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Hi, A friend told me that he had the opportunity to revitalize a old kitchen this past weekend. Among the stuff found in the kitchen were old butcherblock style cutting boards. Some of which were so big, they had handles on the sides and were found on edge behind some cabinets.   Being a carpenter, he asked me how to rejuvenate them. I said scrape them then sand then oil.   After saying this, I wondered if this was good advice, since they would be used again in...
Chefross, The "off" aroma reminded me of ammonia.   I purchase most of my larger tails from a wholesaler and have never had issues before.
I made a large lobster tail this evening and although I may have overcooked it a tiny bit (it was still slightly frozen so I gave it a few minutes more). When I got down to enjoying it, I noticed there was a faint hint of an "off" aroma and i was wondering what this could be. It wasn't mushy or discolored but wasn't as buttery smooth in texture as I was expecting, and this "off" aroma bothered me.   Any ideas...?   Red.
Thank you all, that was a big help.   Red.
Ok , I'm older and I recall a time when canned goods were stocked in fallout shelters for who knows how long.   So now-a-days, when when should canned products be tossed?   (I seem to also recall my father telling me to toss any can that was puffy at the ends otherwise, it was good to eat.)     Red.
My wife is under the impression that the "best by date" stamped on the bottom of canned products such as soup and such means it needs to be thrown out after that date.   I say that is only a guideline as to the best taste and by no means should it be considered an expiration date.   Can you clarify this please...   Red.
VINDICATED...!   Tthank you all.   Red,
When making pulled pork, my friend and I were discussing what the internal temperature should be.   I said that when making this dish, you should go more with a time rather than temperature because you want to be able to pull apart the meat. A long slow cooking process would render the results required. Cooking to an internal temperature of 140 would not allow the collagen to loosen up enough to allow pulling apart of the meat. He insisted it would.   It seems to...
A week ago, I had a dinner party where I over estimated what I could cook and serve so there were some things left over that never got served and today I discovered one of them - 4 skirt steaks marinated in olive oil, garlic and worchestershire sauce. Two per ziplock in the back of the fridge.   Question: still viable or should I just have a funeral for them?   Red.
Hello all, I have some sliced pork tenderloin meat left over from a supper party and was wondering what to do with it.   I figured I'd wrap some up in foil and toss it into the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes to heat it through and then serve some sort of sauce or gravy over it like a au jus, so as to not cover the meat and hide the flavor, just enhance it and add some moisture.   The problem is I do not have juice or drippings from cooking so how do I create...
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