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ooohhh those venison sausage wraps sound just wonderful!
For the pickles, relishes, and prerserves I would suggest the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving edited by Judi Kingry and Lauren Devine and if your looking for a good recipe for relish check out the articles here on I am a bit bias since it is my recipe but it is a good one. There are also several other home preserving articles on there too. Good Luck
so many people go thru life never noticing those people who they come in contact with every day. I suppose you could be proud of the fact that you have made such an impact with your personality on these people that they not only remember you but what you do. You are not just a nameless face to these people...they like you. I know what your thinking..."ok pollyanna" LOL
Being from Maine I have been to a couple of Down East Shore Dinenrs in my life time hehe Quite often strawberry shortcake on a biscuit is served. And NEVER clam strips. hehe the clams and lobster should be steamed of course. Have also seen bean hole baked beans served in stead of cold slaw too.
On the website National Center for Home Food Preservation | Canning FAQs the following can be found... Is it safe to jar already canned food? Often people think that they can save money by buying larger containers of canned food, transferring the contents (or leftovers from the first use) to smaller jars and re-processing it. Others wonder if this is a way to save leftovers from any size can for a longer time than they will keep in the refrigerator. There are several...
Didnt see this thread till today. Belated Christmas wishes and Happy New year wishes and Happy holiday wishes to all. Pam Grant
Jim, You and this lady's family are in my prayers. It is reassuring there are people like you still left in this world. Pam Grant
of course you can always forget the turkey , veal stock, and chestnust and just double the cognac and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! LOL Thanks for the recipe. Merry Christmas from me to everyone . Pam Grant
just wanted to pop back in and say thanks to all. It seems funny at my age I never cooked one of these before but I guess there is a first time for everything. I finally got up the courage to give it a whirl tho. I decided to go long low and simple. I used simple spices and garlic and coooked it for several hours on a fairly low temp. I have to say it came out lovely. Everyone enjoyed it very much as well as the left overs the next night with a lovely gravey. ...
I purchase my spices at our local healthfood store. They have a much better flavor, aroma, and color than those in the supermarket and are usually several dollars (some times tens of dollars) less a pound than those in the supermarkets. Plus I can buy just what i want to for the amount as i can measure it myself. That was if i need a spice for a recipe that i dont think i will use again for a long time i can just buy what i need for that recipe. I agree about buying...
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