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I've made chicken skin on a rack several times. Extend the skin on the cooking rack, put some grains of salt on top and bake. There's also another method, cooking it between two layers of parchement paper. Yakitori chicken skin is done simply extending the skin over the grill until done.
I wonder how many of us would eat meat that we had to kill ourselves.
Looks rather thick to me. But if that is your very first pasta i see a great pasta maker in the future!
I made a heavy rubber brick as a stone holder. The rubber is anti-vibration and i had to glue 4 of them to get the desired height. Heavy and stable set-up.      
I appreciate your kind comment Jake.
Nice. I'm still on reusing the same pasta. This is the same pasta used three times.   Pasta al forno  
Tom: you're so close to this beauty (click the image for info):   Suisin Inox Honyaki 240mm. Wa Gyuto   From Japaneseknifeimports.com
Hello people. Thanks for commenting. Yes, the original recipe was made with beef. In Argentina, at that time (we talk about 1950-60) it was difficult to find lamb in Buenos Aires. After many tries, I tweaked the recipe cause pork gave me better results. It's important to mention that the cooking time of the rice is close to 45', much more than usual.
Reversible pastry wood boards are great. Very easy to make.   From Bulthaup.com
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