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 I've read about this dish a number of times in different sources but have never tried it yet. 
Panini, I'd love to see a picture of that!
A pressure cooker is a good aid to Indian food. It's a popular tool in India as well both for the fuel reduction and the time savings. Madhur Jaffrey often includes pressure cooker directions in her cook books, though a pressure cooker is not required either. 
Nice dishes pitufina. That's more sriracha than I think I can do, but my son is fully on board with it. My boys usually add some sriracha to their congee as well. 
Here's the pork congee/jook. 8 cups water, 1 cup rice into the slow cooker.  I usually add a cutlet of meat appropriate for stewing. This was cut from a pork shoulder, but a chicken thigh or two is good as well. Drop in a teaball with some crushed ginger, garlic, and black pepper. Let it go all night on low.  Remove the teaball and meat. Let the meat rest a bit, then break apart with a fork. Build your bowl, season with soy, vinegar (I like chinese black vinegar) a bit of...
It's mostly water, some suspended proteins, majority myoglobin. I wouldn't bother with it. It will tend to coagulate with any added acid or such. 
Brown Rice Beef Congee (old photo). I'm planning a pork congee for tomorrow morning. expect a picture.   
I'd love a Hilux!.  It's not sold in the US. The Tacoma is based on the Toyota 4Runner SUV. It's still a good truck, but the better stuff is in the Hilux line.    In my driveway in some snow:  
Look into More than Gourmet. expensive, but quite good. Better than Bouillion has a decent low sodium line as well. Not as pro as More than Gourmet. 
sounds like a great risotto.
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