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I have been gluten free for some time now and I am STILL searching for a good GF bread recipe.  If you ever find one PLEASE share with me :)
I would have to agree...if you insist on trying to can with milk or milk products have an independant lab do testing first.....personally I wouldnt try it.
Yes, when we go camping we always have a "base camp" of sorts and there is never power or running water (unless you count the stream nearby LOL)  Isn't if fun to be able to brag up all the great meals you can make in the middle of nowhere with little or nothing though.  :)     
Hi all,   My planning for the camping season includes vaccum sealing up individual portions of crown roast of pork and touchire stuffing from our Christmas dinner left overs.  Come spring or early summer we can drop them into a pot of boiling water (bag and all) and have crown roast out in the middle of nowhere.  how cool is that?   Do you do anything like that for your fun camping meals?  I would like to hear what you do to get some more ideas for our trips.
Well I am glad that of the 6 people who took the poll they all found it useful.  As a reviewer it is nice to know that folks are getting benefit from the work all the reviewers do.    Thanks to those that participated.
I am wondering how many people read and make use of the cookbook review section of  This is a non scientific poll just conducted for my own use.  Poll will run for 10 days.   Thanks in advance for submitting your answer.
Looks like something I would be darn proud of if I had made this camping!!  Thanks for the recipe!   still wish they would add the ability to print on here tho.
I have been spending some more time in Farm to Fork by Emeril Lagasse.  You will see a review in the comming weeks that I did for Cheftalk on this book, but I cant seem to keep it on the shelf.  I just love a book you can see something different in everytime you pick it up dont you?   Also picked up a Philadelphia brand cream cheese recipe book recently...some very sinful cheesecake recipes in that one that might have a place on our holiday table this year.
Hi all,   I am needing a good pumpkin or squash donut recipe that has been proven by you to be a good one.  I have been looking for one for several years now to make during hunting season for my husband.  I have tried numerous ones but none have been quite right.  It dawned on me that some of you might have a really good one out there that you have used before and know to be good.  Thanks in advance for sharing.   Pam
By the way Nicko, looks like you had a good time up there.    and KYH I agree about the choice of pan!
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