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Looks fantastic Mike.
 May be a problem of getting used to the flavor. May be the variety and quality of the beef and the fat. But i don't render the fat. I get a piece of fat and pass it over the hot irons using a fork. Idem on the grill pan. Then, there goes the steak. I tried many methods and the worst was the butter basting so usual in top restaurantes outside Argentina.
To increase the beef flavor you can use beef fat instead of olive oil. Also, although to make a proper brown stock (that will help you to make some tasty reductions) takes many hours, there're some ways to make it quickly with some bones and veggies.
I'm gonna make a spicy sauce according to this recipe and expecting the same effects.  
I designed a  new holder. Ideally made of crystal clear glass (but how?). Got rid of superfluous matter and wanted the blade to show as much as possible.        
Well done KK! 
 And what stuff's that?
Oh, Benuser. i have an SK-4 Kanemasa gyuto, so smelly i had to put a ten days mustard patina on it and still the smell was never totally gone after years of use The knife is a real cutter, tho, and takes a fantastic edge.
The brand La Fiammante, is well known in Italy with some good consumer reviews. Other brands related to the same factory are La Reale and La Paesana. They produce a selection of different products, being the Pomodoro al basilico (tomatos with basil) and the Passata di pomodoro al basilico some of their best. This is their website:   La Fiammante.   You're lucky to have them at your market.
More restaurants need... silence. Noise is killing my wishes to eat outside.  
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