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thankyou for your help and quick reply!
Can someone help me please? I am making a wedding cake and they want a chocolate mousse filling. The problem is I am putting fondant on the entire cake. There are three tiers. This bottom layer will be elaborately decorated with buttercream piping. How can I keep the chocolate mousse refridgerated once it's in the cake and covered with fondant? I have to cover it and decorate it the day before. Is this something I should worry about? What should I do? :eek: Thanks for your...
Greetings, I have just joined this site but have viewed some of the forums previously. I am very excited to have found this site and have already learned a few things that I needed. I am a mom at home, decorating cakes, and also a personal trainer. Very new to baking cakes, as I use to only use mixes, but not too new to cake decorating. I am looking forward to getting to know many of you and pick your brains. I hope at some point to contribute in some way as well. There is...
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