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    or just sharpen them....  no tricks.  unless you want entire TKC polished, then sand paper. 
No chef that I know of cares what your resume looks like. They care that you're teachable and work hard. It doesn't matter if you went to lcb, ka, or CIA. On your first day, you're a blank piece of paper just like everyone else. So don't worry about that. You can certainly learn everything necessary to be successful in kitchen academy. Many of my favorite cooks never went to school at all.
just call and talk to them. chefs love free labors. or show up in person, but make sure you show up at a time that doesn't piss them off. if they have lunch, be there around 10. if they're dinner only, be there around 3. if they have lunch and dinner? be there before 10, or around 3. good luck :)
the best answer i can give you is that i could care less where cooks come from. some of my best cooks are dishwashers i trained. now, i'm not saying you should just start washing dishes (although you can do that and save alot of money). when i hire a cook, i hire on 1 thing and only 1 thing, attitude. you have good work ethic, come to me for the right reason, you have a job. i dont even care if you come to me with a resume or not. you'll stage for me for a day,...
i'm glad you didn't lose any fingers :p i just thought it was funny when you made that cut and the knife sliced the whole onion off :D but yeh, next time we can do more vegetable cutting ;) fish is fun but vegetable cutting is a whole other art form.
if your a good student, yes. if you're not a good student, then no. so basically, you can be very successful after finishing the program, and if you don't suceed... don't blame the school ;) i say that, because most graduates are not successful, but it's not the fault of the school... other than that the school shouldn't have graduated them.
1:6 is too big IMO, it works but so does good 700 edge without any further refinement. no wonder you're not used to my knife and almost took your finger off BDL :p scared me poopyless when you sliced through that onion :p
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