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In fact a round bowl could be designed to hold the mezzaluna without problem. Anyway, i'm not good with the result here and will try the same design (almost) with a twist in the making. 2 pieces of wood and 1 layer with the mezzaluna curve. All glued togheter. Much easier to make, what do you think?  
Proper convex grinding and a thin blade behind the edge are fundamental to avoid sticking. Also using water frequently in between cuts. Here's a good example of how a good grinding helps:  
Could be Rick, but i have to confess that the mezzaluna is not so efficient to cut and in no way can replace a knife. In any case, it's good to ground meat but, again, can't replace the 2 cleavers method. I'm afraid this one will stay as a decorative memory.   Michael: thanks.
I do the finishing work, It takes time waxing, oiling, etc. In a couple of weeks it will be ok. I guess the 3 lines could be redundant with the knot. I can do the lines in minutes, but there's a point where you have to trust other people's decisions. Anyway, i'm working on a new design, much easier to make, much more precise.
Sanding and wax-oiling. The veins of the wood come out nicely. There's a wonderful knot almost in the middle of the holder.     Detail of the side.  
Sure. I was just shooting a pick with the rack loaded randomly pour la galerie.
To gain control, practice for the next 2 years:   1. Supermarket hormone chickens against free range chickens. 2. With or without skin. 3. Departing from cold water, chicken pieces and veggies vs. departing from browning the chicken pieces (and eventually the mirepoix) for a fond brun. 4. Deglacing or not and with what: wine, brandy, port, etc. 5. Trying differente herbs and spices. 6. Reducing or not. How much? 7.Sieving or not.   As you see, we're here to make...
Received the cedar holder. This one came out pretty good. It's 70 cm. long. Quick picks with the knives i have in the office. Reasonable capacity but it's never enough!         Now to tell my wife i will hang this in our kitchen. If i'm murdered tomorrow you know why.
I received the holder. Not so satisfied. Many details missing. Here's raw, before sanding and oiling. I will have to work on it if i want to save it.  
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