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KK: sautée those figs in butter infused wih anise seeds. Pinch of salt. Then tell me. Lucas: Keller, my hero. How's the magic broth made?   Ricotta ravioli in pepperoncini and garlic butter sauce  
Indian rice With ghee, curry, garam masala, etc.  
Making naan the pro way.  
Gâteaux au chocolat Just taken off the oven, with raisings and walnuts.  
 I can't relay on bees wax-mineral oil paste. It may be polyurethane varnish or something like that. Like in the video, several aplications will probably do it.
Gene, do you have a room to rent there? Nice place! Today i made some roasted meat with sauté baby potatoes.  
This is the preliminar idea:     Curiosly there are some Rare Earths in Argenina and i can buy Neodymium magnets. Prices in pesos argentinos (1 dolar = 12 pesos).   http://listado.mercadolibre.com.ar/neodimio-imanes   As always ideas welcome.
I have a collection of woks and a lot of carbon steel pans. I never seasoned them in an oven, but a stove.I do not know a Chinese cook that would season a wok in the oven.
That White #1 240 Goko looks like a killer. Very nice measures. The moment you grab that blade and compare it with your former Forcshners, wow... i would like to be there and see your face.
Fair play! Congratulatios to the German team! Now, my real feelings of a grown man with some experience in life:     To forget the infaust day, i will eat this:  
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