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 The flour but without the gluten.
For a twist, fried with honey:     And in tempura with honey  
Maizena is now a global brand. We have Maizena here as well, with almost the same classic package. A great name, i must say. A great find that Trademark link FF.
And of course, a quiche:     Stuffed with ragú:     Sechuan style, sweet, spicy and sour:  
So, i misread. Sorry. This one is nice:   Tian d'aubergines  
Now a see you have ulcers. Forget my recomendation on pickled eggplants please.
Pickles, Italian way (oil, water- vinegar, etc.) Japanese way (with miso).. Tarts, quiches, 
As an example, a Wagyu steak 370 grs. costs about U$27. It may seem inexpensive outside Argentina, but it's a lot of money here.     Compare with the U$7 for 1 Kg. of beef steak, which is really cheap.  
I'm plannig a dried pine mushrooms omelette.  
We have some producers here in Arg. Prohibited prices.
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