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The pro chef has been so been an invaluable reference for me.
Im so going to use this from now on.
Send them to the walkin in search of the tortillas glue in the blue tube top shelf on the right and hurry up I need it right away. The ones that come back with a puzzeled look on their face are priceless.
"you must be happy in your work" a quote from the movie, the bridge over the river kwai
Party went off without a hitch! ok that is not true, but nothing we could not handle! I haven't worked in catering since dec. 05. So it was actually a lot of fun, till we had to clean up the plates and silverware. The owners came to me and told me I made it look easy! I assured them it was not. coarse I am sure they are tired after cleaning that mess up. All and all it was a great success for being a first time for catering! It was also chamber of commerce, which should...
40$ a ticket and this is arkansas! I can bring my salad n a brand new trash can and nobody will say a word! God I am going to miss living here when I go to Denver, but hey I like those mountains better anyway! The party is friday and everything is set! Yes this is the first time this place has ever done catering, however I ran a catering company for 7 years. So this will not be easy but is well within my range! Thanks for everything. peace n respect tyler
So I will be moving to denver in January. I was wondering if anyone was currently working in denver and if they had any suggestions on finding work. I will be attending johnson and wales, so I am interested in something that is either flexible or willing to work with a student. (which is is weird to be a student again after 10 years) Also any graduates from johnson and wales denver? If so did you enjoy your experience? I know it is expensive, but intend to get every...
Sorry If my post was misleading, I was in a rush earlier! I have a wait staff! I simply have one cook to help prepare this food! It shall be a long week! :peace:
Crazy it may be! I am undertaking this with one prep cook! I must be gluttonous for torture.
hey if anyone else has another way I would love to hear it! thanks again tyler
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