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Another technique with brown sauce (fond brun):  
Check this technique:  
I was never succesful with orange sauces. Tricky. Was thinking in using orange marmelade and brandy for a quick try. Opinions?
Curious. I call this dish "milanesa".  I wander what's it's origin. And always flour.egg.Panko.
Saw this yesterdy also. Kids, of course, are angels, but i love how the chef and staff behave so respectfully with them.
Brilliant video. And also the next videos, worth to see.
There are a lot of home cooks in this particular fourm. You may have more pro advice if you post in the Professional chefs forum:   http://www.cheftalk.com/f/12/professional-chefs
I really wonder if end grain boards are a necessity or an esthetic whim.
Another eggplant no pastry tart. I'm simplifying ingredients: eggplant. onions. garlic, custard.  
Epic fail. 
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