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Roasted peppers for Xmas night Pionono (savory sponge cake roll).  
Petals: just saw your picks. Great picks indeed! I guess things are going to change in Cuba after last days news.
Glazed vegetables: carrots, baby onions, courgettes, sparragus, etc. Braised vegetables: leeks, endives, fennel, etc.   Those will also give you pretty colorful presentations.
A new sticky for Nicko: Why you should never buy a set of knives.
What if you add some pork cracklings to your burger? I remember a chicken burger recipe i made some years ago, where i used chicken skin cracklings, and it was good.
Can't see any problem from the picks. May be you can contact Jon from Japanese Knife Imports. He sells the same cleaver.
Give us a pick of that handle.
A sticky: Your First Japanese Knife, with a lot of CT searches, info, advices, etc. about the subject. Same about Sharpening Your Knife. 
As i see it, you should buy both, cause they are totally different, non comparable knives:   Carbon steel vs. stainless 240 vs. 210 No dimples vs. dimples   Besides, you don't want another brand... so... get both!
May be someone can fix the rivet. It's not so difficult really.
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