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I don't use it fast enough to justify a tin of them, though I do have a tin in my pantry for when I do.. So i use the tube paste mostly. Amore is the brand I can find most readily. I don't have any complaints. I use their tube tomato paste too.
Craftsy Knife Course  is the video series I was thinking of. You do have to register with an email address but there is no cost beyond that. You will receive other emails hyping other courses for money. You can unsubscribe from those.    The first course is short and mostly intro hype. The second is also short and talks about the knives the course will use (as I recall). The other three videos have a lot more content. I didn't agree with everything taught but still...
Can I give a plug for Duluth Trading Side Clip suspenders?    Wide for comfort or thin for higher dress code factor. Good grip, quite comfortable. 
That was funny.  i bet it was Palmers. That stuff is particularly execrable.
It shouldn't achieve a boil unless you're at a higher elevation, where are you located?  Read the instruction manual. it will tell you how to use it and give you some sample recipes.  If you don't have the manual, get the model number off of it and enter it  http://www.hamiltonbeach.com/use-and-care.html  Then you can download the manual. 
Stroke the knife through the horizontal cuts just as for vertical. It will often take multiple strokes to complete the horizontal cuts. I suspect you're push cutting them which is difficult to do. There's a freebie video knife course that's good for this sort of thing. Ilk post the link when I find it.
 So this source is saying that for every thigh in the pot you want 7 minutes of cook time under pressure?  If so, that's not a very good source. As long as you're not exceeding the fill limits of your pressure cooker, number or weight is not such a factor.  The extra time it takes for the pressure cooker to come up to pressure  and start the timing is still cooking time. So the extra mass is mostly accounted for in that longer time to achieve pressure. Sure, if you tightly...
I'm not a fan of clarified butter for seafood. There's not enough flavor left in the clarified butter and I find whole melted butter more to my taste. I think this is part of the popularity for butter or olive oil poaching for lobster and such. Use a fat with the most flavor rather than one with the flavor removed.    Clarified butter is much better for high temperature cooking of course. And storing, even preserving as with confit or traditional potted shrimp or ham. 
I think I have distilled my beef with the list. It labels as skills specific dishes which is a misuse of the term. Skills go into the making of the dishes, but really this list is a list of recipes to perform, rather than skills with which to accomplish the recipes.   And this an issue of much of modern home cooking. Most people I know can cook a few dishes well, but really don't know how to cook. They have crappy knives that are dull and no way or even desire to fix the...
Skipped the fundamentals. Knife work and stock.
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