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 Looks pretty good.
If i steal the coffee mill that my wife uses for some misterious seeds grinding (what she calls "micro-feeding", God knows what the hell that means) i'm divorced in a week.
So you want somebody elso to do your 'research' job?
Call Shun and complain about the vendor. This should not happen and could be hiding other problems.
Pork chop and pumpkin cakes  
You may overcook some Asian pasta dishes, but no Italian pasta or Soba to give an example. It's said that pasta al dente helps a better digestion. Also:   Scotta. Molto cotta. Troppo cotta. Ben cotta.   And a lot of dialectal terms.
Where's Siduri?
Sorry to post here (not a pro), but there's a guy in Spain that makes natural stone rods with a steel core and in different grits.   A pedra das meigas        
My wife used to cook beef tendons a lot. Its indeed a delicacy if well done. All recipes i know begin with blanching and slow cooking them. On open fire, it will take 3-4 hours. to get them tender. Then you proceed to put the flavors you want cause beef tendons are not so much tastefull; they have that nice texture that will absorb all flavors you put in them. Here's a recipe that skips two steps: blanch the tendons and braise until tender.     Here's a surprising...
Why don't you try the fry-fry method for a change? No water at all.
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