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Mostly late 80s Metal or 90s Hardcore.   Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Death, Obituary, Vision of Disorder, 25 ta Life, Hatebreed, Sick of it All ect.   If I dont feel like listening to metal then I go total mellow music   Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Pink Floyd, Suede (AKA the London Suede).
If your ravioli is breaking can you tell us first how thin you are rolling your dough and also what are you filling it with and how long is the filling sitting in the dough before you cook it? That makes a huge difference.
I took this picture at our local Korean grocery store H-Mart. Could this be what you are thinking of?
I use Red Mill brand semolina flour and a Atlas 150 hand roller.
I have been cooking sous vide a lot lately and tonight I was wondering if I really need to let my 3ld tri-tip rest 15-20 min before slicing or can I let it rest for a shorter amount of time?   Thanks!   PS it has been a while ;)
Hello everyone,   Long time no see. I still read the forums everyday but I have not posted in a while.   I was watching a show on TV about survival after a disaster and if you are prepared so I did an inventory around the house for food and water and I am not prepared at all. FEMA says we should keep 3 days worth of food and water on hand and I learned I don't really have 1 days worth.   I have a gas grill but the gas tank it empty. I have a fireplace but I...
Hmmm after reading the replies maybe I am going all wrong about how I pan sear my steaks. First I heat the pan with no oil and get it pretty hot, next I add some EVOO and let it get hot enough that its get aromatic and before I drop my steak in I pat it dry with paper towel so there is no moisture at all on both sides.
    Hello,     I am moving at the end of the month and my new place will be a few miles from a TJ's and looking for your opinions on the meats, fruits and veggies they offer. I have been to TJ's before but only a few times around 5 or 6 years ago so I am not to familiar with the store. I will have a Fred Meyer close by also but for my meats, fruits and veggies maybe TJ's is better?   Thanks,   Brian
Thanks everyone,   I picked up the mineral oil this morning and I washed the block with just a damp cloth to get any dust off it and let it air dry on it side for about 10-15 minutes. When I applied the oil boy was that wood thirsty! I applied enough to give the wood that wet look and let it air dry on it side for about 15 minutes and so far so good. I just did the top, is it important to do the sides and bottom also?   I think I am going to follow Mike's post...
Hola,     I picked up a nice new chopping block yesterday and I want to take care of it correctly and all my research says season with mineral oil. I went to two different stores today to pick up mineral oil and they both say they are laxatives. I am not to sure I want to season something with laxatives. Is there a different type of oil I could use? Also looking at the labels both didn't mention food safe.   Thanks,   Brian
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