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Personally here or other places on the internet or off....if i put someone in for a friend request it is because I think of them as one. plain and simple. But if there are prizes as KYH suggests that would be good too! hehe
Sorry about that...hehe Next time it will be your turn to beat me to the punch ! :)
This year Libby pumpkin didnt grow well and they lost a good portion of their crop. They said it might mean shortages. Perhaps that is what your running into. Having Trouble finding LIBBY'S Pumpkin - NESTLE Very Best Baking
For anyone who lives in the New England area, this is taking place in Maine in July. Kneading Conference There are hands on workshops in Artisan Bread Baking and Wood fired Oven Construction. Check it out. I hope to attend this year.:peace:
weird is a good word for it but hey that is great!:peace: Glad it worked out fine!
On the up side if it dosent work you will have a beautiful topping for bananna splits. I have used jam that didnt set before as ice cream topping (even labled it as such and gave it away in baskets as gifts) and it is always a big hit. There is never a failure just a new option :roll:
I have heard of folks bringing the mixture back up to boiling and reprocessing. I have never had much luck with it...but might be worth a try.
Since you are not new to this , I am sure you have checked this but I have to ask it. Did you check the date to expire on the pectin? Perhaps trying a apple juice instead of water? that has some natural pectin which might help? Just a few thoughts right off hand.
I have used left over mashed potato in the past and adjusted the salt and butter accordingly ...but I it works much better if it is plain cooked potato mashed can mash it into the melted butter and that will give you some moisture to get it less lumpy. lumps are unattractive in the candy although it wouldnt hurt the flavor much... and i have never tried instant never will try them either LOL sorry not a fan of those!
It had been years since I had made this recipe, and after making it today I would change the butter to less...I would have to experiment with it to see how much less would work but a whole stick is really to much......was good when I was a bit younger and gave less thought to what was good for me hehe the price we pay for getting old i guess of course the chocolate and sugar are still as good for ya as they ever were.....that is why we put potato in for nutritional...
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