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I remember a signature or something like that: I wanna be a vegetarian but can't find bacon seeds.
Outstanding oeufs en cocotte Nicko.
 Not a single portion of my favorite gyutos (Masamoto, Tanaka, Togiharu) is totally flat. From the heel to the tip, there's always some curvature.The only knife i own that has an almost flat profile is a customized Kanemasa that i morfed into a kind of 250 mm. santoku. I use it sometimes cause the edge is terrific, but as cutters, i certainly prefer the former. Here's the profile pick of the Kanemasa.  Remember also, that it entirely depends on your style of cutting.
Check this thread by Mr. Iceman:    
Gene: if you like Italian food, this recipe is something you may enjoy.  
Deviled egg on avocado paste  
FF: not for steaks that i know (tho it could be something to try). Yes for spit asados (1/2 lamb, 1/2 pork, big pieces of meat). Mehods really differ. For instance i tried the butter basting technique on flat pan, and its unbearable to me; just fried steak. Here's Ramsay approving (yes, Gordon Ramsay approving) an Argentine parrilla in Battersea, London: At the beggining you can see the parrillero cleaning the irons with a brine, another technique very common in...
That´s also my way. And i use coarse salt in a pepper mill, which i recommend. The same brand of salt since about 30+ years ago.
A great omelette Nicko.
Check Genaro doing porcheta. No scoring of the skin in many Italian recipes.  
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