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The best for you and your baby, Lagom!
+1. Always learning from his posts.
That's the real deal. Send some here, to the End of the World!
And  the profile is a refinement of a Tosagata santoku, that sells for $50 or so.    
Over priced, over marketed, kinda santoku blades.
I'm sorry cause of my weak participation in this challenge. I'm busy these days. I can just present past dishes.   Chicken Biryani           Fen Zheng Ruo (Steamed pork and rice)     Ground toasted rice and anise seeds.       Steamed.     Both are presented in the Recipes forum.   Paella     I also have a very original rice Chinese recipe (a surprising technique, i promise), but will present it next week cause tomorrow i'm traveling...
I've seen lots of videos on fish filleting and turkey carving with an EK, and yet can't see the point of it. Not to talk about that uncorfortable power cord, the cleaning, etc.
Ingenious omelette sandwich       The flying dough  
Amazing., Should be in the Wonderful Technique Videos Thread:    
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