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I am a saucier so I have a lot of questions for you. :) What are some of the trends that you see are coming about in recent years especially with the full court press of molecular gastronomy? Will some of the new techniques influence you to update your classic "Sauces". Great book by the way.
When I was in culinary school I saw a demonstration of the preparation of a hollandaise in which the chef actually brought this to a boil with out breaking it. Over the years I have tried numerous times to reproduce this but have never been able to. Have you ever been able to prepare a hollandaise that can keep at this temperature?
Jim, Hope this is not a silly question for you but I was wondering if you have experimented with different types of bones when preparing stocks. Specifically have you tried preparing stocks with bones from animals that have been raised organically as well as those that have been raised with the use of antibiotics and steriods? If so did you notice a difference in the flavor that bones for stock impart when made from bones of an animal that has been raised...
New Posts  All Forums: