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Phaidon has a pretty extensive Lebanese cookbook. I like it pretty well. I'd have liked more discussion about the cuisine in general, about structuring a meal and so on in the Lebanese style. The recipes I've tried have been good and I've found Phaidon to do a good job with their line of country specfic cookbooks.    http://www.phaidon.com/store/food-cook/the-lebanese-kitchen-9780714864808/   Widely available on line in English at least.    It's also the only...
I'd stay away from dairy mostly because it's not in the tradition of focaccia.    Another question about how you're handling the oil. Are you mixing all of that in the dough? Focaccia is normally a  broad flat "loaf" dimpled with the fingers and oil poured on top just before baking. The oil on top in cooking tends to keep the crust from getting too crusty.    If you did it that way and still had more crust than you like, let it cool from the oven in large paper sack....
Putting cheese in the dough is the most straightforward approach. But don't bake it. Take the traditional English Muffin approach and do it on the griddle or flat top. Two thin patties of dough is probably the simplest approach.  Lay a dough pattie down, top with cheese and whatever else is tempting, top with another dough pattie. You might pinch for a seal or not. Dealers choice. Might help to put a lid over it to retain heat and give it a bit of a "baking" rise. Flip and...
Reduce the salt in the rest of the dish so the artichoke balances better.    Artichokes are one of the more salty vegetables anyway, along with carrots and celery. Which is not to say they're high sodium as all vegetables are comparably low in sodium. Just those three are near the top of the list. 
Tell us more about the recipe you're using and how you're baking it now. That will help us give better answers.
There can be some extra labor in keeping the copper shiny and pretty. They weigh more so if he's losing strength with age, that might be something to avoid. Performance gain with copper is only marginal.    These aren't major concerns.    Personal taste enters into it too. I'd be happier with plain clad stainless but that's purely subjective. 
There's not a lot of traffic in new ranges here to generate good replies. Cnet.com has surprisingly good kitchen tech reviews. Good luck and brace for some sticker shock.
Usually this is an acid/base reaction with red onions or red cabbage. In this particular case it's probably oxidation and some trace iron from the blade. Or at least the blade is catalyzing the reaction.
Freezing affects flavor. Tends to mute it. If you read some of my links the last time your brought this  up, you'll also know that cost is a factor. To make food with flavor without much salt means you have to use higher quality ingredients and more exqpensive higher quality seasonings such as herbs and spices. Salt is cheap, and coupled with fat and sugar triggers the craving points in human taste. 
I've seen ATK do recipes in CI books before. I can't say which recipes overlap, but there will likely be some. 
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