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belated birthday greetings to you sir. How did you spend your birthday?
glad you were not hurt
Happy Labor Day a pleasant good morning to one and all. What to do on Labour day, hmmm, let me see. . .stay home and watch a movie or go out and :beer:. Think I'm going with the latter;)
re my mum's visit, so far so good. Nothing beats a prayer:D:D or maybe because I am keeping her busy with her friends. Wow!, this time around she only gave me one warning - "Do not pick up the American ways" and I'm like "of course not. You see, even though my mum is living in the Caribbean she still thinks her European way is the best. Aww, I love her so much *muah*
Here are some I came up with:D:D Sweet and Dandy Bakery royal bakery sweet tooth bakery we bake you take bakery Dough Make Me or dough ray me
mmm mmm yummy! Is it a vanilla cake with raspberry filling? Looks delicious:p
is there a delay on posts too:confused:
I could never understand the difference between Miss Universe and Miss World. I have some recipes to share but just lazy to type right now
An Italian Once Licks Icing :confused: Jello
OOps!! Moderators, please delete. I am just seeing ONLY FOR PROFESSIONALS. I am truly sorry. Please forgive me
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