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Fantastic treat Pollo. Looks wonderful. I'm in.
Yeah. It was for the sauce. It crushed bones and got the most out of the duck.
I don't want to google it, but remember it was some kind of machine for duck. I guess it was The waterside inn that has one of them. Not sure.
Oven roasted ET?
Great. I'm bad imagining ingredients and recipes. Please people, feel free to post a new Guess the dish challenge.
Bo Ssäm.
This Umami thing is such a worship. I'm declaring myself an Umami atheist.
Dino Saluzzi  
I had decided to begin a diet today and, stupid me, i open this thread! Look at those dishes mamita querida! My treat could be this one, also from Spain.   Pa amb tomàquet  
Arroz con pollo, by Pollo. Nice.
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