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Thanks everyone for all the great input. Loads of great information out there that isnt in a book ...thanks for sharing! Pam
I have had alot of trouble in the past keeping fresh vanilla beans fresh for later use. I have tried a variety of things including but not limited to freezing, Tupperware, refrigeration, and plastic bags. I would be intrested in hearing what works for some of you and for how long you can count on its use. Thanks Pam
"Rhubarb tonic, Soda Beer, Haymakers' Switchel, Raspberry Shrub, Yankee Mead, Raisin Wine, Elderberry Wine, Elder Flower Wine, Beet Wine, Dandelion Wine, Spruce Beer, Grandma's Ginger Beer, Julep's, Egg nog, punches..... Applets, molasses taffy, molasses brittle, taffy apples aka lollipop apples, butternut panocha, maple caramels.....what a delight" Oh my, I know most of these items. Being from Maine and comming from a farm family background these are music to my ears....
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