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Thank you Phatch, thats wonderful I will check it out.
Yes I have a couple of those but I am wondering is it possible to buy the all clad replacment lid? Are they sold somewhere?
you know I have had this pan for a little while now and it is becoming one of my favorites. Does anyone know where I might find a lid for it? It didnt have one when I bought it.
I have to say I do alot of camp cooking with a dutch oven over a similar stove and I would have no use for this product. I agree with KYH too these people dont know what they are talking about!
cool thanks. I will try it.
my favorite edible wild plants are fiddlehead greens and dandylion green. Wild mustard and wild hoarsradish come in close second tho. Oh yes and teaberry leaves too...ok and spruce gum...
It funny I should come on and see this post as yesterday afternoon I had the worst meal I have ever had at a restraunt. I took mymom out to a small roadside dinner for a lunch on the way to a funeral service we had to attend. We both ordered what to us were simple "cant mess them up" kinda meals. WOW were we wrong. I had hot chicken sandwich. it was totally unedible. The tin can tasting gravey was plastered all over the driest chicken I have ever seen on top of...
Thanks for the feedback ....KYH I think your correct about there not being a list of sorts....I hadnt really thought about it like that. I think your correct tho Andy a site like that one may be a good reference point at least to get some idea...if it is listed that is. I dont have any "special" ones(first edition or signed) but I do have some extremely rare ones that are probably of intrest to noone but myself hehe This weekend I found one from a church here in...
Does anyone know of a reference book for prices of antique cookbooks? I have been picking up some wonderful old old books for years. Not so much to collect but I love the older recipes. I do however now have a big collection and wonder what some might be worth. I cant be the only one with a pile of these. hehe Thanks
Thanks everyone for all the sage advise. The good thing is I got to use this worlds ugliest pan yesterday morning while I processed and canned 1/2 bushel of peaches. It may be ugly but it sure works good!! I will look into the sandblasting places in the area and see about the beadblasting. I like the sound of poliishing it rather than it being all scratched. Thanks again
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