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Chfedb, Smelled a little 'off' when I opened the container but after following your advice they had no 'off' smell at all and were fantastic.   Thanks again. Red.
Thank you Chef, will do.
HI, I purchased some scallops on wednesday and unfortunately, I wasn't able to cook them that night as planned. The wife went shopping the next day and as usual, everything she bought just got pushed into the fridge moving my scallops to the back of the shelf. Today, I rediscovered them but I'm afarid to open the container (I have a sensitive nose).   What should I do, do you think they are still viable or should I just toss them?   Red.
Margaux, Wow, quite a few options   Thanks vey much. Red
Thanks berndy and bdl.   Happy Fathers day to all who it apply's...
Hi,   After extensive searching, I have come to the conclusion that Hake is primarily used for fish and chips.   My doctor wants me to stay away from fried foods so, at my new fishmonger, when I saw this magnificent hunk of fish, I asked what it was and was told it was Hake. I impulsively purchased an entire fillet.   Now what do I do with it?   Red.
You're welcome.
koukouvagia, Syosset Seafood on Robins Lane.   chefedb, I have head of them but not recently. They are a little to far for me but thanks for the mention anyway.
berndy, Thank you, I will do that.   Red
Stupid question #1: does Bleu cheese go bad?   I love stuffed celery with a 50/50 mixture of Bleu cheese and cream cheese and always have a chunk in the fridge so I'm never without it.   Unfortunately, my doctor just put me on a very strict diet for the summer (or until he feels more comforatble with some of my numbers) and I'm wondering if the chunk of cheese I have will survive.   Red.
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