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Roasted pork neck
This is unusual and super-delicious: Eggplant tempura and honey.  
Meeting with the woodworker. He suggested three lines on top of the holder and four bronce bottons on the sides. Nice idea.              
I already posted lots of past recipes and picks. The other way we should be forced to eat a lot of the Challenge product each month! Also, some recipes are complicated to repeat. pitufina, wlong, Nicko: thanks! flipflopgirl: italian sausage. Too strong i have to confess. The dish is spectacular on the table, but hmmm... not so good. koukou: some picks of Greece will do it.        Two deserts with substantial quantity of eggs:   Pear Clafoutis     Bread...
Tomorrow, meeting the cabinet maker. Project.      
Scottish Egg Wellington          
Mayo   I'm using old picks.
Gene, the cooking machine! A slice of that pie for me, please.
Me too, Grande. Hope the magnets are strong enough for cleavers.
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