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KingMushrooms you should be called!
I learned a couple of things about ragú with this Mario Batali's video:  
Empanadas 3 way. I ommited the frying and the meat cause a friend of mine has some health issues. Three fillings: eggplant, ham and cheese and tuna.    
I got the GS #1000 (which i rarely use at home) permanently in the car. Good as a travelling stone.
Hmm... Hydrating in wine drastically changes the flavors and acidity of the mushrooms, in my experience. Be a bad boy, but carefullly.
Careful also hydrating with wine.
What a disappointment! I was thinking Vega's belly dancers.
We get very nice dried pine mushrooms here. Strong flavored, they are a great addition to any stew.     Due to import taxes, both porcini and shitakes are prohibited for the moment.
Preparing the chimichurri for the beef empanadas in advance. Dried condiments and spices are hydrated first in oil, vinegar and water. Pepper flakes, rosemary, thyme, very little cumin (love or hate affaire), italian peperoncino for extra kick, pimentón dulce, bay leaf, S&P. Fresh vegs are parsley, garlic, spring onions, red pepper.    
Very nice foody. And nice picks. Thanks.
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