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Who can live without a pizza decrustifier?  
Of course you all know the bechamel French coating technique (Villeroy) for suckling lamb côtelettes, also perfect with chicken and beef tenderloin. Finesse.    
 Yes sir. Schnitzel, tonkatsu or cotoletta alla milanese? The truth and nothing more than the truth.
One more.  
Another technique with brown sauce (fond brun):  
Check this technique:  
I was never succesful with orange sauces. Tricky. Was thinking in using orange marmelade and brandy for a quick try. Opinions?
Curious. I call this dish "milanesa".  I wander what's it's origin. And always flour.egg.Panko.
Saw this yesterdy also. Kids, of course, are angels, but i love how the chef and staff behave so respectfully with them.
Brilliant video. And also the next videos, worth to see.
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