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Margaux, Wow, quite a few options   Thanks vey much. Red
Thanks berndy and bdl.   Happy Fathers day to all who it apply's...
Hi,   After extensive searching, I have come to the conclusion that Hake is primarily used for fish and chips.   My doctor wants me to stay away from fried foods so, at my new fishmonger, when I saw this magnificent hunk of fish, I asked what it was and was told it was Hake. I impulsively purchased an entire fillet.   Now what do I do with it?   Red.
You're welcome.
koukouvagia, Syosset Seafood on Robins Lane.   chefedb, I have head of them but not recently. They are a little to far for me but thanks for the mention anyway.
berndy, Thank you, I will do that.   Red
Stupid question #1: does Bleu cheese go bad?   I love stuffed celery with a 50/50 mixture of Bleu cheese and cream cheese and always have a chunk in the fridge so I'm never without it.   Unfortunately, my doctor just put me on a very strict diet for the summer (or until he feels more comforatble with some of my numbers) and I'm wondering if the chunk of cheese I have will survive.   Red.
I recently found a new fish monger about 10-11 miles from my house (yeah, you read that correct) that finally meets the requirements that I heard cooks talk about so often... - doesn't smell like a fish store - fish eyes are clear - fish are not slimy - they are knowledgeable about what they have - they know how to prepare what they sell. (one thing that makes me wonder though is their lobster tank is full with a variety of sizes. isn't it bad for lobsters to...
petalsandcoco, Very interesting... what would soaking them in milk do for them, and would you use whole milk?   Red
Wow, had a bad day in the kitchen I guess, but thanks anyway for the solution to my issue.   Red
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