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Expensive schnitzels From the tenderloin's head.       Butter tender.
 This is a very good advice. I adopted it.
MillionsK, this piece of meat rocks my head. Beautiful. 
 Almost.4.6 lb beef tenderloin = U$17.80 That's U$3,86 per pound.I can feel the envy.
Expensive burger          
Great salad! A complete meal. Qualified!
Bacon drippings? Great idea!     $240.-
Zucchini parmigiana! Zucchini pickles! Zucchini tempura! There you are: Zucchini in three languages.
Good luck with your snacks Lagom. Neat idea.   Here's a leftovers quiche with non-edible porcelain flowers on top (for presentation).     And here's the recipe for the pastry.   4 cups flour (no yeast). 1 cup milk. 1/2 cup sunflower oil, or better lard. 1 or 2 TS salt. Up to you.   Mix. Let it rest 1 hour. Done. Really easy and phenomenal pastry for savory tarts.
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