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Check the filling of my next Eastern-Western Immense Pie.   
God forgive all of you that put pineapple in a pizza! The horror! Anyway: put some butter, sugar and pineapple in a pan and caramelize it. That will do it for you dessert pizza.
Corn, bacon, carrots, onions, soft cheese, basil, herbs, spicy oil, S&P pie with bought puff pastry.         I told you i was going for huge pies. They are 6'5", believe it or not.  
If a pizza is a pie, is a pancake a casserole?  
pros:   almost half the price of a similar 240mm. Fujiwara which lists for U$315. stainless steel core. No maintenance problems. similar exterior finishing.   cons:   the core is not carbon steel. Not a paradox, but many people will prefer carbon steel. hardness 62 HRC instead of 64 HRC, could mean better edge retention (and also chipping issues if misused). Fujiwara being thicker may have a better grind in terms of food release. handle quality. The Tanaka...
 If you like the pear skin (nashiji) finishing, you may also consider this Tanaka Ginsanko (Stainless Steel core) 240mm. for U$170.http://www.chefknivestogo.com/tagigy24.html It may  not be in the same league as the Fujiwara in terms of hardness and handle quality, but gets the job done.As you see, i recommend you to buy the 240mm. I own  the same Tanaka knife in 210mm. -i love it- but always regret not buying the 240mm.
Buckwheat noodles carbonara  
I'll win this challenge. I'll present only 1 pie, but it will be enormous. I'll win based on hugeness, rather than quality. My new wicked strategy!
A unique cheese dish, and worth the 1st. prize!
 That will never happen with my last presentation. THE PLAYERS  THE PRODUCT  Take that teamfat!
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