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Congrats phatch. Will you accept bribes?
Damned! No eggs. Bribing is still an option.
Beef tenderloin, sauce bordelaise, roasted potatoes  
Poor teamfat.
Interesting variant cause the price of katsuobushi here is plain absurd.
 Something like this (remember i know nothing about baking): MIx 4 eggs + 100 grs. sugar + 2 Tbs Brandy.Put 200 grs chocolate 70% + 150 grs butter a bain Marie. Melt. Let it cool down.Mix with the eggs. Add 100 grs sieved flour. Add raisins, crushed walnuts, a lot. Bake in low oven. Spray water every 5 minutes to avoid the crust, if you want a very moist cake. Once done, if the cake raised too much, put a weight on top to get a dense cake.
Does your wife accept bribes?
Better in my opinion. It melts in your mouth. And yes MillionKnives, go cleaver. You can ground meat in a minute until it's a paste if you want. Of course you must clean the chain completely.     
That olive oil... wow... envy. I bought a beef tenderloin for tomorrow. That means the best burger you can have with the ground chain and fat.  
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