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Get better MHatter. I made bread again. This time i kneaded two times letting the dough rise at room temp for 18 hours.  
May be. I don't know reallly cause i don't own a Granton knife. I owned and own scalloped blades and scallops are useless in my experience. Besides, when you reach the scallops sharpening is a mess.
 Chinese stir fry with heavily spiced beef meatballs.      
Sechuan chilli oil     Bread  
Two notes for the OP:   1. Stone sharpening is not that complicated. On the contrary, with the time it becomes a pleasure to prepare the stones and sharpen. 2. Do not buy those Macs with grantons. Grantons are completely useless.
Here's a stupid but effective tip: wet the knife frequently while cutting. Water acts as a lubricant and helps the cut.
Great entries! I present beef tongue in wine sauce and fried potatoes with capers Mornay.  
i still remember my 40 years birthday. I invited 25 friends and made all the food with my wife. A nightmare, an ordeal. We enjoyed zero until the late afternoon, when we could relax, drink some wine and play some songs on the piano. Never more.
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