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I know this thread is a bit old but I didn't want to start another on the same topic....   I saw on a cooking show, Iron Chef I think, where the chef sealed a protein (as you all would call it) in a bag and then basically cooked it in a simmering liquid in a pot on a burner.   This got me thinking about poached lobster. I have one of those seal-a-meal contraptions and the bags supposedly can be boiled so I was wondering if I could place a lobster tail in one of...
Thanks all.   Red
well, I wasn't exactly like "FREEZE, DROP THE GUN..." It was more like " Whoa, please don't do that because...."
Hi,   We recently remodeled our kitchen removing an unused closet in the entry foyer and made that into an entrance into our galley kitchen which made room for a small eating area suitable for a kitchen table.   We now have an island with a breakfast/buffet bar and although I'm not against adding a small round table, the wife wants to put a rug underneath it, which I'm wholeheartedly against!   My simple argument is this; what if some food-related stuff drips...
Howdy, My stepson has returned from college with a taste for cooking, specifically chicken and while watching him prepare his dinner the other night, I observed him handling raw chicken and then about to put that soiled hand into a bag of chopped salad!   I jumped up and demanded he freeze and wash his hands first. He complied with some hesitation and a few grumblings under his breath. His mother, who was sitting with me at the island, told me to be...
I'm truly surprised that only you, cheflayne, responded to this thread.   Normally, I get dozens of responses, Swordfish must have some stigma or bad karma associated with it.   Anyway, The little woman wasn't too fond of the margarita idea so I just went with a splash of butter and broiled it.   I have no idea as to whether I over-cooked it or didn't cook it enough or maybe it's just the way that fish is but it wasn't opaque yet it wasn't flaky. It was...
Hey there,   My local Fairway had some really nice looking swordfish steaks over the weekend, I couldn't resist, they were 1 1/4" thick and really looked nice.   I was thinking of grilling them but I could bake them too. Anyone have simple suggestions?
Yeah, I learned a lot from this one, especially about beurre!
Sorrry, didn't mean to offend anyone, I'm just a simple home cook.
I was told that ghee is put in the walk-in at night only to be reused the next day and when it starts getting low, more is added to what's left, this then leads to a bacteria stew.   Enlighten me to a good side of this behavior....!
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