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Sorrry, didn't mean to offend anyone, I'm just a simple home cook.
I was told that ghee is put in the walk-in at night only to be reused the next day and when it starts getting low, more is added to what's left, this then leads to a bacteria stew.   Enlighten me to a good side of this behavior....!
I've heard that ghee is something to stay away from, far away?
Got curious about "beurre" and did a little research online.... WOW!   beurre blanc beurre monte beurre noisette beurre rouge beurre manie beurre noir to name a few....   I'm going to be experimenting this weekend, my doctor is going to hate me   Red.
Could I use this same method (beurre monte) to poach other fishy items like king krab, prawns and just plain fish?   I realize king krab is already cooked but the idea of it having this smooth buttery texture is making me drool. I always have several pounds of kk in my freezer, well, until recently.... have they gone extinct?   Red.
Nice method IceMan, what I did was very simple; 1 tbls of water with a couple sticks of butter whisked in, cube by cube.   What I'm curious about is, can I save what I created for another use, either lobster again or something else? (It didn't break while poaching, I kept it at exactly 160 +/- 1-2 degrees the entire time.)   Red.
WOW,  where has butter poached lobster been all my life...!   I was looking around for recipes for grilling tails on the grill and came across butter poached lobster - wow, that's all I can say. Also found butter poached lobster shooters with a drizzle of clarified butter and butter poached lobster with tomato and basil, wow, wow, wow....!   Are there other favorable varieties of poaching lobster, I don't mean dishes made with butter poached lobster, I mean...
Chfedb, Smelled a little 'off' when I opened the container but after following your advice they had no 'off' smell at all and were fantastic.   Thanks again. Red.
Thank you Chef, will do.
HI, I purchased some scallops on wednesday and unfortunately, I wasn't able to cook them that night as planned. The wife went shopping the next day and as usual, everything she bought just got pushed into the fridge moving my scallops to the back of the shelf. Today, I rediscovered them but I'm afarid to open the container (I have a sensitive nose).   What should I do, do you think they are still viable or should I just toss them?   Red.
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