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Remember the Beston 500 will take lots and lots of water. You need to permanently pour water over it.
Well done!
Acidity is a good counteract for too sweet-savory dishes. 
Incredible Schubert. So in advance.    
 Simple said: spectacular.
I made a pionono (pick in dinner thread) in advance and my wife and friends ate it all, So i have to make another one. Our menu is very simple:   Figs, melon and prosciutto. Pionono (savory). 4 hours roasted pork ribs (by request). Salads. Ice cream. Fruit salad. 6 bottles of a local Brut Sauvage champagne.
Let's spoil mrbushido (even more). The benefits of a proper grind.     + $1000, sorry.
The thick bolster is pretty much unuseful and interferes with sharpening in the long term. I personally de-bolstered many knives like that in my life. 
Pionono salad  
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