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 My guess is they are a variety of these: http://boletales.com/genera/suillus/s-granulatus/ They taste earthy, strong, not like champignon or portobello. Great for stews. Like shitakes they can stand long cooking. Superb on omeletts.Of course, i made a shortcut on them playing with the size of the cut.
Dried pine mushrooms omelette (and sandwich) I've been trying this for a while.    Dried pine mushrroms cut very thin.     Hidrate 1 hour in olive oil. Prep the rest of the ingredients. Garlic, tomato.     Mix the eggs.     You can eat the omelette like that.     Or better make a sandwhich.  
One amazing treat. Caprice Classic Wafer.  
Dulce de leche crêpes with orange jam  
In the classic Chinese book Dream of the Red Chamber, there's a famous recipe for braised eggplants. It's one of the most memorable scenes of the book. The poor Granny Liu taste the aubergines and can't believe they are aubergines at all. Then Wang Xifeng, her host, explains the recipe, that requires about 10 chickens to begin with.   "Lord Buddha! That's 10 chickens gone into the making of this. No wonder it tastes so good!"    "You needed to harvest the aubergines at...
 The flour but without the gluten.
For a twist, fried with honey:     And in tempura with honey  
Maizena is now a global brand. We have Maizena here as well, with almost the same classic package. A great name, i must say. A great find that Trademark link FF.
And of course, a quiche:     Stuffed with ragú:     Sechuan style, sweet, spicy and sour:  
So, i misread. Sorry. This one is nice:   Tian d'aubergines  
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