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A removable brain implant with the complete Escoffier recipes and other classics from all over the world. Google glasses with videos of such recipes step by step. Should include an eye laser thermometer. I see a surface and i get the temp. Easily transplantable livers.
Burger feast for lunch     Home made burgers; home made bread; bacon; confited onions; gouda cheese; fried garlic; roasted peppers; tomatoes; lettuce; ommelete; sauces; assorted oilve oils. Wine!
 So true!  So true!
No trussing for me also. Crispy skins for ever.
Also, it may help to cool down the shrimps in the fridge, once breaded.
Weird situation. Non of my friends touch my knives and stuff. They come home to eat and have a good time, not to cook or do the dishes. And my wife has its own cleaver -mostly the only knife she uses-, which of course i sharpen and care because she's brutal with the edges!
Besides the mandatory hot oven and/or stone, what makes a big difference in taste and texture, is retarded fermentation, from 3 to 5 days in the fridge.
Why don't you force a new patina over the old patina?
I made a loaf of bread, 30 hours raising in the fridge at 6ºC, 60% hydratation.  
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