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Potatoes by JO look so good. Sometimes i like lemon juice on the potatoes and we have a local variation,  "papas aplastadas" (crushed potatoes) which we make par-boiling the potatoes with the skin, hand crushing them and finish on a a flat grill with butter and olive oil. I'm in a potato mood now.
I make several "fusion" Chinese dishes. One of them is an Italian-Chinese fried pasta, based on the Italian pasta arruscata, that you make with leftover pasta. The difference consists in the use of doubanjiang in the oil.  
I missed the challenge. Sorry  for that KK. Many daily-life worries. I even missed my cooking habilities, -if there were any-, and i'm burning (or undercooking) food like a newbie. Petals: well done..
Easy and practical technique. Anybody can do it.
Wine tasting descriptors are kind of a poetry affair latley. From Wine Spectator 100 wines of the year.   Mollydooker Shiraz McLaren Vale Carnival of Love - Sinewy, lithe and expressive, packing red berry, black cherry and cardamom aromas and flavors into a tightly focused package.  The finish expands and powers up, driving a long and meaty finish.  Displays muscle and poise. Drink now through 2022. 4,729 cases made. —HS   Quinta do Vale Meão Douro - A lush, seductive...
And here some comparisons with water baths (water ovens):  
An immersion circulator? More info here.
Anyone tried the microwave method? I saw Pepin doing it.
Pagoda Dong Po pork.  
Aghhhh! You're gonna kill me IceMan!
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