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It's the same pick for all of them, a 270 mm. in my eyes. 240 mm. is like a perfect home cook knife size. Hope you enjoy it. And don't change your mind again, please!
So many time i don eat oysters... Meanwhile mean kiwi got a lame for the next bread.  
Nice choice. But take care: the pick looks like a 270 mm.
Two perfectly done sunny-side up eggs by Ordo.     I blame the Rum.
I'm hopeless with my thick fries. Really thinking in stealing my wife's hair dryer. The best i did were faking sous-vide batons.         Thin fries, i can get them really crunchy for about 30 seconds.
No. But humidity here is killing all of my fried stuff.
Oven baked fries   10' to 15' Oven     Cool down      Fry at high temp.  
A new loaf of white bread. Stupid mean kiwi needs a lame!  
I styr fried some stuff.  
You can get beets, asparagus and milk and pee the Italian flag!
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