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I just lost my sense of smell the same way the OP did (either that or some raw car exhaust I took a couple of whiffs of....the sulphur lightly burned days later). Should I give it time or is it beneficial to go to the doctor sooner rather than later? forresta
Lost my sense of taste from a dentist needle for a while: 1) lack of certain tastes, numbness. 2) then everything tasted like peanut butter 3 then taste was restored total time 8 months.....so maybe you will experience the same progression with your nose.
Thanks for starting this thread. I just discovered that my sense of smell has been all but eliminated either after being sick or being exposed to some raw car exhaust for 20 seconds. They happened at the same time. It has been 2 weeks. should I go see the doctor now or wait a bit? Does it matter? forresta
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