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Thank you Kuan,  Great Blog   I enjoyed his BBQ story very much.  Reminded me about eating BBQ in Japan for the first time.  The Japanese love eating BBQ, but they only eat small pieces of meat which they can stuff in their mouth after grilling. I prepared greek style marinated chicken and my mother-in-law was simply amazed since marinating is something rarely done in Japan.    Now, I really want to eat BBQ!     Talking about BBQ in Italy, has anybody seen...
This is scary news.  I've been following this from Japan where eating raw eggs is quite common.   The Japanese egg makers have managed to win the trust of pretty much everybody in Japan where runny eggs and raw eggs recipes are very popular.  I think something has to be done to gain the trust of the general public.  But telling people that contaminated eggs are a fact of life might not be the best way to go around the problem.     Read my blog about food in...
I read it not long ago, I am not sure if I prefered Kitchen Confidential or Medium Raw.   I really like the chapter on the fish guy and the one on David Chang . If I was not in Japan, I would go an eat there to make an idea for myself, but NYC is a bit far from Hiroshima.           My food blog about Japan Foodie Topography
Thanks for the informations. It's really hard to get a good idea about a knife by just looking at a picture. I am currently living in Japan and so far I bought 2 Global Pro, 2 Aritsugu in Kyoto and I am getting a Global Santoku for X-Mas. The Kramer knives are very nice indeed, I remember reading about him in the New Yorker and wanted one of his knife ever since. Living in Japan is a daily temptation, some of the knife store are simply amazing. So far, I...
I stumbled upon a video of Joel Bukiewicz talking about his knife making business, Cut Brooklyn. YouTube - Obsessives: Knives on His company website. Cut Brooklyn I was wondering if anybody has experimented with his knives? They are not exactly cheap, but I love all the style. My current chef knife is a 10in Global Pro that I bought in Osaka, so far I have really enjoyed this knife. Thanks
I once met a guy who left his job in the financial world to attend Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. He was the happiest guy in the world and never regretted taking this break to learn how to cook. If you can do it, why not... you might even have an epiphany or something and decide upon a complete change of career. I am seriously thinking about going to cooking school myself while I am in Japan.
I saw this book and I decided to buy a Japanese book about different cutting technique instead. The Japanese book was less flashy and went into details about many fishes and less known veggies. It's a nice looking book, but I will pass and keep my money to buy more knives.
Yokoso Naoko, I am a Canadian living in Hiroshima prefecture and I am trying to learn washoku. I love Japanese cooking, thank you for the links.
How many people are helping you? What kind of kitchen will you use? This is quite a big meal, 400 to 500! Wow! I am an amateur cook and cooking for a whole student residence (over 80 people) was a big deal! We always had success with buffet type when we had crowd, but 400 plates is another story. Good luck!
Thanks Chris, I didn't think about that one! Tomatoes are simply delicious in Japan, my region produces great tomatoes including one that looks like an Italian tomatoes. A 90 years old farmer told me they were American tomatoes, but I will never complain when I am given free tomatoes. I also doubt tomato sauce was available before the war!
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