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That's my kinda party K-girl.
Pretty interesting info. Thanks both. I wonder how the laser etched surface will react at high temperatures.
Stir fried tenderloin  
Garlic and capers pasta  
ChrisBelgium is your man here for tarragon vinegar:   http://www.cheftalk.com/t/56663/how-to-use-wine-vinegar-in-cooking#post_493669
Have to try that sauce Chris. In fact, i need to get back to velouté sauces. About the tongue, my friend made two batches. The first one was delicious with just the right texture. The second was overcooked and as a result the fibers of the tongue broke appart. This is not the kind of cut that will get tough when overcooked. Here's a tongue ragú with polenta:  
BTW: a friend recently made beef tongue with a capers sauce and it was fantastic. The sauce was basically a velouté using the tongue's stock, with some capers added, part mashed part whole. That and boiled potatos. The tongue was fork tender, an amazing texture.   Edit to correct spelling. Capers, Ordo, not cappers.
Exactly what i was going to say. I do not know much about field knives, but looks as a bushcraft.
Sure when a potato boils in water, it will absorb a lot of oil and flavors. But when a potato "boils" in oil (confit) it's a different matter. i don't kmow... different molecules interaction? Water +´water= more water. Oil + Water= emulsion. Closed cells? Ordo talking nonsense? Here's some further info: http://www.azeliaskitchen.net/cold-oil-french-fries-chips-absorb-less-oil/
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