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I improvise. Google lemon cake and you will find lots of reliable recipes.
 Tangoland.8000 miles, 13000 kilometers away from you.
 You're very kind. In fact it's a simple recipe but phatch's post about baking powder and baking soda helped a lot, cause this recipe use baking soda, yogurt and lemon juice.Honey lemon is so simple to do and yet so delicious with tea. I'm using it a lot.
Lemon cake Lemon glaze and honey lemons on top.     Ordo dares to bake...
Flavio: outstandng.
Nice presentation pitufina.
Konosuke HD 240mm. gyuto is semi-stainless proved performer also, just in the limit of your budget at $245 HERE.
You can also try the cold oil method, which gives very easy crispy fries in a snap. Click the image.     What oil or fat will influence the result, as well as the humidity of your city will influence the immediate crispiness.
For a twist if you want bigger fries, you can try par boiling the potatos in a bag (a replacement cause i do not have a vacuum machine) and then fry in 1 or 2 ssteps..       The whole idea here:  
Congrats phatch. Will you accept bribes?
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