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  The shorter, the better. Nobody wants to OR will read that wall of text.   Jim Berman said it best, but it sounds like the box has already bean opened.You need to slowly close it over time. Also, those subs can wreck havoc on your FC.Subbing avocado for 1000 island? Nope.
Purchase a machine and buy your chemicals at Costco or Cash&Carry, if you're looking to eliminate the salesmen. The salesmen come into play when your machine breaks during the middle of service on a Friday. Even if you own the machine, if you are using their chemicals, they should come in and fix your machine on call. If you don't have that service, then buy your chemicals at cash&carry or a big-box. If you're handy with simple motors and simple plumbing, then do it...
Hi! it's me! I cook! GTFO/nope/USA.....StudentsStudents with finicky schedulesHygieneArroganceGauge holes in ears, you pig disgusting ... gross......Trailers, carts, street food. Smoke it. Porchetta. For cheap......I don't even know what "post-secondary education" means. Is that like finishing school? I don't even.....My meat hooks...... Did I win? Am I committed?
Well, I don't have anything new to add, but, rather than start a new thread, BUMP what are we going to do now? What are we actually looking at? How much did you pay this week vs. last week vs. last year? beefretail.org Not sure of it accuracy, just a chart to look at. People like charts. I know stuff like this is kind of hush-hush, nobody feels comfortable revealing their suppliers' prices, but we can chat about it, no? Are you just rolling with the punches or are...
I just but the beer batter onion rings. y'know, brew city type. Bubba, is it worth the effort? Brew City is in Cash&Carry (I know it's not for you, bubba, you do fresh, but is it worth it?)
 Such a wealth of information! I would have never thought...
I'd eat that.
Ohhhh and like some of the best motherlovers ever... HUB these guys... Cascade Brewing , dude, these guys are for real. I would search out and beg to work at these breweries, if I were in the Portland area. They are THE breweries right now. Phenominal brews. Hands down.
I'd be interested, too, but I'm afraid that it simply doesn't exist.  You are stuck here, with us. Speaking American. Ian't that a big ball o' gimmy? Worcestershire.
Man that's a tough market. Tons of restaurants, even more micro breweries. A school in town, ...reasons why I don't relocate there. The place is food oriented, but cooks are a dime a dozen. As are chefs.   Good luck to you.
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