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I have a Boos Block and I use their oil.  Boos Mystery Oil.  I'm sure there is something cheaper but I bought a small supply when I bought the block.   Rich
Gunnar,   In a survival situation, even you go on the menu!!    For tonight, my favorite meatloaf recipe, tomorrow stuffed baked potato, and the day after I'm considering apple/ butternut squash soup.  Then.... who knows?  I believe that most of the prior posts were more related to day to day life.  I know mine was.   Take care,   Rich   Edit:  Actually, in a survival situation I wouldn't be too worried about "quickly and humanely".  I'd be more worried...
This is an extremely interesting thread and one I am surprised to see.  I thought I was the only one that had gone "soft".  Although I still eat meat I tend to eat less of it because of the thought of taking a life, any life, is getting more difficult as I get older.  Often, while floating in the pool, I'll find an ant or some other small insect on my arm or the float and rather than killing it, I set it on the side of the pool.  Yet when I was younger, I was an avid...
A friend just gave me a humongous chunk of gruyere.  Roughly 8 in square.  Now gruyere happens to be one of my favorite cooking cheeses but there is no way I can use it all before going bad and its dang expensive cheese.  My plan is to cut it into smaller chunks and vacuum package using a food saver.  What I was wondering is if I can freeze the vacuum packed chunks without harm and if so, for how long?   Thanks, Rich
I place them in a small ice chest with a block of dry ice to "flash" freeze them.  Then store in the regular freezer.  Just sticking in the freezer seems to leave large ice crystals so that the thawed peppers are mushy.Rich
I hope so Schmoozer,The idea of not having a glass of wine with dinner is not a future I would look forward to.  My older brother is bad enough since according to him, he cannot have salt.  They don't even have any in the house, yech. My experience here is limited but in the relatively short time I've been here I have seen some remarkably inventive chefs/cooks.  Even more remarkable is the degree of ....... what would one say...... support? camaraderie?  I don't have the...
Cute KYH, I do suppose that I should have more correctly stated Nacona's wife would have to limit the alcs.  Rich
Disaster here yesterday.  The lawn service thought they were being helpful by taking a weed wacker to all the nasty weeds along the front of the house.  The "weeds" were mint that was just getting good and thick.  We grow lots of herbs and vegetables around the edge of the house interspersed with flowers to keep the neighbors happy.  Needless, to say we told the service to just stick to cutting the grass in future.One of my favorites is to mix a tbsp each of fresh minced...
I'm afraid you are going to have to limit alcohol intake as well.  While not containing carbs it does affect the insulin level in the body.  My father was diabetic and had to give up his beloved martini.  Well he would occassionally cheat and have one but like perhaps once a week.Rich
I have sage, tarragon, and dill growing in my garden.  I don't use marjoram that much to make it worth growing.Rich
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