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We are expanding our tamale business and are looking into purchasing a double convection steamer. I have heard that Cleveland is a good brand, but I was wondering if there are other brands that work well also.   Thanks for you help and opinions.
In our business we did not have cofee on the menu, but now our service has grown and we need to start serving coffee for our clients. Can anyone please recommend a good coffee to serve. I don't want to sell a coffee that people wont care for just because it is cheaper for me. I'm looking for a popular no fail coffee. I never drink coffee so I'm clueless as to what is good. All your comments are greatly appreciated. Thank You:talk:
When I went to highschool in texas the cafeteria would serve enchiladas once every 2 months on the regular school menu. On that day there was'nt an empty seat in the cafeteria. How could I go about trying to offer something like that to the schools here up north. Or is that forbidden territory? how do banquet facilities handle you offering to supply a certain food item?
Thank you for your support and I will check out the rest of the forum.
Thank You for your advice Ed . This information is beneficial to me. It gives me a foot to stand on.:smiles:
:crazy: I am very new to this business. We sell tamales and a few other Mexican appetizers. We were selling a few dozen at a time, but by word of mouth we increased to nearly 100 dozen a week. Since I don't have any catering experience I would like some advice as to how to set a price for catering to local business with small meetings to larger events. Is there any rule of thumb to pricing? We sell are tamales at $10 a dozen. Any and all advice will be greatly...
Hi everybody. I am new to the food business. We just got licensed to prepare and sell food. We are a delivery only business. We specialize in mexican appetizers. I have joined the forum since I have no experience in catering or the business aspect of it. We were selling some food to friends and relatives. the orders became so many that we decided to get licensed and do things the legal way. I hope to find good advice and hopefully be able to give some...
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