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survey monkey is a place where you can create your own survey...this person might be legitimate or they could be fishing for take your chances when you do this type of thing.   Alot of students doing research type of thing will use these surveys and offer a drawing entry in return...however scammers use it too..
KYH you do it anyway...if ya win I will graciously take it off your hands.  I love ya that much to suffer for you!! LOL
in my neck of the woods it can be purchased at health food might try looking at one in your area.
my goodness you all were very industrious 11 yr olds....when I was 11 I wanted to be 12!
I am happy to allow a guest to look through my books and even copy a recipe or two out of them but loan them out....NO WAY!!    I have quite a few that are rare old copies or one of a kind type of thing to even think of loaning them out.  Selfish I know but I dont mind admitting it is who I am.    Now it if get a book that I am indifferent to I will, as someone else suggested, gladly give it to someone who likes or admires it.    I am not the public library....
If you really want to try the "waterless cookware" ....go to yard sales and garage sales....for about $2.00 per pan you can get all you want!
Check out the book I just reviewed for Cheftalk . 
HOLD THE PHONE....that works with my IE too...woo hoo THANKS
I dont use firefox but thanks for trying to help!   I have IE and dont know how it works either.
Is there a way to change the font size on some of the posted articles when I view them?  I know i need new glasses but several articles that I woud like to read I simply have to pass by or sit with my nose to the computer srceen to read them.Isnt there a setting somewhere for us old people so we can get BIG print?? LOL
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