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Ebooks are zipped xhtml (epubs at least though they can encapsulate some other formats too). The other formats are similarly tagged text. The text file has been fairly consistent all the years in the computer world. It is fairly trivial to upconvert the format or remain backwards compatbile with the existing format. I'm not too worried about the file obselesence. Convergence into other electronics was obvious from the start, at least to me. But then I've been reading...
It's not important that any of you agree. 
http://www.exed.hbs.edu/assets/Documents/hbr-how-google-sold-engineers-management.pdf   It's a bit lengthy, but  is the best management article I've read in a long time. Not platitudes and philosophy, but tangible, actionable, buildable, reveiwable. 
Hire a high school student to type them in for you. 
You tend to have less control with these. And most are poorly made.
It looks like a primitive astonomical painting.    (from ancientskys.com)   Steve TPHC, some pictures of the dishes would be good. Its sorta what the challenge is about is to show the dish. 
Some good ideas there from chefbubba and Chris
Like most things, there are good and bad ones. More bad than good I think. Infomercial junk comes to mind as an example of the bad. 
Mmm compelling entry MaryB. Please share more info about the soup. 
We need to know the dough recipe you used, any deviations you made from the directions.    Chewy dumpling is usually an overworked dough and/or too thick of a dough when rolled out. Soup dumplings tend to be thicker skinned anyway. If they were thin, the dough would be more prone to failing with the liquid from the soup filling during cooking.    Dough work requires a sense for the feel of the dough which is developed only through practice and experience. I don't have...
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