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Classic butter and parmesan asparagus     If you say asparagus it's difficult to beat this very simple technique.
Stunning chickpea pie     Chickpea flour, oil, salt, yeast, water. No filling. What? A chickpea bread is not a pie?!
 You don't use EVOO for high temp cooking indeed. Low smoke point and moral degradation.
One only dirty secret Mike: the eggplant peeled cubes are dried out in a cast iron skillet without any oil or liquid.     
Eggplant pies.  
Get a cast iron Dutch oven. In some of them the lid doubles as a skillet. Great also for deep fry and almost indestructible.     A clay pot is a probably choice too, but will require lots of care.
  Potato and cheese croquettes, as a side.  Wine reduction. Mirepoix, ground tenderloin, mushrooms, balsamic, wine, beef stock, soy sauce, mustard, ketchup, thyme, red pepper flakes, cardamom.  All waiting in the fridge. Now, if my friend doesn't bring a top cabernet sauvignon i'll kill him.
 I'm online...
I also recall my grandma making fried angel hair noodles when we were kids. No salsa. Just the noodles, parmesan, may be some butter. Need to try those. I tried rice noodles, and they work nicely too.
Pasta arruscata is a classic in some napoliteans homes. Made usually with leftover penne al ragú, you just drizzle some olive oil in a hot pan and fry the pasta both sides until it gets a nice crust all around. Then serve with parmesan and raw olive oil on top. The method is not so different from guotie (also jiaozi and gyozas in Japan), where you steam the dumplings and end forming a delicious fried crust on the bottom.   I must say it's the best way to use leftover...
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