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Pork tenderloin goes well with fruit-based sauces.  This is a pork tenderloin recipe which makes use of plums for flavor and color.  I think plums are wonderful with almost any protein!
This is an Italian style recipe for pork tenderloin brined in buttermilk: pork tenderloin recipe I find video recipes to be really useful when learning cooking techniques.  A written recipe is sometimes just not enough.  Watching experienced cooks prepare a dish is so helpful.  Bon apetit!
I would try this with Tilapia. It has a wonderful ability to absorb spices and you can get it without bones. Carp is full of bones. This is a Tilapia recipe that uses similar ingredients to yours. You may want to try it as well.
Byers - its a good thing you asked. Half a cup and a few tablespoons are a big difference! There is an article that discusses chicken recipe secrets that mentions buttermilk as an essential ingredient. You can get milk-free buttermilk in some countries - that can be a nice alternative.
This looks like a Chinese-style version. I know another one: Grilled Chicken Recipe I haven't tried it - but I bet it has a rich taste due to the different spices used.
Interesting if anyone has used this recipe: Recipe for Italian dressing I usually purchase mine pre-made, but making one from scratch has great potential for flavor and of course customizing.:chef:
Although this is an older post, for anyone interested in spicing up their couscous, here's a recipe from Casablanca (the place not the movie): recipe for couscous Beidaoui
There's a doll cake design idea on this birthday cake recipe article. They suggest using a vicoria sponge cake as a base - what do you all think? Is that steady enough to support a heavy design (using multiple fondant layers)?
You almost can't go wrong with spinach and cream cheese. Its a great combo!
Try searching for cream cheese frosting recipes and compare the ingredients/directions to what you are doing. Good luck!
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