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bdl dissapeared from the forum months ago. Why don't you buy a generic chinese cleaver like this?:     Its just $15.99 on eBay HERE. Use it for a while and eventually, if it fits your needs, get a fancier one. Personally, i would never spend a lot of money on a cleaver.
Do you have some Chinese markets over there? They usually carry a variety of cleavers, cheap and of reasonable quality. I got this one for about U$15.     If not check CCK cleavers.
Get a chinese cleaver, better than a nakiri.
Sad news, and unexpected.
Unforgettable tart by the way.
teamfat: you have to try slow cooked pork ribs with mandarin peel. Very tasty, easy to make and infallible.
I really have issues with those thick, clogged plastic handles (on both, the Tramontinas and the Victorinox). And i agree with Rick: K-Girl, you deserve a really good knife, not a 5 bucks soft steel cheapo blade. I'm not saying convert yourself to the religion of the Edge Worshipers, but... just a good Japanese 240 mm gyuto could be so good to your cooking. About the Winco stones, no idea. The silicon carbide stones i can get in this part of the world are simple horrible.
Stunnig! And great presentations.
I get your problem. May be you need to try slow mo micro-movements. This charming lady explains it well:  
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