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I know nuthink!.... but I was intrigued by this recipe/method, seems to be well researched & thought out and the comments deal with some issues arising. As BDL has said before...for a 'blanc' you do have to be careful with every step...what happened with you?
Annie, great site....you are so imaginative, skilled & talented!
  Kiwi ...a small, flightless bird about the size of a chicken which lays the largest egg of any bird in relation to its size. National symbol of NZ so not all kiwi(s) are fruits.   So..... "kiwi-shaped branding-iron"  yeah, I know...
K....   8 spcls changing weekly is a big ask on imagination, inexperienced staff, stock management & wastage...think that one through!   Imho, your better off with 4-6 stand-alone or with vege and chips & salads set options (easy, good GP) and 2-4 spcls you change up according to demand....flexibility is key to your prep and stock management.   Seafood is a good choice for fast and easy training, prep friendly and doesn't need a lot of help. Get a vac-packer...
My best burn story,while kitchen related, actually happened at home..... I was completely unaware what lay in store for me as I was watching the Simpsons... though I don't remember which episode...when I heard a POP! It seems my darling had put a good amount of oil in a wok pan cranked it and then got distracted....'multi-tasking' no doubt. Anyway it was raging away in the all wooden kitchen...house for that matter! So Igrabbed the battered alloy lid and tried to...
They're special 'cos they're so different. I learned to make them when I briefly worked for a french Pastry Chef...they were a specialty from where he was from and if I remember correctly the batter does/needs to hold/mature so six could work for you.   I was alone in the kitchen with his recipe folders from 4am but was shy to record anything w/o his permission & then got made redundant on the phone! Aaahh.... regrets!
'Sleepless in Seattle'   how 'bout...   Good dags. D'ya like dags? Dags? What? Yeah, dags. Oh, dogs. Sure, I like dags. I like caravans more.
Croutes for guacamole and salsa?   Caramelising brussel sprouts?
Same ....scored,  dried!  cut in strips lenghtways for the curl ...flour and deep fry briefly...  salt & NY cut pepper, sprinkle toss sprinkle......lemon thyme mayo & crispy-fried capers      And now for the bad news for calamari lovers.... http://www.3news.co.nz/Deep-Trouble-/tabid/371/articleID/169002/Default.aspx
I do know you can sear nerve endings so fast that you feel virtually nothing....     ...we used to prep the grilled lemoms with a 'kiwi' brand .     ...it was a slow winter....  we were bored    what can I say.....?          ......she dared me!   .......
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