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has anyone seen Julie and Julia yet?. I went to see it and hardly any guys were in the theatre? Hmmm, I wonder why? Is it a movie for women? (ok, that was a rhetorical question):D:D
I know of a Jamaican fellow who had a similar 'situation" like yours. here's what he did He quit his day time office job and is now a student and an employee at the same school. when he is done with one class, he immediately jump into washing dishes/cleaning the kitchen. i admire him very much. is that what they call "kill two birds with one stone?":confused: kind regards
Thanks Kyle. allow me to post what a professional chef wrote me awhile back on facebook (see below in perenthethis). I also sent him cheftalk link, for him to join this forum. kind regards "you can tell when a dough has risen just by lookin at it, practice .... normally,if the fiber (tecture of the dough starts to expand,it's too late :)(and you can tell that by marks whom are related to womans belly birthmarks ) so , you have to learn and see when its ready and you...
i was panicking last night when Anita didn't get a good feedback from Zoey and the Judges. I knew Art was going to get eliminated, he seemed distracted and was ready to go home. On a different note, i couldn't help but notice Rick Bayless was a guest on this forum. . .I'm like Whoa. . .WOW!!! Ok, this forum is much bigger than I thought. Another reason why I am proud to be here. :bounce:
My sympathy to you and your family Stay blessed If We Could Bring You Back Again If we could bring you back again, For one more hour or day, We’d express all our unspoken love; We’d have countless things to say. If we could bring you back again, We’d say we treasured you, And that your presence in our lives Meant more than we ever knew. If we could bring you back again, To tell you what we should, You’d know how much we miss you now, And if we could, we would. By...
@chefpeon, sorry for posting in the professional section, I just want to share this recipe with the (TS) thread starter. @TS Here is a recipe I have, hope this helps Pastry Cream for Eclairs 16 oz milk 2 oz sugar 1.5 oz egg yolks 2 eggs 1.25 oz cornstarch 2 oz sugar 1 oz butter .25 oz vanilla extract In a pot add milk, the first 2oz of sugar and place on fire (just scald the milk) In a bowl, add eggs and yolks then whisk Add second part of sugar - whisk sift corn...
Wow! Thank you very much for your knowledgeable response.
I took pic of the chef testing my work, you be the judge (lol). Will check to see if i can attached it and send privately to you bye and take care
I missed one step making a challah bread today. I punched the dough before showing the Chef (instructor) the proofing stage. Question: After the punch, isnt there a way where you can tell that the dough has risen fully. Finals: Proofing =15 points. I lose 15 points today:cry::cry::cry::cry:
This is the best (not one of the best) Chef forum by far. There are a few similar sites with some good material but Cheftalk.com is head and shoulders above them. Everybody conducts themselves in the best manner and with courtesy. I am so glad to be a member and thankful for the quality members and excellent posts that take place here on a daily basis. Bravo!! My last exam is Wednesday then I am Freeeeeee. Yippie Kai yay!!! (sorry, I had to get that exam word out...
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