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Pastel de choclo Sweet corn pie (without ground beef)   Corn Milk Egg yolks Egg whites Soft cheese Walnuts Sugar Dry rocoto pepper S&P          
In my defense i will say i had a hint of the dish. I remembered a conversation about phylo dough with KouKou (was she?) where she mentioned the bastilla. But i couldn't get the exact name, so i googled chicken and phyllo dough, not the entire recipe. About the last challenge, i have not the minimun idea.
Moroccan chicken bastilla. But i confess i googled it.
Amazing, Petals. A truly work of love.
I've been in many Peruvian restos here in Argentina. In fact there's a growing Peruvian community here. Well, i've never had such a good ceviche as Vic presented.
Lentils stew Lentils, bacon, mushroom, garlic, tomato, olive oil  
In culinary terms, aderezo in Argentina, means dressing. 
Very nice and enriched huancaina sauce wiith the "aderezo". 
FF: your pao de queijo looks very yummy. Some curiosities about the dish:   It's named Chípa in Paraguay, a Quechua word meaning "big woman",  In Guaraní it's named Cuñapé, with the same meaning. Its a recipe probably originated in Jesuitic Missions. Hence its known in Brasil, Paraguay and Argentina as well. Some variants:   Chipa guazú (big chipa): made with fresh corn. Chipá asador also chipá caburé also chipá mbocá: kind of a big stewered chípa. Chipá avatí:...
Pao de queijo. Very similar to Chipá, from Paraguay and Guaraní regions.   Heres my take at:   Causa limeña   Some ingredients.     Making a roll over oiled butter paper.     The roll goes to the fridge.     Final plate, with eggs, black olives and tabasco.  
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