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I really need to try different asian cuisines appart from Sechuan dishes. This recipe looks interesting.
End of the jalapeño.     The guy was stealing protagonism.
 Fantastic. A winner.Waiting for someone to post a raclette now.
 How do you dare to question a great artist? Shame on you, MaryB! The tenderloin and guilty matryoshka. 
This are steamed leeks, cut to bite sizes (important).     Fill with perfect bechamel.     Add grated parmigiano.     Broil, brake the cheese crust, enjoy. Really delicate.  
Mean kiwi breaks the yolk  
Thank you Someday. I knew that, even if it's late in my life, the society would finally recognize my obvious talents. There're more outstanding video clips to come. My inspiration just began to blossom.
I guess you can make a pie with almost any stew. Top it with mashed potatoes -or any purée- and bake. The melted cheese inside is a nice surpise. 
Drawing the pie    
Here's a lentils stew.     We add some mozzarella cheese.     Duchess potatoes.     And bake.  
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