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That was interesting. Thanks.
That's a spectacular and different Biryani.
Use a fumet. It takes less than 30 minutes to make it and you can change the "fishiness" easily (more or less water, more or less fish and/or seafood, vegetables, etc.). A fumet can be done blanc or brun also. Added benefit: you don't waste ingredientes. That stock is the canvas where you paint your stew.
Sizzling rice   This is a pretty original recipe, where the rice is cooked 3 times. First, as usual, boil it until done.     Now spread the rice in a shallow roasting tray about 1/2 ".     Bake until the rice edges are golden, about 30-40 minutes.     Break the rice brick and reserve until service.     Meantime, make a soup. This one has chicken breast, portobello, leeks, ginger, chicken stock, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, hot chili oil, S&P....
Please Iceman, don't take offense at my words. It's in fact an old saying that I apply to my own life.  The first time I read it, it was like a revelation. "Don't be cheap if you have the money, the resources, the time, etc." I say that to myself every time I have to take a decision or buy something.  Can you cook with a $40 knife? Of course you can, no doubt about it. But look: my grandma would be surprised (and even offended, given her poor origins) to hear somebody...
The best for you and your baby, Lagom!
+1. Always learning from his posts.
That's the real deal. Send some here, to the End of the World!
And  the profile is a refinement of a Tosagata santoku, that sells for $50 or so.    
Over priced, over marketed, kinda santoku blades.
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