussing. Don't do it and move on. 
These two images are from an article on a positive power generation home, returning more power to the grid than consumed. But what i liked was the winter sun aligned herb wall adjacent to the kitchen. If the plan integrated drainage from those pots to into grey water reuse, even better. Overwatering and drainage in a pot that size is a concern to me.      I'm not sure if there is a light well above the wall.The picture above indicates one is possible, but on the sun...
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