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Great pasta Chris. And the garlic-almonds-cream paste makes for a stupendous dipping sauce. I have a Komodo dragon's breath now!
Years ago (I can't remember the forum and username), somebody talked about "the moral superiority" of cleavers. It's a funny saying but there's a hint of truth in it. I own three Chinese cleavers which I abuse as no one here could even imagine. I mean, I cut branches, small trees and all kind of woods for barbecues, with almost no harm to the edges. Geometry is a no brainer, just a piece of almost rectangular steel that duplicates as a scraper. They are cheap, strong and...
One word Chris: thanks.
έκτακτη Thanks!
 Toasted rice is also used in a classic Chinese dish: Fen Zheng Ruo 
Prep i don't mind. I enjoy it a lot (home cook here, of course, for a pro is another matter). But i hate cleaning fatty roasting pans.
Avocado is pretty good also with salsa golf, which is just a mix of mayonaisse and ketchup (sometimes tomato extract) to which you can add lemon juice, herbs, etc.   Google pick
 A Chinese cleaver.
 You may consider a yo-deba, which is not a deba at all, but rather a pretty hefty gyuto.
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