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Wrap tightly in aluminium foil. Then wrap in wax paper or better linen cloth. That cheese needs to breath, don't use vacuum pack or film. Keep in the fridge in a plastic container, appart from other cheeses.
For neophytes like me, Chefsteps.com has some interesting videos about sous vide, including sous vide on a budget methods. Heres the cooler method:  
Lately my wife is using a mix of savory veggies and fruits in salads. Also in the dressing, with touches of marmelade. That old fashioned salad with tuna and melon is also a favorite in the summer. Oh, too many favorite salads to mention here.
Lemon pasta. Not a fan of Melissa Clark (NYT) but this recipe is good and has a twist on classic pasta al limone.     RECIPE.
 More info about this dish, you may find interesting. i did it this week for a bunch of friends.  Guoba (Chinese) Okokge (Japanese) Nurungji (Korean) Tahdig (Persian) Cơm Cháy (Vietnamese). Lots of images nad links. There's also the Socarrat, on the bottom of paella, but the technique is different.
Envy! The worst kind of envy you can imagine!
Shui Zhu Yu Water/boil/fish   A classic Sichuan fish dish. Pick from this year recipes.  
Lentils, bacon and pine mushrooms stew. On a pan.  
Yeah. And it's not a manly pan. It's a dirt one.
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