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Quick bread. No pre-ferment. Just flour, fresh yeast, tiepid water and salt. Only one raising.     I made a bruschetta with a superb local Arbequina oil and sardines.    
Oh man, that´s a killer sausage GM.
Gene: that's a nice Italian dinner. Chris; thanks. Problem with rich, savory bread is that you end up eating too much bread.
Beef tenderloin, onion gravy and salad.  
My best loaf of bread yet. Made with pre-ferment.    
Many classic Chinese cleavers have the bolster you're looking for:  
May be What we cook  is a more precise title for the thread.
Who cares if it's dinner, lunch or whatever. It's just what we cook.
Excellent Soba. Propio eccellente!
Bread again. With a pre-ferment.  
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