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Too many movable parts in that setup. My rubber brick, joined with Vileda Window Cloth is immobile over the marble countertop. No hassle, no fuss. I recommend it.
Today at lunch, cottage pie with pulled braised roast beef and rustic potatoes mash.  
Bacon amuse bouche   Bacon, thyme and ground black pepper in foil papillote.       After aprox 1/2 to 3/4 hour at low oven, bacon is half done. Get a new papillote and add black sugar to the bacon.     After aprox. 15 minutes or so at high oven the sugar melts. It's done.     Serve.  
Superlative! Now i also want to be one with the bacon. Well, if a take a look at my belly, i can see some similarities...
Egg shell is pretty porous (think Chinese Century Eggs or Tea Eggs). So, if you prepare a sugar brine and let the eggs there for a week or so it may absorb the sweetness
I will add Fegato alla veneziana = Liver and caramelized onions.  An Italian classic.
La grande bouffe! Bacon suicide feast! Let's die all together wtf! 
What Brian said. Let me add that a crispy crust comes from adding vapor in the (home) oven. There're some techniques for that, but I can get nice crusts using a spray to really vaporize the hot oven just before baking the loaf, and sprying again once the dough rised after 30 minutes or so. These days i'm baking bread in loafs, without pans or pots. You may have to knead for about 10 minutes after the first rise and that's enough. Less hydratation. 12-20 hours first rise....
Fair decision! Chefbuba and Butzy were both contenders in my heart. Thanks Hank for hosting this Challenge!
Anybody said fried sweetbread burger?     Wow, that pick is old! That burger was sin.
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