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Sugar...! As cacioEpepe mentioned, egg shells are very porous and possibly some salt might penetrate. Now talking about sugar, would it make the eggs sweeter besides raising the water temperature?   And many responders recommend peeling them immediately after cooking. I prefer to wait and peel as needed, I feel they stay fresher longer but then again, I'm an at-home-cook and not in a retail environment like a deli or restaurant where the turnover would be far greater and...
Wow, I agree Koukouvagia, I really opened up the hen house here!   Ok, so they're not called 'hard-boiled' but 'hard-cooked' instead....   Cracked or uncracked eggs has nothing to do with wether the water is salted or not but rather on freshness...   Salting the water simply raises the boiling temperature making it hotter....   It's impossible to have clear air when there are hard cooked egs around...   Timing is based on egg size...   They can...
Can you please clear the air about hard boiled eggs....   My method is to place the eggs in a pot just large enough to keep them together and in one layer. I cover them with an inch of water and add 2 tablespoons of salt and then place the pot on the burner and set to high and watch for signs of boiling. When a steady boil is reached, I set a timer for 9 minutes. when it goes off, I set the entire pot into the sink and run cold water to overflow the pot for several...
PERFECT!!!Just what I was looking for; simple, quick, easy and I can add whatever I want to it.Thanks,Red.
Wow, thanks everyone....   I was going to respond to each individually but then I realized that all those quoted responses might be construed as spam so I decide against it.   However, many thanks to all your suggestions and you certainly gave me a good sampling to choose from.   Thanks again, Red.
  She loves shrooms so this is one I will try.   Thanks, Red.
  She's not much for asian cuisine other than take-out chinese.   Thanks, Red.
  I looked into the beurre blanc, sound good but could be tricky if anything decides to burn resulting in a restart but could be just the trick.   As for the romanesco; seems a bit heavy with the tomatos, I want to enhance the fish's flavor, not cover it up.   Thanks for your time just the same and I will try the beurre blanc you suggested.   Red.
Hi, When I try to search for fish sauces, take a guess at what I get.... I get hundreds of hits I do not want related to 'Fish Sauce'.   I'm not interested in fish sauce, not at the moment at least.   What I do want are sauces for fish, to top them off or to serve on the side.   I'm looking for flavorful, not too rich (unless certain fish require some) and easy, quick to prepare.   My lady is not a big fish person but I am beginning to expand my...
BDL,   Thanks.
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