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BDL,   Thanks.
My dad gave me a little trick for keeping salt from clumping in a table shaker; put a small amount of rice in the shaker along with the salt. The rice grains are large enough that they stay in the shaker and keep the salt nice and dry. Great for outdoor shakers but the rice needs changing occasionally.   Red.
So the lesson to be learned here is that cryo-packing is ok and can be kept for several weeks after purchase.   I will remember that and not be so afraid to keep things in their original cryo-pack next time.   Thanks duckfat and jimbo68     Red.
Wow, reading this thread makes me think back to when my father (an old world butcher) would sharpen his boning knife on a stone that looked like a concave, slanted slab of stone you might find in a garden. Two colors in one stone, lighter on one side than the other. Then use a steel inbetween tasks to keep the edge. Clearly nothing like what is available these days.   I need to do some reading....   Red.
I purchased three unpeeled beef tenderloins from Costco one Christmas appoximately two weeks before I needed them. I was always told that they could keep for several weeks in the cryo-packaging. about two days before I needed them, I took them out to peel and clean them up and there were dark greenish/grey spots all over them, not much smell to speak of, just discoloring. Needless to say, they went in the garbage and I had to go get three more and at about $70 each, I...
I posted this in another cooks post as a reply as I was leaving work and on the way home, I realized that was the wrong thing to do so I removed it and started my own thread, sorry for being thoughtless.   Anyway, this is what I posted....   I go to Costco all the time and buy large cuts but I take them home dress them , portionize them, vacuum seal them and then freeze.   Could I keep a full strip in my fridge and just slice off a steak or two as...
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LMAO.... durangojo....!   You are too funny, but I have to agree, your are correct, she ALWAYS gets what she wants, one way or another.   Rule #1 - the wife is always right. Rule #2 - if the wife is wrong, see rule #1.   Thanks for your suggestionand insight, Red.
BDL, I respect you as a professional and you have given me great advice in the past but I have to disagree with you here on some points and agree with you on others. " -- as long as you're disciplined about cleanliness --" - I agree with. The cutting board opinion - no. If it works for you, great, but others need to develop the 'discipline' first, then they can refine their methods. As for everything else you mentioned - I totally agree, 100%.   I once shared a...
deltadude, Yeah, I hear you and I tried that very approach Tuesday night when I was dismembering a whole chicken in preparation for grilling. I asked him if he wanted to observe but he couldn't be bothered, the Yankees were on I think.   Unfortunately, my criticism earlier has turned into a state of mind, along with 'mommy dearest' undermining of my cooking skills and knowledge.   There is a trait in the family called "Thick-headedness" which unfortunately...
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