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Dry-wet sandpaper over your kitchen countertop (or any flat surface) will do it.
Villeroy veal chops. Usually made with lamb, but perfectly possible with veal. A different and delicious option which requires some cooking technique.    Côtelettes de mouton à la Villeroy
Sounds pretty good chefanthonyd!
You better get a very good Japanese waterstone. Its difficult to sharpen any knife with a mediocre stone. Besides a good stone will last you for years and is a good and necessary investment.
That was fun to see! A risky trick indeed.
Vegetarian mapo tofu Eggplant instead of meat.      One word: boring.
Eggplant tempura, slice of tomato, slice of mozzarella, S&P, oregano, olive oil, bake.    
I don't know if i could eat that burger Cerise! Too cute. Using my sofisticated piece of cooking hardware i'm making my todays burgers, about 25% beef fat, hand grounded.  
IceMan is a Cheapist, kinda religion.
Check here:    
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