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Jim, Do select the topic for all of your books or are you requested by the publisher to consider a specific topic? Just curious how much say in the topic you have or to you ever get pushed into a certain topic because that is what the publisher feels will sell.
Do you ever find it difficult to find a new topic for a book? I have found that there are so many cookbooks it almost seems impossible to come up with anything original at this point. Bread baking for example there must be literally thousands upon thousands of books in this category and I am amazed to see more books on the topic get published.
Thanks Jim, very helpful.
Jim, First let me say thanks for being here it is a real honor to have a chance to ask you a few questions. I have been a fan of your work and appreciate the detail and effort that you put into each of your books. For the past year I have been working on my first book which is about grilling and I am near completion. Overall I am satisfied with what I have but I am still making a few changes. The few people I have given a copy to have spoken highly of it, but friends...
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