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Bo Ssäm.
This Umami thing is such a worship. I'm declaring myself an Umami atheist.
Dino Saluzzi  
I had decided to begin a diet today and, stupid me, i open this thread! Look at those dishes mamita querida! My treat could be this one, also from Spain.   Pa amb tomàquet  
Arroz con pollo, by Pollo. Nice.
That's happening here too.
I don't know the product, but dreamed with this saucier that Michel Roux Jr. use on many of his recipes. The line is sensible priced also.  
It could work, yes. In this one the lemon slices added an undesirable bitternes. So, no lemon, and a sweet rice vinegar is something to try. 
Yes Michael. You let the escabeche to rest in the fridge. Then add the beef. It was not so great. The escabeche marinade ovepowered the subtle taste of the tenderloin. Textures where good tho.
Not really dinner, but something i intented to try some weeks ago.   Beef tenderloin carpaccio in escabeche    
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