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I might have found what they did to this pitiful looking pan....according to the All Clad website this pan must not be put into the dishwasher...makes perfect common sence to me however in looking at the appearance of the exterior i would think that is just what they did to it....still a wonderful pan just not very pretty however.
It appears to be from the LTD line. or at least i think it is....it looks small to me so I have been saying it is 5 or 6 quart but I am only able to fine a 7 quart stock pot online in that LTD style. A new one of those goes for between 150.00 and 350.00 however so I am feeling good about my two dollar purchace. hehe
Today I found an All-Clad stainless steel 5 quart pot for 2 dollars at a yardsale. The inside of the pot looks pristine however the outside is UGLY. I can't imagine what they could of done to it. It looks like the blackened outside coating somehow got melted or partially washed away although I doubt this is the actual case it just is the best discription I can muster for what it looks like. My question is has this happened to anyones cookware or would anyone be able to...
I have taken fresh dates (they are as KY said sticky and wicked sweet when ripe) cooked them down with just enough moisture so as not to burn them and made a lovely filling for filled sugar cookies. I have also used them in bread pudding or many other recipes instead of rasins.
There are several wonderful cookbooks devoted solely to dutch oven cooking. I would suggest perhaps getting one like The Dutch Oven Cookbook by Sharon Kramis and Julie Kramis Hearne. Amazon has it for about $13.50 new or used for about $5 (there is a convient link from the top of the forum page to get there ) and be sure to check out the review of this book in the cookbook section of Cheftalk.com too. :) Oh and while your on Cheftalk.com be sure to search Dutch Oven...
what a shame. The exhibition halls are the best part of the fair! That and the animal events are what the country fair is all about. I suppose those things dont bring in the money like the rides do. Ahhh progress.........
Morning all, I am wondering if anyone besides myself enters food items in your local fairs anymore. I know locally the entries are WAY down as noone cooks like they used to. I however appear to be stuck in a time warp where I just LOVE making things the way grammy used to. ( ie: the 8 pints of dilly beans, and 5 quarts and 2 pints of bread and butter pickles I put up this morning) In one way, I suppose I dont mind that the entries are down because I am almost...
I have several Griswold peices I use regularly. That is what makes it so wonderful it was made well to last a life time. I couldnt cook deer meat properly without it!
Hey any muchroom hunters know what this one is? We ran across a ton of these on our recent vacation and cant seem to find just what type they are. Thanks
I make a rather complicated granola recipe...not hard just alot of stuff in it and kinda a bother to make....and what do we do with it? we put it on yogurt and nibble on it while watching the TV. But I have to admit it has the store bought preparations beat hands down.
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