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Two more advantages of a 240 mm. gyuto: more knuckle clearence, more food to pick up with the wider blade.
The only thing i can think with dried-ground peppers is some kind of soft chilli oil. Then, of course, rubs.
Can't believe people are showing pick injuries here. Sick.
Two more, sorry, i'm in the mood. Here's a street guy deboning a duck in minutes with a peculiar technique. He' may not be Pepin but...     And here's how they serve duck at Eleven Madison Park. Your choice.  
One more, with a beast, beautiful kurouchi cleaver:  
And what about chopping a crackling pig, at 3:17:  
In China, both ways are used. Check here begining at 3:29:     That's a slicer cleaver. I have 3 Chinese slicer cleavers and they can chop chicken bones without blinking.  This guy, instead, uses a chopper, heavy cleaver:    
Who can live without a pizza decrustifier?  
Of course you all know the bechamel French coating technique (Villeroy) for suckling lamb côtelettes, also perfect with chicken and beef tenderloin. Finesse.    
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