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Try vegenaise, it's good and tasty
Today is a holiday (Yum kippur) and it's a day to relax and watch TV. I missed the new season of Family guy and The Cleveland show because I was watching one of favorite movies - The Goonies". Lovely, just lovely
Some of my favs (not is any special order) you may want to try:bounce: Ferris Bueller's day off Monsters Inc and Shrek (go for Monsters Inc first) My big fat greek wedding (oh soo funny) Full metal jacket (an old war movie but enjoyable) Wanted Mr and Mrs Smith Office space Pulp ficton (saw last month for the first and can't stop watching it) Any movie with Drew Barrymore:D:D
@gumguy/chalk Thanks. will try your way. Below is pic of the ginger beer I made. Login | Facebook take care
Goat water is a Caribbean recipe called Mannish Water by Jamaicans (Recipes slightly different). And I can say the same for Ginger Beer (Caribbean Recipe) but I stand to be corrected. :p Goat Water Goat Water Recipe at Mannish Water Manish Water (Jamaica) Enjoy what's left of the day
thanks, that's for a thread. I was curious about the general forum
Out of curiosity. . . how to unsubscribe?
To answer your questions raw rice (will amend recipe) There are no bubbles. The rice is to "ripen" it. However, some caribbean countries add yeast to their recipes, hence the bubbles. alchohol is optional. still water Thanks
Homemade Ginger Beer Ingredients 5 oz shredded/grated ginger 1 tablespoon raw rice 8 cups water 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1/4 teaspoon almond extract Sugar Method In a large clean bowl add water, ginger and rice Let soak for 8 hours or overnight Strain the ginger mixture Add lemon juice Sweeten to taste add almond extract Refrigerate until ready to serve Goat Water Ingredients 5lb Goat meat (Mutton) 1 small breadfruit (peel and chopped) ½ lb flour (for...
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