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Funny before reading this I never would of guessed someone wouldnt have ever done the breadding in a bag.  Been using this method all my life...and I thought I was getting more posh when I recently bought a thingy sold at Cabella's for bredding (basically 2 bowl with a strainer type thing in the middle.) it works but the bag works better! LOL   That will teach me for spending money on something that I dont really need.
I bought my 1960's version on ebay for about 1/3 the cost of a new you might want to keep an eye on there for a deal.
Well we never got much of a chance to do our "fair food" thing as we got a lively gust of wind and it shattered 2 of our fiberglass tent poles, and demolished the awning we had over our camp kitchen.  Luckly noneone was hurt and nothing else was lost.  We were out trout fishing at the time and came back to find we had no place to we packed up and headed home...BUMMER!!! oh well...thats camping!    Now iam onto my summer routine....CANNING! wild...
Howdy all, We are going camping for a week (starting today) and I have had a request from my family to make "fair" type food while we are out in the wilderness.  Simple enough to do that so fried dough, Hot Sausage with grilled green peppers, onions, and mushrooms, fresh lemonade.  And a few other goodies as well including of course fresh french fries.  Yes we have some healthier meals planned too but it is vacation hehe   This made me wonder however if any of you...
Some canned fruit has sugar added to it which would effect any recipe you use (pectin or non pectin alike) that should be kept in mind , but canned fruit "could" be used .   I would be more concerned with the flavor unless you were using home canned fruit however.  Alot of the commercially canned items loose ALOT in the processing.
The best compliment I ever got for my cooking was this from my granddaughter (spelling mistakes are a direct quote )   G - Gourgus! R - Really gook cook! A - Awesome! M - Magical when it comes to Applesauce! I - Intelligen ! E - Eligent !   Folks it dont get better than that!!!  Had to laugh at the applesauce comment tho.  I had made applesauce with her over a year before she wrote this and she still was thinking about that.  It pays to spend time in...
I and the hubby have tried boiled peanuts....and I respectfully decline thank you.  I encourage anyone to eat them if they like that sorta "thing" but I just cant eat them without gagging.  Now.....take those peanuts and deep fry them iam in LOVE.
Having been a former Tupperware Manager I keep mine in airtight Tupperware.  I think KYH is right on for that.  Use what you like as long as it does the job. 
Thanks for asking this question Beeswax.  I have many many times looked at those salt pigs in the fancy cooking stores and thought wow that mihgt be a handy rig.  I never bought one mostly for the reasons stated above but I am glad you asked it so we can know what some "real" cooks REALLY think of them.  Great question!
Lets face it they ARE rats in trees but darn tasty ones when prepared correctly LOL
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