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Condolences to his friends and family for their loss. His generous contributions of knowledge and experience were appreciated and will be missed...   Mike
Volume-wise... Confit something approriate or a variety of things...   Confit was a method of storage without refridgeration, You're in Canada? Go somewhere beautiful 'n remote ...I mean hike, bury your storage vessel near a special spot. On the right occaision take your lady to the spot. Pull out the bottle of wine from under the waterfall... Scratch around in the dirt...     ...Suprise!!   oh yeah...  ...take a blanket.
Wow... posted my bit a while ago now.   As above I did the Wiki thing too. Got my own place now so have done the trial n error with this dish. 2:1 Tom pste to Miso plus lemongrass n kaffir lime leaf....   This started out as an alternative to chowder & has become a solid favourite. Now we do the chowder the same way as well...poaching prawn cutlets, calamari n mussels in the shell to order in the fish sodden base...much kinder to the seafood & so very well received.
Another quick fix for service is to blitz up caramel (usually left over from sugarwork) and keep on hand (sealed!)....a quick melt with a torch gives consistant even colour.   My favourite is Orange and Cardamom....just to showcase this less familiar flavour...
Pete has pointed out the importance of ratios before & referred to a great book... for brulees I use 1 yolk to 100mls cream...fills a 125ml ramekin.   A French pastry Chef I have great respect for has had me ditch the bain marie in favour of a cool oven 50-80 C .....works fine. Your looking for the jelly wobble in the centre ...the rest is in the chilling.   Not a fan of the stove top method (Anglais styles) some people use as I reckon it gives a grainier, less...
So... another non themed approach...   SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPEALIDOCIOUS   ...or SPICE
MELON  /S   Most exaggeration leaves one nonplussed       sometimes.....   Honey?!
Been doin' pork belly all summer with a method based on one from here with great results from the diners...deals with the issue you ask about too.   Basically its a long slow braise... First cut off the skin (skin side down works for me) trying not to hole it! Give the fat side your favourite rub, I use my own 'Tuscan' blend, and place it on a rack above about 3/4" water (bout 1.5 lt) in, I use, a deep hotel pan. I rub the underside of the skin with a 1:1...
Yep...Blackjack...a by-product we have from multi-tasking with butterscotch & repetitive reheating for sugarwork ...not fully burnt of course but no longer sweet... stored in the freezer, old school and ideally innocuos if you just want to control colour...I use it often   Here Maggi is a brand is of powdered soups, stocks and gravy browning...like Knorr   Is Au jus the same as Jus roti then?
imho...the eggs are cooked the way a brulee is cooked without splitting (over-cooking)...   Not reaching the ribbon stage (& thus removing the smell of raw egg) will not produce as light & voluminous (Tbsp of hot water helps) sauce and is less likely to brown under the grill without splitting...a test of good technique   For speed I always make it over a direct flame and then pass it...I pour in the clarified butter and discard the buttermilk & whey but now I see...
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