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Thanks KYH It is no fancy french cookbook but I have loved it for years.
ok now dont laugh. 30 odd years ago when I started to cook I was given a copy of "The Fanny Farmers Cookbook". This book is is such poor shape today because I literly learned to cook from its pages. If someone told me I had to get rid of all my cookbooks but one that would be the one I would pick. I also make it a point to get a copy for my granddaughters when they get intrested in learning to cook. Best all around book I have ever seen.
I am hoping someone here may have an answer to a garden issue that has been hapening the last 2 years in our garden. Our Zucchini plants are big and beautiful with tons of lovely healthy blossoms, but as the zucchin forms behind the blossom for some reason they are rotting from the blossom end . This is happening before the blossom even completely drops off. Other years we have not had this issue but the last two this has been happening....any thoughts? Or maybe at...
horton79, what a lovely gift you gave your friends and family and now us. Thank you. If you ever need a stowaway to help eat count me in! I would even help with the dishes. PJ
did you ask to speak to the manager? I have found most restraunt managers are eager to know about issues that can help them improve the frontend. It may not be to late...give them a call and ask to speak to the manager or owner....maybe they will appreciate your imput and give you a free meal. Hey you never know!
I subscribed to it from the link here and got my first issue the other day. There were some items that I found useful and some things I already knew but over all I thought it was a wonderful magazine...far far better than those full of more ads than article. The articles were well written and timely and the question and answer section was very informative and in depth responses to subscribers questions. I can see what Phatch might mean however about growing beyond...
In my part of the world we eat periwinkles,or around here better known as wrinkles. perhaps this url will help...hope so how2heroes ? Videos ? Periwinkles
when I was in school I ate anything that could be microwaved as that was all they allowed in the dorm for cooking impliments. TV dinners may taste terrible out of a microwave but at least i survived and i discovered there are at least 100 meals you can make out of ramin noodles . my husband would make a makeshift egg drop soup with ramin and an egg ...
I was looking at the coated pan for ease of cleaning..since we have a small camper that we use most of the time it wouldnt get banged around much....I can get a coated one for about 50-60 dollars locally Lodge brand. I might decide on the raw iron tho when i get into the store....depends on my mood that day i suppose....you are 100% right tho there are some really good deals out there and raw is much less susceptable to damage....i suspect i will be purchasing this at the...
well I told my husband.....nice idea but if we have to return it I am going to get another enameled cast iron dutch oven just for camping.....the one I have now is doing multi duty at home and camping too. At least with a dutch oven you dont need to worry if it will work every time or not!!
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