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 Exactly, panini. Olive oil is not a neutral oil and gets in the way to your search of a meaty burger. In fact you don't need another fat that the beef fat for a good burger at least a 20% in my experience.Here's a burger i made last year, with the addition of bordolaise sauce and powdered mushrooms. The sauce really added for the "meatiness" but of course, means a lot of work, so bye-bye fast food! 
Can you freeze gremolata?
Yep. And the olive oil.
I guess for most of us, non Jews, any salt is OK as long as it's salty.
Koukou: check here. In theory all salts are Koscher. A nice way to use rock salt is with a pepper mill. It gives you more control and you can change the size of the crystals to your needs.
Stuffed eggplant (eggs and parmesan) My grandma recipe here.  
Eggplant tempura with honey. A treat.  
Read this whole forum and we can talk again in a year or two.
 Great article.
Looks pretty good phatch. The risotto socarrat! BTW, i never had a cooking dream. Must be something.
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