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I wonder why i'm not seeing end grain boards in pro kitchens. 
I made a tart (i'm always making tarts):     But instead of using butter and flour in the pan, as usual, i used butter and bread crumbs. And here's the result, tart up side down:  
First time in my life i could kiss a Guinness in the nose.
In fact a round bowl could be designed to hold the mezzaluna without problem. Anyway, i'm not good with the result here and will try the same design (almost) with a twist in the making. 2 pieces of wood and 1 layer with the mezzaluna curve. All glued togheter. Much easier to make, what do you think?  
Proper convex grinding and a thin blade behind the edge are fundamental to avoid sticking. Also using water frequently in between cuts. Here's a good example of how a good grinding helps:  
Could be Rick, but i have to confess that the mezzaluna is not so efficient to cut and in no way can replace a knife. In any case, it's good to ground meat but, again, can't replace the 2 cleavers method. I'm afraid this one will stay as a decorative memory.   Michael: thanks.
I do the finishing work, It takes time waxing, oiling, etc. In a couple of weeks it will be ok. I guess the 3 lines could be redundant with the knot. I can do the lines in minutes, but there's a point where you have to trust other people's decisions. Anyway, i'm working on a new design, much easier to make, much more precise.
Sanding and wax-oiling. The veins of the wood come out nicely. There's a wonderful knot almost in the middle of the holder.     Detail of the side.  
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