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Tell Ethan "Qwallii" says "Hi" and Congratualtions on his stupid mud run.  
Thank You! I signed up!
I am so hungry now. 
Save everything for soups, the ends of tomatoes etc. Mexican rice and carnitas, Asian stir-fry, Braised Cabbage.   Check out what Ann Cooper does for school food. She has really tight food cost.
I was recently offered an opportunity to do a 'from scratch' menu for a local school. They only have a 150 kids (approx) at three dollars per kid per meal (breakfast and lunch). They do not have a kitchen, but a local co-op has offered to lease me there commercial kitchen for cheap if I do this.    I am struggling to figure out a way to make a healthy menu at this price point. Any suggestions? Any one have experience with this?
I take raw beets through a Jap. manadline when I get "raw" food requests, for various applications. Tastes fine. Not as good as roasted with goat cheese but hey.
I bought one, received it today. It is damn fine. Haven't taken it to the stones yet, I would wait, but I'm at work right now with it in my hand. Time to slice and dice.
Glad to hear you still love them.
How are you liking the knife after you've had a few months to work with it? Still the cream of the crop?
This thursday, 400 people, state politicians, donations, no staff, event hall, I get an open check book with the string that I do it cheap. The idea is to make money for the party and get people to come for the food.   It's a bean feed, damn it. 
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