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Even more specific.  
A snack. Eggs and home made bread croutons (olilve oil, butter).   
 Wow, that's nice!And Jarmo's food and table, impeccable as always.
Gorgeous 'pizza'. I have a bread dough in my fridge (low temp raising for 48 hours), and i will try it.
Atatax: a chinese cleaver is missing there, he, he.
Prep a cottage pie.     Ground beef, onions, red pepper, mushrooom soy sauce, stout beer, herbs, oilives. Two details: first i stir fry the ground beef until all water evaporates and take a nice brown color. Then i do de same with the veggies in order to concentrate the flavors. Mix meat and veggies, add the soy sauce, and the stout at the end, let it cook. Terrific!     The mashed potatoes have butter, olive oil, grated parm, S&P and NO milk.     Result...
Nice briquettes, teamfat.
The very concept of boudin noir. Extra-noir may i say. 
Some point of the next graphic, failed, but i can't tell which.    
Yep. Those croquettes are awesome.
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