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Nice one Gene. Yogurt is an important ingredient in this cuisine. May be somebody can teach us how to make a superb yogurt. I've been lurking in youtube for some Middle East regions and recipes. Would you consider OK to post some videos? We could learn something.
 From my grandmother, Lebanese, born in Beirut, a great woman who raised 9 children. A stupendous cook too. She came to Argentina very young. This lady:  You will find inifite eggplants recipes in this Middle East zone. Check this step by step i posted in Recipes:  
Lasagna     Using Batalli's ragú which i have to say is very re-utilizable and gets better each day. I added cream to the bechamel and made a garlic and salt infused EVOO sauce.
Stuffed eggplants   Scratch the eggplants, pour a little EVOO on top and bake until colored.     Mix egg and parmesan     Take appart the eggplants 'meat'      Prepare a ragu (i'm using my last ragu) and the minced eggplant     Sautée and make a first layer of filling      Second layer of the egg-cheese mix     Bake  
A real culinary trip. Thanks for that Gene!
That Suisin inox wa gyuto is a beautiful, terrific blade. One of my dreams. If i had the money i would certainly buy it. Nothing but good things i heard about it. Check what J. Broida has to say about that line:     Not so sure about the kiritsuke shaped one.
I did Mario Batalli's ragu alla bolognese.     With penne:     Nice, but in my opinion, nothing compares with long cook meats ragu, like oxtail, ossobucco, estofados, etc.
The last one is similar to Mario Batalli Ragu Bolognese, shown here:     Lots of tips in that video.
And the dessert.   Bread pudding.  
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