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You're welcome sir. Here`s todays brunch:     From top and left to right reading.   Home made bread. Champagne Brut of course. Potato, eggs and carrots salad Onion, pear, apple and tomato curry. Chinese salad: kombu, rice noodles, red pepper, etc. Pasta arruscata Eggplant paste.   Newbies, old time posters, ladies and gentlemen and the others. Forget it. The challenge is mine.
IceMan, you made me remember that saying:   And they lived miserably, cause it was cheaper.
 Could be a winner in the Brunch Challenge.
 Yep. Changing the quote is not fine forum practice tho i can't see why Rick did it.Anyway, i'm a pretender home cook and i will spend any money i want in my knives.  Sometimes getting expensive stuff makes you improve your cooking radically. In fact, the worst cooks i know, being they home cooks or chefs, use cheap knives.
Dear Petals. Long time missing you.  
Everybody and the OP will hate me now, but Beef Wellington is one of the most overvalued dishes ever, tho the presentation can be breathtaking. The only way to save the dish is with a superb, really undisputable demi-glace wine and/or port reduction sauce. And of course presented almost sagnant, never dry. BTW: Michel Roux Jr. uses pancakes to preserve the crust.
My case is worst. In 2009 i've been in China for almost 3 months and i was accompanied to a knife producer's city whose name i can't remember. A multitud of exceptional cleavers, carbon steel, SS, slicers, choppers, etc., etc. was presented to me and guess what?: I DIDN'T BUY A SINGLE CLEAVER CAUSE OF THE WEIGHT OF OUR ABSURD LUGGAGE, MORE THAN 100 KILOGRAMS OF WOMEN CLOTHES!
Shibazi cleavers are also good. Very well known Chinese brand. I got one years ago.       $24,75 in Amazon.
Eggplant parmigiana leftovers with wise-presentation edible plastic flower.     BTW: i respected the estrict Italian tradition: deep fried eggplants, home made passata di pomodoro, cacciocavalo, parmigiano, etc. Wow this dish is das bomb!
New Posts  All Forums: