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Counter height is 36 inches. Table height is 30. Somewhere in the 32-33 inch height would be my preference for wok cooking. But that's not my reality very often.
Idid a quick look through the settings and didn't see a control for that. If I do find the control, I'll let you know.
Check your oven model. Then look for the thermostat and the element as individual parts. Elements are usually a pretty simple DIY replacement. and not particularly expensive. Thermostats, well I've never replaced an oven thermostat, but I expect it wouldn't be much different than the element: a couple of screws and an electrical plug/socket system.
Farmed salmon looks distinctly different from the little I've seen. Different color and texture of the flesh. What do your eyes tell you?
In my opinion, the more chocolate you put into it, the less of a cheese cake it becomes.   It's better when there is a balance or even some contrast for the chocolate to play against and display the qualities of the chocolate but still be cheesecake.   I prefer a marbled chocolate cheesecake. Keep the chocolate part dark and not too sweet so it contrasts against the plain cheesecake.  Probably with an Oreo or similar crust. Remove the middle cream. Some people user...
You can't really replace salt with substitutes directly to any significant degree, You'll be better served seasoning generously with other things.    For a first cut on my low sodium philosophy try http://www.cheftalk.com/t/63468/how-does-one-survive-on-a-2000-mg-day-sodium-diet   For sausage specifically, are you grinding your own meats? What tools are  you using?    Take a look at...
I plan on induction for my next stove, but am not thrilled with their glass tops.
For the first cleaning, removing protectants (beeswax on debuyer, form release grease and so on), soap is helpful. I occasionally use detergent on some other cleanings too. The biggest risk is really scents from these things can cling and linger and cause flavor problems.
You can season it on just about any heat source. I personally am a fan of oven methods, assuming it has an oven safe handle. Scrub it with soap and hot water, dry, oil, place in the oven upside down. The upside down trick prevent any excess oil from pooling in the pan itself. If you're worried about drips, place some aluminum foil underneath to catch any drips. I like high heat, 500 for an hour. Let it cool in the oven. If your oven has an automated time bake feature, this...
He was a deep well of pure knowledge. He'll be missed.
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