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What are you trying to achieve?    Onions are usually sweated, then other ingredients added that will protect the onion from over cooking, often including liquids.   For a seared/sauteed chicken breast, this is usually done with only chicken in the pan. While the chicken is resting after cooking, you might build a pan sauce with onions.    In a stir fry, the chicken is usually cooked first, removed, then onions cooked, then everything combined and sauced. 
As no one has answered, I'll give you some non-pro comments and links.   Start with a thawed room temperature brisket. Steve Raichlen has documented the basic process a number of times with different flavoring tweaks. Here are a few that have the technique info you need.   http://www.primalgrill.org/recipe_details.asp?RecipeID=74&EpisodeID=14 http://www.bbqu.net/season3/305_4.html http://www.bbqu.net/season4/409_4.html  (down the page a ways, Millionaire's...
Cool technique, slimy omelet
Never seen that one before.
2010 Tacoma TRD Off Road. Here it is out doing its job as shot through La Boca Arch
Empanadas/mini calzones in a Jaffle iron. have to watch the heat to cook it a little slower as comparred to the toasted sandwich technique.    Many filling options singly and in combinations: beans, cheese, greens  (more ideas http://laylita.com/recipes/all-about-empanadas/)
Cheesecake. Hey, it's a custard. Lighting is a bit odd.  
What's the target oil temp for this?
Cacique differentiates them somewhat. Seems the Ranchero is milkier in flavor than than the regular queso fresco.   http://www.caciqueinc.com/products/
Very good.
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