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Then you need to start sharing them here!  Please?
Gene, can you recommend a good book in English on german sausages?  Or a site? I've not found anything that gets into these regional specialties. I might be able to get through the german, but the specialized terms would likely be beyond me, particularly where i've not spoken German in 30 years. 
There's some overlap between the words braizer, casserole, sauteuse, and dutch oven. Different manufacturers apply the names somewhat differently.  As a generalization, these are somewhat broad, have a mid height straight side with an abrupt transition to the sidewall and lid. A saute pan will be broader with a flared side and a more rounded transition to the side wall which will be lower.   You'll get somewhat less evaporation of liquids in these sorts of pans compared...
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Lidia Bastianich "canned" tuna herself on one of her episodes. It's not preserved or shelf stable and has to be refrigerated, but should keep refrigerated and unopened reasonably. It's from her tv episode, "Under Oil". http://www.lidiasitaly.com/recipes/detail/469 
I think the bigger difference is between can and pouch tuna. The pouch tuna quality is markedly different than the can. Also much more expensive.  I usually stock a chunk white and a few solid for more special uses where the tuna is the star.    If you can find a brand of tuna packed in olive oil from italy, those are quite good too, and use the oil in the dish as well,  I save these for tuna pasta and such. 
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Mine looks like this, smooth on all sides. Mine has no visible branding, but this picture from Amazon is a Norpro. Easier to store than a mallet and you have more control. Also handy for tamping down crumb crusts in the pan.
I use a cast iron pizza pan as a stone but those look nice.parchment paper beats corn meal for ease of pizza in and out of oven.
Any particular reason to search out a 7 year old thread and post this? 
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