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Another vote for the Super Bread Knife from New West. 
File powder is ground sassafras leaves. It has an accent over the e. It will be right there with the rest of the spices at your grocer. Usually not with the alphabetical display of spices, but off to the side or lower down with the specialty seasoning mixes. 
Roux is often touted as the core. It's important for color, offers toasty flavor, but I think it's over-rated overall in the dish. Make a roux as dark as you can without burning. Old penny is about as far as I take it in color.     My process may seem a little backwards, but I think it maximizes the flavors. Basically I cook the meat before the roux. Where you're in New York, you  can probably get schmalz commercially, which would make my order un-neccessary.   I'm...
 Every time I see a celebrity chef with a knife (on TV for me) it's with the knife brand that is sponsoring their show. I don't put much stock in what I see a chef use generally.  It's pretty much like the Acetaminophen/Aspirin/Ibuprofen ads. More hospitals use XXX. Because the manufacturer gave them a good price discount so they could then make this claim.
The one time I made chicken feet, they finish is a fermented black beans sauce. I don't have pictures, but this is pretty close to what I did.      http://panlasangpinoy.com/2009/03/14/spicy-chicken-feet/
You can get them in a prepared sauce as well in glass jars. I think the plain beans are more versatile though. Don't be afraid to ask. That's how I got this bag of them. 
That looks interesting.
There's a little brown sugar in the stock mix bowl so it's not without a bit of sugar.  The rice is actually a blend of long and short grain rice. The short grain rice is to give the rice some stickiness so you can eat it with the chopsticks. There's a thin glaze of a suace, but not much to speak of. 
Chinese fermented black beans, usually a black soy bean.  Usually called douchi in the modern pinyin, older cookbooks may call it dow see. It's thought to be one of the oldest soy bean products, with archaeological evidence to 165 BCE. There's a free history of the product in PDF form that is surprising large and detailed.    I think they have a pungent earthiness reminiscent of the earthy flavor of hoisin, but hoisin is milder and sweetened. Opening the jar is a pretty...
Sushi uses a lot of this style of plating in lines, but with round forms. To over emphasize the point, this Lego sushi plate is useful I think.     There's the lines the rolls are oriented along, the orientation of the nigiri rolls at an angle, while the grain of the fish cuts that line. As does the belt of Nori. I also like the shrimp in the center so the angularity of the tail is interesting but contained. Certainly other lines could be played with on that...
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