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It's pointless and overpriced Their claims bely the physics of the situation as well.    They use a tri ply clad pan and then stamp a base on it. So you've essentially doubled the amount the metal you have to heat up. This means slower heat up compared to a tri ply base. It will have some improvement in retained heat, but that's not a problem anyway in clad cookware. Worse, it will not respond as quickly to heat changes because of that retained heat, one of the...
Yeah, flowers with petroleum.
Freeze them, then bake from frozen. This helps prevent pie dough from slumping in the pan
I do something similar with rosemary, lemon, and garlic. It's quite good.
The stats have been borked for a long time.
Marination is done. Now grill the chicken. Medium grill heat at most as there is still sugar waiting to scorch      Shred the meat off the bones, (or go for boneless, skinless if you prefer)   Build a taco.       Then build a second, more meat forward taco.      Traditionally served with brutal habanero salsa like xni pec. I prefer tamer offerings, and used a mango salsa.   Keep building tacos until satiated.
Chicken rolls braised in wine. Many ways to vary this into interesting derivations. The original that I based this on was with Beef and Barolo. I recall using cheese, bread crumbs and pine nuts in the filling. Seasoned with Rosemary. A balsamic variation with rosemary would also be quite good.    This was my inspiration.   Chicken cooks much faster of course. 
Sugarhouse Barbecue does a good garlic roasted red potato with generous amounts of good olive oil. I like that one the best of "hot side dishes.    In a more traditional vein, fried okra, hush puppies/corn bread/biscuit, even macaroni and cheese-I personally find that an odd pairing.    For the okra, you're probably looking at pre-fab freezer case. That's not a terrible thing in this case. I'm quite fond of  hush puppies and they're pretty quick to...
I like to make it with some sofrito (the goya brand stuff in a jar is fine) and some chopped stuffed manzanilla olives with capers (al caparrado) 
Oh, if you do this mix, it has more sugar than the real thing so it's more prone to scorching and other such hassles of cooking sugary marinades. 
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