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Got this recipe from a young lady name Badriyyah and and thought about sharing it Below is her recipe The recipe for spaghetti auflauf is easy. I'll just give you ingredients for the quick way to make it, then you can add more if you want. Spagetti Auflauf Ingredients. Spaghetti Mince sausage eggs grated cheese pepper salt milk Cook the Mince and sausage first, then boil your spaghetti(you can use left over spaghetti if you want a quick meal). Put the spaghetti,...
A culinary chef recommend that we (students) join a Food forum and here I am. I am loving it. Thanks
Mango Cheese is a chewy fudge like sweet Mango Cheese Ingredients Ripe mangoes Sugar Method Peel and grate mangoes. Strain mangoes (making sure juice is out) Use 1 cup of brown sugar to every cup of mango pulp Boil until very thick (stir occationally while cooking) Place in baking (1/2 inch thick) pan When cool, sprinkle with sugar Cut into small squares (1 inch) for serving
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