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Try pan searing them then baking. If you have to hold them in a hot box make sure they are unwrapped so they dont steam. Also, the tortilla might be a bad coating, try panko bread crumbs
Well I told him I would call the labor board, but he didn't react like I wanted him too. However when I mentioned others were going to call the IRS, his faced turned white and I could see he was freaked out. IRS threat won the day, I was paid and the others are being paid ASAP. So I assume he is probably not paying payroll taxes.hahaha
I am looking for advice that would scare the owners into making sure this guy pays us.
Long story short. The hotel I work for was recently bought out. The new owners knew nothing about F&B. They offered me to take over the whole F&B which included weddings, banquets and liquor. I told them thanks, but no thanks, only because I did not have the capital to make pay roll. So they hire this guy that has his own catering biz. He starts and first month is fine. Next month checks were not being delivered on time, by a day or two. The guy totally destroys all out...
Strange! Ask the sous chef, tell him you misunderstood the chef and ask again. If that fails,pour a box of salt into the chefs drink and wait..
Oh ok, thanks for clearing that up. I never worked in a place that used those terms for people. Just chef, sous chef and do-boys lol
What is a Ks?
I wouldn't wear a suit. I would feel uncomfortable and it would show. Some of the greatest chefs in my area never wore suits. Most of them are in their mid 30's so they dress hip and trendy. I think that helps land them the job. Hip and trendy, so hopefully food is hip and trendy. Not saying to show up in jeans and T-shirt with a EMO haircut. The casual happy hour look seems to work here.
Lol, yea 60 pounds of U-10's, that must of been a great BBQ. That put a dent in my food cost!
I work in florida area and from what I seen at least in the clearwater, st.pete area is kitchens filled with illegal immigrants that work for min wage. They are also never ending, if one leaves he will have 3-4 guys waiting to take his place. However, not so much for sous chef. I am sure the chefs want their chefs understanding English 100%. With that being said, I doubt any chef would hire you on as a sous chef. 12 years out of the biz is brutal and a chef will most...
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