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There's sweet corn. Maize.
 But it's a pie.
Nope. No flour.
I'll take it for now.   Eggs Basil Milk Black olives Sweet corn Lard or butter Sugar optional Raisins optional Spices (cumin, paprika, etc.) S&P Beef   Ingredients in disordered order. By Ordo.
Loved that Who's to blame?   Heres a mixed electronic tango by the group Bajo Fondo with actual images of a train travel along the impoverished province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The real Argentina that few tourist get to know.  
This is a classic Argentinean food from Italian origin. It's like a pizza on top of a milanesa.   Milanesas a la napolitana con puré de papas Breaded eye round alla napolitana with mashed potatoes.     Eye round slices (i use steaks or even tenderloin) are smashed (to tenderize), sometimes marinated in milk, classically breaded, fried, then layered with ham, fried tomatoes, cheese and finally broiled. Super food!
Something to be considered:   Many (if not all) South American country's cuisines present a mix of other cuisines. For instance, Argentina has the enormous influence of Italian and Spanish cuisines. Also, French, German, Arab, etc. though in much lesser extent. On the other hand, there's the local indigenous influence. This Wiki article explains it pretty well:   Argentine Cuisine    That means you will find a lot of European food here, as well as some indigenous...
Locro Locro    From the Quechua languaje: ruqru. Stew with meats, corn, potato, squash and other vegetables.     Made with this:  
I'll have to learn how to cook Argentinean food, damned!
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