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Chicken confit   I decided to cook a rather quick chicken confit to try a shortcut sauce made with Chinese tienmienjiang. Cooking just for me, so its a leg and a thigh. Olive oil, herbs, pepperoncino, etc.     Preparing the sauce. I added some honey to the basic recipe, tienmienjinag, butter, champagne.     After 3 1/2 hours at very low temp. At this stage it was delicious.     Pan seared the skin. Added the sauce reduction.     Fork...
I tend to agree with FrenchFries. But as i remember a nice sauce i did once with tienmienjiang (wich of course is overwhelming) i will try to replicate it with a chicken confit (no duck at reach) and present it in the Slow Cooking Challenge. The recipe involved tienmienjiang, butter and champagne. Let's see if it comes OK.  
You will have to balance the sauce cause you have lots of stuff going there, confit cherries, fondant potatoes, saldad. Kindly sweet sauces, like Port or Madeira wine sauces (you'll need some demi-glace) are good for duck. A shortcut to complex Western sauces is tianmianjiang, the sauce used to accompany Pekin duck.
Damned! TrainMeUp porchetta is awesome! But we're still cooking... so now the competition will be unmerciful, atrocious, au premiere sang! Let's defeat the talented newbie!   BTW: you're very welcome TrainMeUp.
Why the hurry? Can't you wait for the knives to be available?
Glazed chicken wings Chinese style  
Both excellent knives. Kono is semi stainless and you have to pay extra $30 for a Saya. The Suisin is Swedish stainless and already comes with a Saya. Its cheaper at Japanese Knife Imports ($327). In any case, a superb gift for your wife. 
Suspicious ECG:  
You can check similar blades in eBay, going from $10 to $80 depending on a number of factors.
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