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Some point of the next graphic, failed, but i can't tell which.    
Yep. Those croquettes are awesome.
Good documental, but difficult to eat there, not just for the high price, but because of the ritualistic involved. BTW KK: it's Jiro, not Jairo. Jairo is an Argentinean singer.
Preheat on the stove. It surely is to sear the floured ossobuco. Latter on you can braise on the stove or in the oven. And yes, you can use your stock pot with the glass lid, but check there're not plastic or wooden parts.
 I have a Facebook account only to see videos and content. Same video: 
Got to try those potatoes technique Mike.
You knead the cavatelli using your 8 fingers, not the thumbs.     Once the tubular pasta (spaghetone) is made you can go one finger, two fingers, etc. cavatelli to give them the final shape.
teamfat: next try separating the stems and the leaves. Check here: Yu choy sum
 What the hell is that OregonYeti? My eyes hurt. Your knives will claim revenge in next reincarnations.  Beware of Karma!
Hey mimi. First let me say that coming from a professional baker like you, i really apreciate your comment about my bread. Sardines are MELLINO, a local Argentinean brand:     I don't know how to stop eating home made bread, olive oil and sardines. I can't. Another addiction!
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