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Yes, sealed with an eggwash and I believe I finally got it after many attempts. I generally keep my crust cool/cold anyway but as soon as they are crimped they go to back to the ice box for 10 minutes. Also changed the mix percentage of shorting and lard - less butter makes a better seal without giving up the flake of the crust. I have not washed the entire pie as yet but I may have to try that one for fun. Thanks.
2 cups flour 1tbsp sugar 1/2 t. kosher salt 1/4 cup shortening (very cold) 1/4 cup lard (very cold) about 1/2 cup ice water
I have been practicing fried pies and have altered my crust receipe to near perfect. Seems nothing is ever perfect. I am still having issues with a slight leak making a discoloration at times around the edge at times. I would like these consistant. I can not stand the occational leak, does anyone have a trick that might help. These are packed, I do not really want to change the filling or crust but will consider anything.
This sounds like it will be a great show. Many of the GM's hold on to those receipes because "nobody make it like my GM". Can you comment on how you get them to break loose and share that special receipe?
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