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If you are looking for a chef's knife only or a basic 3 knife set, you can get a great Japanese knife(or set of knives) for less than the Shuns, and you will be much happier. I do not know what your motivation for Shun is, but as I said you can find cheaper, yet equal if not better performer, and easier to maintain Japanese knife.If you are interested just say so, and ppl here will be happy to provide all the info.
actually if you ever cut yourself with a razor blade its pretty painful, same with very sharp knife. here is a link to an extensive guide on knife sharpenig, towars the end there is a list of tests for sharpness: eG Forums -> Knife Maintenance and Sharpening
I got my new wok today, so I seasoned it and made stir fry with eggs for dinner. Used frozen bell pepper/onion mix, fresh scallions, some smoked turkey ham finely minced, all that jumped in the wok and when it was ready 3 eggs joined the party. Seasoned with salt and pepper(one can add cumin too). Salad: cubed fresh tomatoe, chopped half sweet onion, balsamic vinegar, oil, salt. Yummy :crazy:
Here is a video, that although made by a very experienced sharpener, provides a pretty nice tutorial on knife sharpening.
you can cook simple stews , soups etc for less than 15 bucks each(pm me if you want my recipes), with enough quantity to last a 3 ppl household for 2 or more days. If you eat a lot of bread, I can tell you a very simple recipe that will give you great bread that will last you ~ a week or more depending how much you eat.
actually soaking in salty water does that ;)
here Alton Brown explains all about rice and shows how to make risotto YouTube - Good Eats S8E22P1: Do The Rice Thing YouTube - Good Eats S8E22P2: Do The Rice Thing
this forum Fred's Cutlery Forum - Foodie Forums, has reviews and also a lot of japanese knife enthusiasts that will gladly answer your questions. You can find some reviews too.
of course you can grow tomatoes this way.You just need to let the tomatoes sit out in the sun till they get all mushy, get the seeds out spread them to dry, and store in a paper baggy in a dry place. Next year seed them in early april.
also with time baking powder loses rising power so make sure yours is not too old, I'd buy a new one ,its pretty chap anyway
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