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Hello everyone,   Long time no see. I still read the forums everyday but I have not posted in a while.   I was watching a show on TV about survival after a disaster and if you are prepared so I did an inventory around the house for food and water and I am not prepared at all. FEMA says we should keep 3 days worth of food and water on hand and I learned I don't really have 1 days worth.   I have a gas grill but the gas tank it empty. I have a fireplace but I...
Hmmm after reading the replies maybe I am going all wrong about how I pan sear my steaks. First I heat the pan with no oil and get it pretty hot, next I add some EVOO and let it get hot enough that its get aromatic and before I drop my steak in I pat it dry with paper towel so there is no moisture at all on both sides.
    Hello,     I am moving at the end of the month and my new place will be a few miles from a TJ's and looking for your opinions on the meats, fruits and veggies they offer. I have been to TJ's before but only a few times around 5 or 6 years ago so I am not to familiar with the store. I will have a Fred Meyer close by also but for my meats, fruits and veggies maybe TJ's is better?   Thanks,   Brian
Thanks everyone,   I picked up the mineral oil this morning and I washed the block with just a damp cloth to get any dust off it and let it air dry on it side for about 10-15 minutes. When I applied the oil boy was that wood thirsty! I applied enough to give the wood that wet look and let it air dry on it side for about 15 minutes and so far so good. I just did the top, is it important to do the sides and bottom also?   I think I am going to follow Mike's post...
Hola,     I picked up a nice new chopping block yesterday and I want to take care of it correctly and all my research says season with mineral oil. I went to two different stores today to pick up mineral oil and they both say they are laxatives. I am not to sure I want to season something with laxatives. Is there a different type of oil I could use? Also looking at the labels both didn't mention food safe.   Thanks,   Brian
I don't think I would order an entire burger for myself as I have no idea what the meat is like but if 4 or 5 other people want to all go in on 1 burger so everyone gets a bite or 2 than sure I would give it a try. Can't be worse than Durian.
Hello,   I am really interested in learning how to make homemade pickles but I do not have a garden to grow fresh veggies ( I don't even have a lawn). I thought about buying the veggies at the local store but then I thought about the wax that they put on cucumbers and who knows what else so I figured I cannot use those. Should I buy from the organic section? Would Whole Foods be best to buy veggies from?   Thanks,   Brian
I cook for one, just me and I feel your pain. I own a Food Saver and I use it a lot, I will make a meal, freeze and Food Saver and use the leftover meals for lunch during the next few weeks and it works out very well for me. A Food Saver is not that expensive and probably paid for itself with all the meals I saved and had for lunch instead of eating lunch out everyday.
I don't mind the show at all and if it is on I will keep one eye on it. I rather watch No Reservations or Bizarre Foods.  I can go to the places he has been to in Seattle but I do not go out of my way to visit them or order the 6 pound hamburger if I do.
I remember in 7th grade we had a pot luck and one girl bought in Brandied Pears....everyone was like wooooot!    I would rather feed my kid rissotto made with wine than have my kid drink a can of soda loaded with HFCS and phosphoric acid.
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