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I have been playing around with the isomalt-fondant-glucose tuiles. I was wondering if anyone could think of a way to do an onion tuile, or glass, or croquant (whatever it can be called :lol:). I was thinking that powdered onion, or dehydrated onion, would work...but I would rather use fresh onions.
I have braised pork belly in a pressure cooker twice now. The first time I put it in as a small slab, and the second time I pre-portioned it. Both times I was unhappy with the results. It seems to warp the squares into funny shapes (makes for a bad presentation) and I cant seem to get the texture right. Has anyone braised pork belly in a pressure cooker before? Any tips?
I am throwing a dinner party (more like a catering) for 5 people next week and I want it to be brought out in "courses". I want the food to be just as beautifull as it is tasty. Do any of you have an ideas of either meat or poultry dishes that are small portions, and are asthetically pleasing?
I recently purchased individual round ring molds Any good "layered cake" recipes that you guys have made in ring molds?
I have been experimenting with decorated jaconde; but not so happy with the results. I have had to use a bit of black food dye for the stripes (the cocoa powder doesn’t make it dark enough) also: -The jaconde seems to bubble up and makes it look unprofessional. -And it doesn’t taste that great in the end. I have tried using extracts, but it is almost always bland. (instead of almond flour, is it possible to use almond paste?) Any tips or good recipes for a...
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